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Hello all outdoor animal keepers! Always remember to clean your water buckets! There is so much bacteria and unhealthy things your outdoor buddy can get from a dirty water bucket! Also think to yourself would you want to drink out of that? Of course not! So remember be a decent human being and help out your outdoor friend in need they will really appreciate it, I know my horse did when I finally took charge of him!💦


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yall motherfuckers on the internet: *draws 12 year olds with massive tiddies and might-as-well-not-be-there clothes that contour to every little thing, including the bellybutton*

the rest of yall: thats good art

@senseless-ilium: Mike is not wrong when he calls Jay a sex pervert. Our tiny, tiny sex pervert.

I also just watched the 2012 recap video for the first time and in that, jay talks about ANOTHER movie he loved that involved corpse fucking. called it a movie “made specifically” for him and the type of movie that he would like to make.

Sick Fuck NSFW!

Just some SumRick trash I wrote on AO3

[Chapter 1: Disgusting Lust]

Rick Sanchez was a man of action. He knew for a fact that school was a waste of time, booze was his only solace, and of course that he was the smartest man in the universe..

But to top it all off, he also knew he was a sick fuck.

Becuase here he was, thinking about Summer,as if he wasnt her grandfather.

He just couldn’t help himself. It was like she was made to get underneath his thick hardened skin. She’s always doing something. Like’ the way she soaks up just the little bit of appraisal he may tossed her, caused by of her desperate need for approval and affection that was denied to her from her two fuck up parents

The way she just get the slightest twinkle in her eye whenever he showed her even the tiniest bit of acknowledgement. And when he gave it to her he’d love to watch her little cheeks heat up ever-so- slightly, over the littlest things.

The permenant Daddy issues that never failed to kick start his libdo for some late night stress relief

Not only that but she did to get the more intelligent genes from him unlike the other kid. Morty. The poor brat was only a tool used for the all intensive purposes of keeping him hidden from the government.

He’d guess his favorite part is that smug look she gets when she knows she right, or that competitive sneer she uses in her daily sibling rivalry. She clearly got something from him-

Grandchild. She was his fucking grandchild. And here he was practically drooling over her like some pathetic teenager.

“W-well shit-blerggp*- I-Im fucked up.” The drunk muttered quietly, holding up his flask with a stagger and squinting.

‘Her silky strawberry hair..grab it. Yank it back, show her how disgusting you are.’

“Even t-though it’s b-be-errgfh*- been drastically proven that I-I have n-no unesscary r-restrictions concerning m-my morals - *grruuep* E-evn Id say this is p-pretty low on the s-scale for s-sick shit Rick.” He scowled at his reflection on the metal container.

'Those plump pink lips, that curve ever so in the smug Sanchez fashion….wouldn’t you like to see how pretty those lips be wrapped around your-’

“Stop.” He groaned resting his forehead in his hands. Another bile of vomit attempt to slither it’s up from his polluted body, only to be forced back down with a tight glup.

'Cherry dusted cheeks, but you’d like them more if your cum was smeared all over them,

He shifted.

'The curve of her breast, the hint of her nipples peaking out from that pink shirt whenever the temperature is a bit too low’

He rubbed the bridge of his nose.

'That tight little ass of hers that you want to spank until she cries, just to see that pretty face she makes when she does’

He took another swigg from the flask. He knew damn well it would only add gas to the fire at his inner demons were stirring up just to make his night a living hell. He could feel them clawing at the corners of his mine, exposing the vile mess of sin that he could barley contain

'So….pure, you want to ruin her. Make her as fucked up as you are, sick son of a bitch.’

He hit his tipping point. He wanted it. He want that angelic pureness that practically oozed out of her. He wanted to taint it. To destroy it. He would fuck it out of her if he had to, just to have her be as fucked up as he was. To see it writhe in pain, gasp in pleasure, and welcome every horrible aspect that he was, with open legs and pleadful cries

Closing his eyes, Rick tilted his head back cursing.

“F-blergghh*- fuck it. ” He hissed chugged the entire flask. The only thing he could remember was the hazy view of him approaching of his blissfully unaware granddaughter.


Summer laid curled up on the bed. Her hair sprawled free, loose from her usual ponytail. The barest hint of her upper thigh poking out from underneath the sheets like a soft tease. Her chest rose and fell with the soft snores escaping from her parted lips every so often.

Rick sat right beside her legs, raking his eyes up her body sickeningly, as the rational side of his brain blared in alarm, trying to reach even a morsal of moral code. He reached out, pushing the stray locks of hair from her face clumsily, grazing at the relaxed youthful face underneath.

His brain finnaly kicked with a sputter, letting off red flags. 'Leave!’

He undid his pants quickly . Dropping them down to his ankles.


He peeled off his lab coat and the shirt underneath.

'This is Summer!“

Yeah it was. Which was why he ignored that part of his brain for the next part. Pinning the girl to the bed, he watched her blink awake with a panicked start, struggling before a hint of the recognization hit her and she calmed down, squinting in the dark.

"Grandpa Rick?” She grumbled forcing away the lingering effects of sleep.

“G-Grandpa Rick….y-youre naked!?” She flushed screeching, struggling to avert her eyes.

He ignored her and ripped the sheets off of her, throwing them aside. Yanking up her shirt to the sight of her bare breast. He ignored the sounds of protest, quickly slamming his hand over her mouth before she screamed. Giving her a warning glance he latched onto a nipple, masking from the cold air.

He shuddered, flicking his tongue over rhe pink bud, twisting it between his teeth with a predatory growl. Her muffled cries of pain is what snapped him back into it. He…didnt want to hurt her. No. At least he doesn’t want to right now. Rick wanted it to feel good to the both of them for the most part.

He paused and slowly sucked on the pert breast with amuch gentler approach, before switching to the other side. It got the reaction he wanted when those muffled cried turned into conflicted moans, face screwed up in pleasure. He travled down the center of her chest, trailing his tongue around her navel before dipping along the waist band of her shorts.

Peeling them off of her, he glanced up. Summer was looking at him with shy hesitancy. Taking that as encouragement, he let go of her mouth- watching to make sure she wouldn’t make a sound before he shifted down and between her thighs.

The soft patch of hair resting above her sex was soft to the touch. He nuzzled his nose in it shifting farther down, using his thumbs to spread her wet slit open for him. The pink flesh was warm and tender, and quivered under his slight touch. His tongue slipped out taste it, rolling tightly against her now exposed clit. The girl moaned arching her hips up to meet his face, grabbing his hair and shoving his head down.

He obliged her, slipping his tongue into her wet entrance, groaning at the taste of it.

“Rick….” She moaned panting lightly. Fuck, her voice sounded so good. Especially with his name on her lips.

He slurped up the flowing juice, pushing his finger inside her tight walls, pumping it in and out slowly. Her hips bucked up against him and he had to hold her down while he ate, using his free hand to pump himself.

It was all to quick when a loud gasp, followed by a gush of juices poured into his mouth, spurring his own climax to come out in quick spurts. Slowing his movements down he rested his head on the wet patch, the corners of his vision growing dark as he passed out.