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Interested? - Safeguarding workshop To book your place at Tyrone venue - Quinn's Corner - Wed 6th Feb - contact with your .

Today we started our new unit. Students were challenged to sort various , the polygon, and state how many it had.

Have you voted yet? Would you like to see implemented with and allocated towards it? “rex4all” is the proposition to look for. Vote now! You can read and vote for this proposal by using on the following link:

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Wynnnōþ ᚹᚣᚾᚾᚾᚩᚦ [wynnnoːθ] ‘joy-daring’


Reposted from @abcworldnewstonight - MACEDONIA DEAL: At least 25 police officers were injured and seven people were arrested in Athens as protesters clashed with authorities outside Greece’s parliament Sunday during a rally attended by thousands who spoke out against the Greek-Macedonia name deal. Greece’s parliament is expect to vote this coming week on whether to ratify the agreement to rename Macedonia to North Macedonia. #greece #macedonia #rally #protest #name #country #vote #demonstration #police #parliament #abc #deal #athens #flag #syntagma #worldnewstonight - #regrann

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Dead name

So my mum is still refusing to use my male name and pronouns. I knew this was going to happen So much for the ‘we’ll support you no matter who you are.’


Cheers, mother (my mum hates being called mother but she knows I hate being called Alice so it works out well I guess, I’ll respect what she wants when she respects me and calls me Timothy.)
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