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This is an order for a nursing home near me. For a wonderful lady who now has all her possessions to make the transition smoother into residential care. I LOVE helping people & feeling useful • • •

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I'm Sitting Here Wondering What Is Thinking Right Now As The Was Released? His & Being Dragged In The Is A Well Controlled He's Not One For &

"Walking around Glen Innes at the Australian Celtic Festival and everyone knew my name"

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Lācwulf ᛚᚪᚳᚹᚢᛚᚠ [lɑːkwuɫf] ‘play-wolf’

Is it better to remain niche or branch out?

I’m still confused as to whether it’s better to have a specific area that you publish stories for or not. I get that maybe horror authors or romance authors or whatever can stretch out their works for a pretty long time, but even then, wouldn’t it get boring after a while? Maybe if you’re genre is wide enough to encapsulate a number of story types then it’d be fine. But child authors can’t really write about anything too grown up or serious unless they manage to twist it just right.

The reason I’m contemplating this is that I could never decide whether it’d be better to have numerous author names depending on what you’re publishing. It might be better to have separate names should the materials you’re publishing be far too different from one another, right?

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For the name thingy: Joscelin


Tamer Animals - Other Lives

Appalachia - Chelsea Wolfe

Movie - Tom Misch

Dear Prudence - Siouxsie and The Banshees

Colours and objects:

Rose gold, rose quartz, dusty plum, pastel chartreuse, peachy tones, pinky umber tones, watercolours, daisies, blowing dust off of a book, twinkling eyes, writing poetry at 2AM, cat tails, jasmine flowers, rose water

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helena for the asks thing🌱


Sun Giant - Fleet Foxes

Oakwood - Angus & Julia Stone

Virginia Woolf Underwater - Chelsea Wolfe

Green Sea - Fear of Men

Sweetest Chill - Siouxsie and The Banshees

Colours and objects:

Malachite and emerald colours, swamp/marshy greens, sea foam, silver lined napkins, dark plum lipstick, moonlight, dark coloured ferns, wandering through a thick forest in the dark, stargazing.

I have never felt identified with my name till you said it. I still hear it in my mind: your voice saying my name in between laughs and hugging me, it made me felt it was mine, somehow it felt like it was yours because it felt like you enjoyed saying it as much as I enjoyed hearing it from your voice.

Fuck I wish I could hear it again because now it doesn’t feel like my name anymore.

PDP Branding

Website Logo

My website name should be replaced or accompanied by my logo.

This should also include my Instagram page where I often post quick feed updates of current work, ideas or life inspirations. My Tumblr page also as this is where I update in more detail what I am currently working on and its progress.

Looking at my sites where I am aiming to get myself recognised and with the information that I received from a tutorial concerning branding, I feel very unprofessional as I have not got one particular branding logo to link all of my work together and to myself as an illustrator. Yes, I have a logo, a name and a few sites, but no link to make them memorable to me and the kind of work that I am relating myself to. So now I will take this on board and work on my logo and place it to all of my contactable areas and design my business card and front page of my portfolio. I might even make a pin badge as was recommended!