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He is a monster. A monster. I feel very very ashamed because of his/their doing. If I would be Israeli I would NEVER forgive him/them. Never ever. He/they will pay his/their dues. (Catholic Monastery of Saint Saviour, Jerusalem).

“Get away from her!” Loving Nemesis, even though half my crew seem untrustworthy.

Carla, Carla, Carla.. Fábio, Fábio, Fábio.. Péssimos pais, pavorosas criaturas, horrorosas pessoas..Criminosos.. Tiago, Tiago, Tiago.. Felipe, Felipe, Felipe..Moleques sem educação, sem respeito, sem nada..Criminosos por tabela.. 🔄 ✝️

Συγχαρητήρια στο , στην , στο και σε όλους όσους συμμετείχαν στην Πολυεθνική Άσκηση 2019. Άσκηση μεγάλης κλίμακας και υψηλών απαιτήσεων συνεργασίας και συντονισμού. 🇨🇾 🇬🇷 🇫🇷 🇮🇱 🇺🇸 🇬🇧

Happy Birthday Whoopi Goldberg, who played Guinan in “: ”, “Star Trek VII: ”, “Star Trek X: ”; Oda Mae Brown in (for which she won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress); Bernadette Thompson in

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元から入ってる内箱の造形が完璧すぎる。 オーガナイザーが無駄になったんや!w

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Eu sempre comentei entre amigos que a promessa não cumprida de transferir a embaixada para Jerusalém iria voltar contra ele. ou

en dos horas empieza pongan sus recordatorios para que escuchen una selección musical random pero divertida loleo & ranteo.

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So, I finally started adding colors and descriptions to my Alton Towers ocs. First up is Nemesis, next is Oblivion.


Welcome back folks to the Rooster Teeth Fighting Championship! 

Our recruitment guys finally got around to binge watching some new shows from Rooster Teeth that didn’t involve video game rock stars, children wielding deadly gardening equipment, and people who become robots. 

We found out about this magical mute that can bring items to life by the old clap of the hands who just happens to be a scarecrow. He asked him if he’d like to join us and he shrugged so we took it as a yes and drafted, I.. ah..mean, recruited him to the show. 

Please put your hands together, for the NOMAD OF NOWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Nomad: *Casually walks in, straightens hat* 
O’Malley: *Hefts rocket launcher* Do you really think you can take me little man? 
Nomad: *Claps hands*
*Rocket missiles grow arms/legs and pop out of rocket launcher* 
O’Malley: Well, this was not how I imagined my day going.
Nomad: *Casually walks in, straightens hat*
Ozpin: So, you’re the individual that can do magic as well. 
Nomad: *Happily nods* 
Ozpin: *Smiles* It is good to know I’m not the only one in the world who uses it for good. 
Cammie: *Walks in chasing Nugget*
Nomad: *Claps excitedly at seeing nugget* 
Cammie: You like him? i made him my-
Cammie: *Notices everything coming to life around her* 
Nomad: *Stops clapping and looks at hands awkwardly* 
Nomad: *Casually walks in, straightens hat*
Caboose: So, we meet again for the first time strange cowboy man. 
Nomad: *Claps hands and Caboose’s gun comes to life* 
Caboose: Oh my god! Freckles! You can walk again!!!
Nomad: *Casually walks in, straightens hat*
Ruby: Don’t think your magic tricks will fool me! 
Nomad: *Claps hands*
*Crescent rose jumps from Ruby’s grip and runs away* 
Ruby: Crescent rose no! Why have you forsaken me!?!?!?!?
Valentina: *Takes off cloak* 
Nomad: *Jumps back in surprise*
Valentina: Am i really that scarry? 
Nomad: *Makes a pinch gesture*  
Nomad: *Casually walks in, straightens hat*
Church: You know you can’t run from your problems forever, eventually they’ll catch up to you. 
Nomad: *Looks sad*
Church: *Draws sniper rifle* Trust me, I’ve been were you are. 
Nomad: *Casually walks in, straightens hat* 
Yang: You think you can take me straw man? 
Nomad: *Claps hands*
*Gauntlets come to life* 
Yang: What the?
*Gauntlets start hitting her in the face* 
Nemesis: *Nano-tech clouds form Nemesis* 
Nomad: *Claps hands* 
Nemesis: *Looks at body for any reaction, sees none*
Nemesis: *Looks at Nomad* 
Nemesis: Better luck next time. 
Nomad: *starts rapidly clapping hands* 
Nomad: *Casually walks in, straightens hat* 
Grif: Seriously dude? I have a gun. 
Nomad: *Claps hands*
*Gun leaps from Grif’s hands and joins Nomad’s side* 
Grif: Alright, now you have all the guns.
Nomad: *Casually walks in, straightens hat*
Cinder: Do you really want to play with fire straw man? 
Nomad: *Claps hands*
*Cinder’s mask pops off her face and runs away*
Nomad: *Sudden horror* 
Cinder: *Glows red* That..was your last mistake.
Nomad: *Casually walks in, straightens hat*
US: Why waste power like that on simple parlor tricks? You could build an army and take over the world.
Nomad: *Waves hands in a *No* * 
US: *Flips coin and turns into nano-tech* Wasted potential if I’ve ever seen. 
Nomad: *Casually walks in, straightens hat*
Salem: Magic to create life should not be used so lightly. 
Nomad: *Points to grim, then back to Salem*
Salem: *Smiles* I create death, not life. 
Nomad: *Casually walks in, straightens hat* 
Dr. Grey: What a fascinating creature; would you mind if I dissected you?
Nomad: *Shakes head*
Dr. Grey: *Helmet glints* Wonderful! I will take your silence as consent and begin right away!


@primal-interstellar has been making meme videos about our gen:lock ocs and I’m crying

(the nemesis chibi and the two oc chibis were made by her too for the server we’re in)

Good Omens Prompt: Aziraphale’s Cat

One cold night, when the wind and rain bowled against the windows of the bookshop, Aziraphale hears a strange sound. It’s soft and high-pitched, vulnerable and scared… he goes to check, and finds a cardboard box with a kitten inside, out in the rain.

Naturally, he brings it inside, dries it off and gives it a saucer of cream. He spends all night cooing over it, while it sits shivering in his lap. It’s a black cat, with ginger patches and bright yellow eyes. It reminds him of someone.

Crowley arrives the next morning, and immediately hates it. All Aziraphale’s attention is on the kitten, telling him how terrible it was, the poor thing being abandoned in the cold… He’s starting to feel ignored (not jealous; if he was jealous, that would mean he even cared… which he didn’t. Honest.)

Crowley officially declares the cat his nemesis after it runs off with his sunglasses. The kitten likes to get on the demon’s nerves, doing everything from batting his ankles, to clawing his jacket, to getting fur all over his clean jeans. Much to his chagrin, Aziraphale becomes very fond of the kitten, and it looks like Nemesis is here to stay.

You know how Persephone and Medusa are two stories around here that people have kind of changed the narrative about, based on more modern notions?

I just looked into the story of Narcissus and came away with mixed feelings. Basically this guy was so attractive that he got stalked literally everywhere he went, to the point that people were killing themselves when he rejected them.

In two versions someone dies/kills themselves and it attracts the gods attention who decide he needs to be taught a lesson, and so curse him to fall in love with his own reflection to such a degree that he either wastes away in one version or kills himself in another, leaving behind a narcissus flower.

Now I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t really like it when people mention my looks while hitting on me. I mean if I’ve made a particular effort then maybe I don’t mind it, but then I start to wonder what they would think if they saw me waking up with makeup smeared across my face and my hair sticking out in weird directions.

The only people I’ve actually dated I’ve spent a long time getting to know first, and the only compliments I really appreciate are about things I’ve worked hard for, not something out of my control, like my non-dressed-up looks.

I bring this up because as a fairly attractive woman I’ve rejected a fair amount of guys I’ve randomly met at bars or who’ve catcalled me or honked at me from vans. So I suddenly kind of feel for Narcissus? Nowhere in the myth does it mention anyone actually spending time with him and trying to get to know him as a person. Literally everyone takes one look at him and immediately falls in ‘love’, and then killed themself when he was like ‘I’ve literally never even seen you before in my life, no thanks’ (I’m assuming that’s what he said, it’s absolutely what I would have said).

The word narcissism is derived from this myth, which I’m sure most (if not all of you) know. It came about because the dude was cursed so that when he saw his reflection he would fell so deeply in love, that when he realized his reflection couldn’t love him back, he died.

A narcissist is someone who has an excessive admiration or interest in themselves. The thing is Narcissus didn’t (as far as I know, I’m no expert, mythology buffs please chip in!), he was cursed to fall in love. He had undoubtedly seen his reflection many times before this point and he didn’t waste away and die any of those times, because he wasn’t feckin cursed.

So not only was this poor dude cursed to death, but then his name became synonymous with thinking excessively highly of yourself, being incredibly arrogant and looking down on others.

But I mean, at least he got a flower named after him?

Look, this sad mofo was stalked repeatedly, some of his stalkers trying to manipulate him by threatening and then actually killing themselves, and then the gods (Aphrodite, or well Nemesis technically) chipped in and fucked things up like usual.

I don’t know. I read this myth preparing to be amused about a story about a man who fell in love with his reflection, and instead found myself getting increasingly uncomfortable as I went on.


Shooting S.T.A.R.S.



To celebrate - here is my tribute to my favourite Resident Evil game - Resident Evil 3! This year marks the 20th anniversary of Jill’s last escape from Raccoon City!

I included key players such as sexy Carlos and the scheming Nikolai. Also the main thorn in our sides - Nemesis!

Let’s hope Capcom make an announcement soon for a RE3 remake!!!