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If anyone's feeling generous toward me for Christmas. This is sitting at Benchmark Chrysler in Irondale, Al. I can pick it up immediately. Thanks , Bless you. 🤣🤣

Est-ce que quelqu'un dans ma TL a un remède miracle à me proposer pour me soulager jusqu'à samedi midi ?

La mairie ferme à 16h45, l'accès au compte est dans cet état depuis lundi, le téléphone est occupé.. Je fais comment pour suivre les inscriptions scolaires de mes enfants et espérer une rentrée en Janvier ? 😭😭.

My sister-in-law passed away Sunday 😭 she was an amazing person & we would like to give her a nice service. She lost her life insurance so we will be paying for the cost. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Conversation with a client today. I love a client that can tell me what he wants. And is not afraid to admit that he doesn’t have time to do it.

Interested in real estate investing but your stuck on where to start? What’s is your biggest obstacle holding you back? Let me help Ask in the comments down below #2020

San ako mas makakamura, lazada or sa store mismo? 😅

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Thinking if i should cut my hair or just keep on letting it grow back. Even tho it is in a awkward phase

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Ok tumblr friends I have another delema

Sooo basically me and my girl friend have hit our 5 month mark we will be 6 months January 7th. The last time we had sex was October 29th and since then she hasn’t even kissed me as passionately as we used to. Her adopted father passed away last month so I understand not having a sex drive during that but all I want is some intimacy and once agin my fucking anxiety prevents me from being vocal to her about it. I just want what we once had. I love her to pieces but I’m 20 years old and I have a very high sex drive. How do I vocalize to my partner about my needs without worrying she might leave me (she probably won’t leave me but my anxiety thinks otherwise). I’m conflicted I’m confused and I want sex/intimacy. How do I go about it?

I just need one miracle to happen. Just once. I just need something to happen to get me outta this hole. I’m working 3 jobs and still can’t pull outta the hole. Tired of living paycheck to paycheck and not being able to get caught up on bills. Plus it’s the holidays. I’m not gonna be able to get my family anything…

I'm Confused

So I’ve noticed something about myself. For the most part I identify as a female, a cis female. But lately more than ever before I haven’t wanted to be. I’ve had days where I wanted to be masculine. I want to look and be called a guy but I don’t know if I’m really gender fluid or its just a faze.  Am I cis and just confused am I trans or am I fluid. I don’t know.`


so me and my boyfriend have been together for 8 months now but we’ve been on and off for the past like 3 years. i love him and he can make me so happy sometimes but i’ve noticed i’ve gotten more and more jealous over time and i don’t know why. Plus he’s lied to me ab dumb things a couple times and that lost my trust to where i’m not always paranoid on what’s going on. I don’t know how to stop this but we argue almost everyday bc of one reason or another but neither of us could ever break up bc it’s so much worse without each other. i’m afraid that if i don’t stop being so jealous that it really will end some day.


I’m now opening custom furby commissions!!! This is also to help afford an apartment so this is part of the urgent commissions post basically. I’ll be going into detail about what I’ll do for furbs (feel free to ask if I’ll do something on a custom in the comments if I don’t mention it!)

First, I ask you either pay me for a furby (of whatever choice you want. I will not make you pay extra for this part: exact change for the furby is all that’s needed) or provide me with your own furby. Message me if you wish to commission me!

My commissions for simply painting will range from $15-30 depending on the intricacy. If it’s solid colors or a very basic pattern, it will only be $15 + shipping and if you need to buy the furby. However, if it includes blending colors, many (5+) colors, or intricate designs, I will charge $30.

My commissions for a painted and customized furby with earrings, necklaces, or any other customizations you ask for will range from $15-50 dollars. I WILL do clay additions/modifications, but I am not the best with clay, so expect a few mistakes. Depending on how much you ask/how specific you ask, the prices will vary.

I also do longification and plushification. Plushification will merely be $10 if all you want is it being plush, but if you want it painted (only) it’ll be from $17-35, and if you want all types of customizations, expect it to at least be $50. Longification takes into account the material used to longify, and if you want additional mods (like paint/earrings/necklaces/special ears or clay mods/etc) expect it to be in the $100 range. If you want a long furby at least expect to pay $50 (plus shipping).

I am in the United States, so shipping will vary. I am willing to ship outside of the states, it’s worth the money.

Here’s some examples of my work on my own personal customs:


I am also willing to wash furbies (for free) along with each custom job.

We can discuss official prices if you commission!

If you can’t commission, please reblog and spread the word about this and my emergency commissions!!! Thank you!!!


This is super desperate rn I have a month to save up for an apartment and I’m only in training in my job (I only work 6 hours this week and idk my schedule in the future). I’m being kicked out of the place I’m in rn and I have to be out by December 14th. Please commission or reblog this post I need the money quickly!

I may be selling some of my belongings and I’ll be doing furby commissions (I’ll post those in another post) as well so I’ll post that on here later!!!

Here’s my standard art commission prices:

Digital sketch w/o color: $4 ($5 with flat colors)


Digital line art: $7


Digital flat color: $10


Full digital piece with shading, detail, and a minor background: $20 ($25 If you want a detailed/full background)


Traditional colored doodle page: $15


Traditional detailed piece: $20


I’m sorry these are a little pricey, I’m in desperate need of money this second and I’ll lower the prices later!! I’ll also have adopts up on my deviantart for $2.50-$5.00 soon so if you only can donate that much please do (Also any form of donation is very much appreciated!!)


Send whatever help you can <3 even a reblog helps!!! Thank you!!!

Needing an Ana Coach/buddy!

I need an ana-coach/buddy so bad. Contact me! I’m only pro-ana for myself btw. I need a coach/friend for fixing me. Thanks I love y’all.

I’m 119 pounds, 5′8 ½. Need to loose weight please help 💕

“I need you!” or “I want you!”?

Can someone please explain me the difference between “I need you” and “I want you”??? Y'know when the love interest is leaving the character and the character goes all dramatically while holding back tears and looking meaning fully in the eyes of the love interest"…I need/want you with me". So like… What’s the difference?? And which seems more like a reason to stay or whatever


A friend of mine is coordinating trying to raise pledges to get Chumley out, trained, and into a great rescue… Please read below.
@m3timz Please pledge to SAVE CHUMLEY/MEIKO! No amount is too small to help save his life!

Friends, LA is in a dire spot; the shelters are FULL and many lovely, adoptable dogs are in danger of euthanasia, especially dogs who have been there awhile. Folks following the story of CHUMLEY/MEIKO #A1791945 know this poor dog has been languishing at the shelter for OVER A YEAR, but you wouldn’t know it by his beautiful spirit - look at this guy!

He’s been overlooked due to a red tape situation, but he really deserves a second chance. There is a great (very reputable 501c3) rescue interested in helping, but they just don’t have the room at the moment. What I’m trying to do is get Chumley/Meiko into a great a board & train facility, so he can get OUT of the shelter and into safety ASAP, get some training, and buy time for the rescue to find him a great foster home. Unfortunately, board & trains are not cheap.

Please help me raise $3,000 to save this dog! He’s SUCH great dog - a favorite among the shelter volunteers who can’t believe nobody has come to rescue him. I just got to see him on Tuesday - he’s affectionate and sweet (leaning right in for the scratches!) and so gorgeous even after a year spent in the chaos of the shelter. Please consider pledging if you can - no amount is too small!

HOW THIS WORKS: Please write your pledge amount in the comments below (or message me). If I can raise the pledges I need for Chumley/Meiko, I will contact you with payment info. I will supply copies of bills and will post freedom footage so you know where your money is going, and you can chart the progress of this awesome dog on the road to his much, much happier life! @northcentralshelter @laanimalservices @m3timz #rescue #needhelp #savechumley #donate #pledge #adoptdontshop # (at Friends of North Central Shelter - Los Angeles Animal Services)

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I just wanna learn English

i dont know what im gonna do but i wanna tell you that i cant be using english well. I’ve learned english since i was in elementary school until now, but sometimes i think im really2 bad at grammars and i dont know how to fix that things. Hope anyone can make an english conversation with me and make me better than now.

sorry for my bad english

I am just letting everyone know as a warning. My phone will most likely be shut off due to not having any money to pay it. I will have to empty my storage because I can not pay that neither. I have to save up for a total of $190 to pay them both off.

I will be doing commissions to raise this money so please message me. If not please share, anything would be of great help.