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Glittering Drop Jewels in the

Two photos from Plains depicting how suddenly the green meadows with flowers have converted into oasis of . Amazing views of at its best

[OC] The Dynjandi waterfall in Iceland bathing in the northern lights. [3654x4568]

7 days and counting!! 📣 Hope you have next weekend off and are joining us to celebrate and at !

These were spotted in earlier this week! Was there a family reunion we didn't know about...?

A hardcover about saving and in today's world: written & illustrated by author. , , colorable and . Avail @ Amazon, Barnes & Noble & BAM Contact author for signed copies!

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Crater Lake by @demiguel


I have done a load of paintings this week. I thought the collection should have a name so I have called it Fractured Space. All of these are done in acrylic paint on canvas. They range from the smol (the set of 4 which measure 7x7cm each) to the large one (measures at 29x39cm). 

I am pretty happy with these :333

If you are interested, all of these are for sale at my etsy shop. I post world wide with tracking. Prices range from £20-£30

<3 Etsy Shop <3


Love is about appreciation, not possession.