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You know that feeling you get from watching ? ’s new ep is just like that! Rock out with your sock out.

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is the best at what they do and what they do below to find out. This is the podcast you've been looking for.

Remember the times when being a nerd was the worst thing to be. Actually no, calling someone a nerd was the worst thing to do? Hah! Look at how the times have changed. now run this world, always did.

's characters are both kooky and smart, so naturally they nerd out on They Might Be Giants. What's your favorite song or album?

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@kaylibearrr and I doing what we do best


Computer Invented To Rebel Against The Government

Steve Jobs and Bob Wozniak invented a better computer than the government had at the time for the “Revolution” in the 1970’s



Thank you @pulldog76 for the calve lessons. Helped bigtime. Time to get the rest of it up lol
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before you assume anything about me i am NOT a nerd 🤓 ! i wear these glasses for eye strain !! again not because im some kind of nerd who enjoys reading ( nietzsche who? ) the eye doctor said im too cool 😎 for glasses but headaches are not 🙅‍♀️ cool, i do take them off to skateboard and hang out at the roller rink i dont even need them to drive my really fast subaru with my model girlfriend 💋 so stop assuming things about innocent cool people like me! ok?


Okay so long story short…I’ve only just started owning my nerdiness like in the last 2 years. I tried to hide it my whole life cuz my family was not into “nerd things” and I felt ashamed to like things that were considered “nerdy” because my parents and sisters used to kind of look down on nerdy/geeky kids. Like a year and a half ago I announced to my mom and sisters that I just dont give a crap anymore and that I like things they consider nerdy. (it was a funny convo and they’re cool about it now. They don’t make fun of me for it anymore lol)

ANYWAY…I’ve never been to a comic con and I want to go to the Motor City Comic Con in a couple weeks. What can I expect? Like what even really happens at one? I’m 25 and just learning about all this cool stuff. I’ve looked at the website and got that basic info (guest appearances,etc). But what else?

How much money should I bring? Should I bring a bag or something? How early should I get there? Is there any free stuff at these things? Do I have to dress up? Is it weird if I don’t? Also my sis lives 20 minutes away from it so I don’t need hotels or anything. Fill me in y'all! Thanks!

I like how I wake up and the group chat I’m in is going insane.

“Bro wtf happened last night”

“Last night was crazy dude”

“What happened last night it’s all a blur,,,???”

“DAMN I passed out - it was insane-”

And I’m just over here like,,, ‘All you guys do was play minecraft?’

You would think from the way they were talking about last night, they went to a club or a concert last night.

TLDR;; A couple of nerds with no life got washed out from trading with villagers on minecraft.

@enmitypark I just imagined Kasey taking Vlad, Dani and Danny to an R rated movie and Vlad tells Kasey he will protect her. Danny and Dani roll their eyes so goddamn hard and are like ‘nah kids, we’re not sitting with you’ and sit elsewhere in the theater. Vlad losing his shit in the middle of the movie and ghosts right through the seat. Danny steals their popcorn that Vlad was holding and just says “Thank you”! and Kasey is like ‘oh no’ and helps him back to his seat like ‘Oh sorry, he forgot which row we were in’ when people look at them confused. 

Vlad just looking at Kasey after they sit back down like ‘are you alright?’ and trying to be brave. Kasey is like “omg ilu you nerd”.