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Add a twist of flavor to all occasions with the Cornitos Cheese and Herbs and Veggie Nachos! !

Sometimes you have to say NO, especially when you’re talking about the at ! Cheesy and extremely easy to fall in love, you should check out the varieties we serve right now!

I haven't made in forever so decided to treat myself for surviving the weekend and losing 10lbs! Yup 10lbs!!!

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Two words for you: Pork. Rinds. And just for the heck of it, a third word... . We've got on the menu. Who's with us? Let's hear it!

Nacho typical Monday here at Frankie’s! Add a Deep Ellum Neato Bandito Lager and Monday is shaping up nicely!!

Om nom nom are fucking delicious, cooked these up today for lunch with

Have you tried the nachos on 9th street? They are really good and what you can’t see under all that goodness is queso!! Yes queso is layered in there somewhere. 🙌🏻🙌🏻 #405

Cheesy skillet you can make right in your own apartment for those night time munchies.

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How To Make Jalapeno Popper Chicken Nachos | Twisted

Spiteful Cheese Tots

Dogtown Dogs was the truck of the day at the ol’ office. I was super excited about getting a hot dog, but then something happened. All (read: three) the coworkers started talking about how they wish they could have cheese tots and I was like muhahahaha I will have cheese tots to spite each and every one of you. 

For the dog I went with the Spicy Angeleno. Hardwood smoked bacon wrapped dog with tomatillo sauce, spicy salsa fresca and topped with fried jalapenos.

It was pretty good dog. Needed a sauce I thought to myself. I then went to the kitchen and looked for something that might work. Weird, I thought, there is no mustard or mayo, but there is ketchup. Which was fine with me cause ketchup is the condiment of righteousness that a hot dog needs!

All you ketchup haters and your internet vile you all spit it breaks hearts and tears families apart. But, you know, like the president of ketchup said, there are good people on one sides.

The fried jalapeños were muah. That’s the kiss your fingers and then they explode out sound. 

Muah. Muah.

That meal was muah.

People would do that in the olden days.

The nineties. 

Before emojis took all our sounds away.

Hey, those cheese tots sure had a lot of nacho cheese on them. Perfection was finding the crispy tots among the soggy. I don’t blame anyone for the tots getting soggy cause that’s what happens when you smother them in nacho cheese sauce.

Dishonestly, I should have had the tots without the cheese. It’s health week at my office so you know I should ate my tots in a healthy way.

Probably with KETCHUP!

Do You Not Realize I Have Had Diarrhea Since Easters T-Shirt

Honestly Snape is a great character, but his obsession with Lily and inability to move on from the past are huge parts of his personality, and that is why I can only ship him with Bitter Regret, just like he would have wanted.