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Hannah and her wife, Lisa, approach their mid-30s, they are starting to question their retirement readiness. Learn how a financial professional helped them map out a spending plan that would meet their family’s current and .

Listening deeply to ourselves has nothing to do with fixing the situation. When like respect, choice, honesty, protection and safety are not being met they can lead to . Naming those needs resonantly can relax us and begin to make sense.

People are motivated to fulfil basic needs before they are able to move on to other needs

Today participates in the 2nd EDEN project meeting. Great job💪🏻 presenting the results of our analysis about of , practices & strategies: the cornerstone to innovative support tools

We’re aware of the of one another and a willingness to of ourselves is emphasized when is sextile . Consider work, or pour out and . Get chart wheel and full report here!

how many competences behind a game? Vito Implements and adapts new to our , meeting business and improving

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Ways to Hone Your Approach 1) Develop 2) Pay attention outside innovators filling - & real-world evidence - Complex . - Meeting where they are.

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Opinion on calling sex a Need

So off the bat, yes, I know that it’s not a physical need and that you won’t die without it. But for some it is a relationship need! You can absolutely say no and it needs to be respected but if it’s not a relationship need for you and it is for your partner you’re not compatible! Let them go!

It’s not okay to coerce anyone into having sex but don’t make it seem like someone needing sex in a relationship isn’t as valid as someone who doesn’t.

You won’t die if you don’t spend time with your partner but it sure is a need to keep the relationship going. It’s the same for sex for some people.


Sometimes you just need to find the ducks. #ducks #nature #beautiful #quack #artist #needs #life (at Carbondale, Illinois)

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Healing the Earth🌍 is a part of you,✨✨✨the Earth needs your Energy💫💫💫be aware of that

Video of my own Work of Art , synergy of fengsui, essential oils, energetic water 💦it is yoga for your mind, healing and highers your magic vibration💫

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im getting to a point of my life where everything that i used to idealize or dream of getting doesn’t really appeal to/faze me.

boyfriend? don’t need one. popularity? don’t really care. constantly posting about my life on social media to show off? nah I’m good.

it does get lonely sometimes but my needs have shifted. my entire attitude towards those things went from “omg everyone else has one I desperately need one” to “cool it’d be nice to have it but i don’t NEED it”.

recognizing that my desires aren’t necessities is the first step towards simplifying my life. being able to prioritize my needs is the second step. everyone has desires in life but are our desires always healthy and beneficial to our lives? no. delaying gratification of those desires has allowed me time to truly reflect on why I even have those desires in the first place and how essential my desires are to my daily functioning and more often than not, after some rationalization, those desires often seem trivial and frivolous.

relative deprivation theory stated that we often adopt this mindset that “other peole always seem to have more than me” when in reality, that’s far from the truth. we have plenty that we have failed to recognize and express gratitude for. and plus who said I have to go after the same thing that everybody else wants? everyone’s life path is different and I’m the only one who understands what’s best for me, I’m the only one equipped with the power of making that executive decision. don’t let other people’s lives take away from yours. you’ll never be happy that way.


5 LIFE HACKS That Every GAMER Needs To Know

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