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Memories of walking home from school. I did a series of posts on this over at Instagram that have a little more detail about the excellent trees that lined my street, which were all torn down some years later. Because who wants to bequeath anything good to later generations.

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Oh fucking hell I can't look at oranges now without remembering the 'I bought the orange. You smiled at me. And Jesus Christ, it was wonderful' and without getting teary-eyed. Oh this story ruined me

I’m telling you dude, I have an orange tree in my backyard and I look at it and get mushy.

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I found you under the not easily conquered tag (bc I read it for the first time not 12 hours ago and I'm obsessed already). How did you get it downloaded to your Kindle!? I'd love to keep it to revisit.

You download it from Ao3 in .MOBI format and then you send it to your kindle e-mail (which you can find on settings). It will appear in your kindle as a doc file, and then you just have to download it. And there you go! I bought a Kindle especially for fanfics, and let me tell you, it’s much better than reading on your phone. Reading Not Easily Conquered is an annual tradition of mine, it’s been for a few years, I can’t get tired of it. It’s one of my favorite stories, I’m sending you virtual hugs for all the feels you must have felt. 

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"The last shot: this is what matters. One man. And he’s ruined. He’s just ruined. So shame on you. Shame on you for watching. Shame on you for getting off on the spectacle, shame on you for giving me money to see it. Shame on you for following the trial hoping for entertainment.”" woah that's like, thats so heartbreakingly ture even to this day. Shame on us for prying into things that aren't meant for public right ?

There’s a real lesson in this story, about how we feel entitled to the salacious details of other people’s lives and this really brings it to life, how wrong that mentality can actually be. 😞

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“Bucky had laughed at them both, and Steve remembers to this day the rush of relief he felt when Bucky’s face didn’t contract in pain.” I now have a note section on my phone dedicated to my favourite lines from this story. I feel like this is gonna get a whole lot more difficult to read! But I am here for it Tell me why fanfics make me feel things that any book could never.

A list of quotes is a great idea! I don’t know why fanfic has such a crazy draw to it, but I hear you, I’ve gotten SOOOO much joy out of it. ♥️

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OH LOOK HERE HE IS THE REAL HERO “Blame me,” Steve says, and looks up to Cagney. “Lay it all on me. I’ll carry it. Say I did it. All of it. Say whatever you have to say — just don’t touch them.” AND EVEN ALL THIS STORY IM STILL SHOCKED HOW ACCURATE EVERYTHING IS

Steve Rogers, martyr extraordinarie in every universe. 😉

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“God save me, I can’t do this. You kill me . You do it, Buck. You do what you have to do; I don’t give a damn if it makes me weak. If you gotta kill me, kill me. I don’t wanna live if it means you’re — I don’t wanna live without you anymore, I been doin’ it so long, I been doin’ it so long. I’m so fucking tired, Buck — Jesus, Buck, please, please, I’m so tired. I’m so tired. Just do it. Do it. Do it!”“I’m trying,” the Soldier gasps" BYE I ONLY HOPE HE BRINGS HIM HOME NOW AND THEY'LL BE HAPPY

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This panicked look. It was what I thought during that scene. It did me in. 😭

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“You were the first person who ever loved me,” Steve gasps. He didn’t know he could hurt this bad and not die from it. He didn’t know it was possible. “And I was — Buck, I was the first person who ever loved you.” bitch bye time to make my exsist and search for something to end my suffering

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If you want to feel better, search the ‘not easily conquered’ tag on Tumblr…it’s full of happy things that will end your suffering…believe me…😈

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you know, now that im readin the last part I'm wondering about my own ficition loosly based on nec with a girl who notices the longing in Barnes eyes and who discovers the letters but even if I ever write it, it will probably remain a private story since well... I do not want to mess with copyrights

Nah, you could definitely write and post it if you wanted. There are tons of stories out there I see that are inspired by this one - that’s all you need to say, and then give it your own spin!