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#Wakanda shit is nigga doing?
Me: Me, what the fuck you mean, lol!
Had fun today with bro @trvpgodu4ik. Awesome ti.e see those beautiful creatures. Sucks they in fancy boxes, tho.
FREE SIMBA… #untamed life #guttergang
#FTL #ILLNoise #DaFamly #adventuretime #majestic #nature #eyeporn #funandplay #live #livefree #freedom #mypointofview #artist (at Denver Zoo)

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This is what I keep repeating to myself as I start skimming through my books for all my classes this coming semester. Im literally like, “why did you decide on so many classes this spring and when are you going to have time for yourself.”

Those thoughts aside, I look at myself in my cute vanity mirror and realize I registered for all of these classes because I am a girl who works her best when she is under a lot of pressure. I stop and smirk at my reflection realizing that yes I am that girl. I don’t buckle under pressure, I shine. I mean, they don’t say a Diamond is made under tremendous pressure for no reason, right….I am so much stronger than I give myself credit for. That smirk I gave myself in the mirror was a reminder to the bad-ass girl inside me that I am not just a one sided person. I am a girl made up of many amazing qualities. Sure, I can be funny and moody and honestly sometimes overly excited for small things like putting my planner together for a new semester or making the perfect cup of coffee in the morning. But, all of those things make me the unique and quirky individual that I am. Multi-faceted and fulll of surprises. Life is like a merry go round. Some people jump off when it starts spinning to fast, but this girl, she holds on tight and smiles because the butterflies, and that rush you get when you realize how much fun you would have missed if you would have gotten of the ride when it got a little scary, was ABSOLUTELY worth every second. 

I say all that to say this, don’t jump off the ride when it gets a little overwhelming or intimidating. Hold on tight, adjust your ponytail and smile girl, you only have this one life. Make it one full of growth and experience. Your future is being printed out each day.

«ማስተር ፕላኑ ተመልሶ ይመጣል» አቶ ኩማ ደመቅሳ

በኦሮሚያ ውስጥ ከፍተኛ ተቃውሞን ቀስቅሶ የነበረው አዲስ አበባን በዙሪያዋ ካሉ የኦሮሚያ ከተሞች ጋር ያስተሳስራል የተባለው ማስተር ፕላን ተራማጅና አንድ ቀን ተመልሶ ይመጣል ብለው እንደሚያስቡ ኦህዴድ ሊቀ መንበር እና የኦሮሚያ ክልል ፕሬዝዳንት የነበሩት አቶ ኩማ ደመቅሳ ለቢቢሲ ተናገሩ።

ባለፈው ሳምንት ኦዴፓ (የቀድሞው ኦህዴድ) በጅማ ከተማ ድርጅታዊ ጉባኤውን ባደረገበት ወቅት ተሳታፊ የነበሩት አቶ ኩማ ከቢቢሲ ጋር ባደረጉት አጭር ቆይታ አወዛጋቢ ስለነበሩና እርሳቸው በከፍተኛ የስልጣን ሃላፊነት ላይ በነበሩበት ጊዜ ስለታቀዱና ተግባራዊ ስለተደረጉ ጉዳዮች ምላሽ ሰጥተዋል።