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Sweater weather with drink 🥃

2. Natural

I interpret this song as a gay song personally. And talking about it feeling natural (given the argument that being gay is something abnormal and hence wrong). Also it has gender neutral pronouns. Their love is like a force of nature, undeniable and forgettable. Zayn praises their love and in the end urges his lover to come together.

Kabonabi Tapir

This Tapir is relatively new discovered. Although The ex-president Roosevelt shoot one in 1914 and named as a new species, the scientific Marc G. M. Van Roosmalen discredited in 2000, Until it was named as a new species in 2013.

However, the aboriginals that inhabit the Amazon knew that they coexisted with two different species of Tapirs, the Amazon Tapir and the Kabonabi Tapir. This was principally due to the difference in coloration and size. In Brazil, the Kabonabi’s tapir is called danta pretinho, which means Little Black Tapir.

Its status is unknown but is believed to be vulnerable.