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McWay Falls, Big Sur, California [1600x1100][OC]

Was fortunate enough to be in the Canadian rockies while the Larch trees were putting on a show [OC][5800x3869]

Stepping back in time at Cuyahoga Valley National Park Virginia Kendall Ledges [1345 x 2015] [OC]

Walking along this stunning rainforest canyon of West Vancouver, BC is like stepping back in time. A decent amount of old trees in here escaped being logged as well [OC] [1920x1282]

чудесное видео о зиме вместе с очаровательной мелодией от исполнителя Aka Music "Winter"

"Hope is the thing with feathers That perches in the soul, And sings the tune without the words, And never stops at all.." Emily Dickinson Wishing you a happy week ahead 💞

Are you new to walking? You want to go out into the countryside or on the hill? But you don't really knw what kind of gear do you need? Read the article and please❗retweet it if you like it❗ ❗❗

Little Wonder Boy of Mara We had been tracking Lorean (the leopard) and her 3 month old cub for quite a few days during the recently concluded Migration Uncut photo safari in Masai Mara. I was already quite  impressed with the young l...

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Day 🖤


This background looks straight out of an anime👏👏👏


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Scandinavian warriors found in medieval graves in Poland Four richly-adorned graves found in a medieval cemetery in the village of Ciepłe, Eastern Pomerania, Poland, contained the remains of Scandinavian men, not the early Piast elite. The burials date to the time of the first king of Poland, Bolesław I the Brave (b. 967 – d.