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Personal development is a journey of self-discovery, transitioning from doubt to certainty, from stress to peace, and from scarcity to abundance 😎 Become Pride Of Myself 🔥🔥

White-Crowned Night Heron, Wakodahatchee Wetlands, with Sigma 150-600 Contemporary lens. Processed in OSX Photos and Luminar 4.1

Spent a nice evening celebrating my birthday a day early by wandering down some trails in the woods.

Had a bit of a morning. Not bad, just a little...rough? So on the way home I stopped to . I took a lot of landscape pics. I know this one is odd but it kind of spoke to me. It’s snow capped little weeds.

River tug carefully moving it’s barges on the beautiful Ohio River.

梅の花がちらほら♪ 今年は暖かいので早くも咲き始めました♪ 満開になるのも早いかもしれないですね(´∀`*)ウフフ

The Color of winter is just breathtaking, it gives me such a wonderful feeling that I cannot reel off in words, its beauty heals my soul and makes me more alive. "Panoramic view of

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