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~ Your all new edition of had a Princess going in on her own legacy; getting his own show on AND demanding !!!

The Squeegee Beckenheims came in 3rd place out of over 40 TEAMS in Gilmore Girls trivia tonight! Thank you for putting on such a fun event! ☕️ – at Angel City Brewery

Vor unserem großen Zoi Friends' Day und dem Tag des offenen Wizemann Areals morgen feiern wir heute Abend schonmal mit der Wizemann Community vor, BBQ und kurzer Pitch von unserem CEO inklusive 😎🚀

Remember Frosty Nerds? I don't know why watermelon, cherry, and punch candy is sold in winter but not summer.

Frosty Nerds candy

For , in honor of this week, I present the NERDIEST, most specific joke I’ve ever written. & fans all know what talking about. 🖖🏼

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foxedthecards  asked:

👊 Being the dork he is, Jonas hams it up, winding up and doing the punch in slow motion, barely tapping Damien's jaw. " Fallllllconnnnnnnn PUNCH! "

Damien, also being a dork, falls backwards in slow motion, letting out a slow “bwaah” as he pretended to be knocked back and down to the ground. “I’m dead, that punch killed me.” 

He laid down fully and let his tongue hang dramatically out of his mouth. 

Calling all nerdy lesbians..

The world needs more women program designers.

I am literally fucking sick and tired of the shoddy examples of WTFS!

Click here, program shuts down

Information option, does not go on paperwork.

Contacts, empty (ar least when you go that way)

Connect your damn shit or take the fucking buttons option off the fucking page….


Oh, whats that a new video!? Why not? So which con is it, Sunny con? you know the one in June. Nooo?? … Oh you have got to be f'ing kidding me. A Birmingham MARCH video this should have been here months ago. well I’m not watching that…
(but first, I will leave a comment …. “first”)

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Ok, maybe not that last one, but anyway…

If you’ve hung around this blog long enough, you’ve likely noticed that I tend to talk about “stories” more often than books, and that I use games, manga, and movies as well as written works to discuss writing concepts. This is because I think all those stories, in whatever medium, have something interesting to say, or something worth examining. Yet there exists no decent word for a person such as myself, a lover of stories, if you will.

Labels and Categories

I’m not one to say “I don’t like labels”, but I do find them lacking sometimes, usually because there aren’t enough of them, or they’re not broad enough

For example, I’m obviously a nerd and a geek, in that I like nerdy, geeky things. I enjoy learning and research and school, which I would put under the “nerd” category, and I like superheroes and fantasy/sci-fi and comics, which are decidedly “geek”. But these don’t include my love of books—not all nerds are bookworms—nor my obsessive devotion to anime and manga in particular. I guess “weeb” might be a subsection of geek? I don’t know. Whatever the case, neither nerd nor geek are satisfactory to my quest for the perfect word to describe myself.

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