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We're delighted to have passed our Silver accreditation. This helps make our Bryson fleet safer, smarter and greener; which ultimately allows us to have the of building materials ! Experience our service today

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Today we've been doing a local removal in Amlwch, but we actually move homes across the country. Ask Herbie for a quote on your removal requirements, near & far!

2L (Alloy) 5L, 10L (Alloy & Steel), 20L, 30L, 40L & 50L available from the experts & place you order, all industries covered from Medical, Industrial Gases & Food Grade uses to name a few 🌎🌍🌏

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Screw you, Nationwide Pet Insurance

I’m so glad that Nationwide is so happy to “protect what matters most - your pets” while finding FIVE excluded conditions, four of which were because I rescued her from the streets AND I didn’t know about the history of the conditions until after I had adopted her AND purchased the insurance. They were also kind enough to make these changes retroactive to the start of the plan. 

If you really want to “protect what matters most - your pets” you would not be doing everything you can to deny coverage. At minimum, perhaps you could not put in exclusions for conditions that I didn’t know about when I adopted her as a rescue and are not my fault in any way.

If only Nationwide Pet Insurance weren’t the best option (although they’re the best option much alike finding the least racist ‘person’ at a KKK rally), I’d find a different company. Unfortunately, they’re the best option but in a room full of companies who care more about profit than those they cover. 

Nationwide is NOT on my side, and they’re probably not on yours, either. 


We’re taking our health infused bars to the next level! Look out for more custom options, more branding opportunities and new adaptogenic recipes including CBD in states where it’s legal. Are you ready for an ultra luxury experience?
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