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The frailty comes in doses but the heart burns wildly. She’s not some have not; she’s a woman, a being, a light. -HM Share your photos!! 🖤

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Hong Kong: Neon City (2018)

It’s been more than a year since I last visited this beautiful country. And yes, I still think that this is still beautiful despite all the chaos that’s been happening. It’s just sad that its people have to fight for what’s rightfully theirs: freedom. Anyway, I’m hoping to go back here in the near future.


New York Neon as seen in the short film Broadway by Light (1958)

Lilacs look neon in fading light.
Death makes life shine:
a tiredness, a flickering between

ages, which is each age;
a piling up to tottering
and falling back to sand.

So much for cycle. The front door lock
sticks each fall when we’re first back.
We are advised to oil it.

Olive oil in the keyhole:
again the old key turns.
Once again to meander

along the edge of water,
whether tideless sea or tidal river,
pushing the stroller, dreaming

oil in the lock; the key
dipped in lubricity
the boychild’s shining skin
me tired to the bone

Already summer’s over.
Goodbye, lilacs. Your
neon is past; you’ll bloom again

next spring. Past an age
each season feels like an end of summer
but still the tale’s to tell

over and over for those
lolling and snoozing in the stroller,
preparing to come after.

Tall house standing on its high green hill—
children, do you remember?
Lawns slant down to a stream.

Under a striped tent
a buffet’s spread in the sun.
Ideas of the eternal,

once molten, harden; cool.
Oil, oil in the lock.
The old key turns.


Pass It On, III

Rachel Hadas  (B.1948)


Graphic - Karen Clark