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Making my best efforts to walk my own path to play the real voice of my heart

Svaroopa yogis are in Ganeshpuri India, doing deep practices with Swami Nirmalananda/ This is where three generations rooted into Consciousness in a simple yet very holy place.

Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen is the 31st perfect Shaikh of Sarwari Qadri order. He has very intellectual and literary personality To read more about his (ra)

"Stefan's Owl from Oblivion," 321,000 words. Click image to see the full excerpt. Eight-year-old Ty, a musical called "'s ," muses about life. He refers to a .

Yes, it suffices to humble oneself, to bear with one’s imperfections. That is real sanctity. - St. Therese of Lisieux

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I need the Gods in my life. I need light and dark. I need a peace that hears me. I need a peace that accepts the offerings of my love, and rewards me with grace.

I have my Goddess, the one I call my Bright Mother. But I need all of Her kin, as well. I need Their stories, and I need to know Them.

What is it within me that yearns for Them?


Upgrade Ego to Percieve Lide Christ


Upgrade Ego to Perceive Like Christ

The academic consensus, among Brahmin and non-Brahmin scholars alike, is that Hinduism is not a religion. It is politicians who say otherwise, and the most moderate Hindu politician makes Trump look like the Mandalorian. But anyone with real actual knowledge of history or religion will be able to tell you that there is no such religion as Hinduism. It is a consolidated supremacist identity, the way “white” is in the USA.

Western occultist/mystic/neopagan/woo communities need to stop perpetuating the lies of Hindu supremacist ideology.

Plotinus — God-like and lifting himself often, by the ways of meditation and by the methods Plato teaches in the Banquet [Symposium], to the first and all-transcendent God — that God appeared, the God who has neither shape nor form but sits enthroned above the Intellectual-Principle and all the Intellectual-Sphere. There was shown to Plotinus the Term [i.e., goal] ever near: for the Term, the one end, of his life was to become Uniate [i.e., united with God], to approach to the God over all: and four times, during the period I passed with him, he achieved this Term, by no mere latent fitness but by the ineffable Act.

To this God, I also declare, I Porphyry, that in my sixty-eighth year I too was once admitted and entered into Union.

—  Porphyry of Tyre, On the Life of Plotinus and the Arrangement of his Work

Finally, a video essay that cracks open the Tamago Egg to let its highly emotional, addictive substance pour out! Travel from the macrocosmic egg of the Universe, to the microcosmic egg of the most beloved (and irritating?) gadget of the early 2000s. Click the link in bio to relive your pocket-sized pet’s greatest moments, and mourn its death in a requiem of plastic and pixels. This is the first episode of the series “To My Lost Virtual Worlds…”


Sayed Ali Abbas Rizvi speaking at the grave of Sayyid Ali Qadhi - The Great Master of Irfan (Mysticism) - The Uncle of Allamah Muhammed Hassan Tabbatabei and Allamah Muhammed Husayn Tabbatabei (May Allah swt have mercy upon them all).

Sayed Qadhi is the teacher of millions of ‘Urafa (Mystics) including the likes of Ayatullah Bahjat, Ayatullah Khomeini, Sayed Khamenei, Ayatullah Kashmiri, Sayed Ali Sistani.

Sayed Qadhi during his physical life time had 300 students and he dedicated his life to blossoming Awliya Allah (swt)

Qadhi defies physics as he made a Du’aa asking Allah (swt) to give himself free will over his body even in this life.

Qadhi is spiritually alive and I have seen him before many times……


I’ll stop there and let you do your own research… If you want some help feel free to inbox me. However, please first watch the video and let’s not “judge a book by its cover”

Sayyed Ali Abbas Razawi (ha) is very close to Allah (swt) and personally, I’ve never seen him sin at all. 

Sayyed Ali Abbas Razawi taught me how to pray and taught me to be of the 313 of Imam Mahdi (ajfs)

Ya Allah (swt)

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As she's your username, what are your thoughts on Mary Magdalene? Is she a repentant prostitute / sinner? Jesus' feminine equal (Sophia to his Logos)? His wife and mother of his children? Or just another disciple?

I Love her so much!

To put her in any box is to do a disservice to her and to never understand her. The thought that she was just one thing creates a confusion that makes it impossible to relate to her, the belief that she was just a prostitute was made to discredit sexuality all together and disempower and degrade women in particular.

So many women have been put in harmful situations because of the Enemy through patriarchy, that it’s a possibility that at some point she was forced into prostitution, or if financially well off had a distorted view of herself caused by the seven demons.

She was for sure a sinner as were the other disciples and all humans were before meeting Christ, but her sins are never specified for a reason, they were encompassed by the seven demons because it’s Christ helped her (and us) overcome and learn to dominate all of the sins humanity can struggle with and it’s the overall awakening and understanding of divinity that should be the focus of her.

I don’t believe she was inherently divine as Jesus was, only Christ is God and The Magdalene was completely human, but aside from the Mother of God, she represents the closest and most intimate aspect that we as humans can come to understanding and having a relationship with Christ.

In my particular opinion the Magdalene represents a complete overall awakening to the divine, “to understand completely” which is why she became the disciple to witness the resurrection and the first to deliver the news.

Magdalene represents Sophia but so does our Lady Mother Mary, and Mary of Bethany, and St Joseph etc and especially Christ; No one human is the only embodiment of any Godly manifestation, they all intersect. Just as you can’t put any woman or person in a box, you can’t do that do the Magdalene. She represents everything we need to be, overcome and understand if we want Imitate Christ and allow God to reveal their most Intimate selves to us.