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myomyyy  asked:

Whhhaaaat but lyke why would you want to delete? You're so cool and I always all the the things you post on your page D:

you mustn’t have been on here that long. trust me, eventually you’ll learn to hate this website like the rest of us

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I love how you creep on people draw what they wear lol.

I would like to a) apologize to everyone I’ve ever weirded out with my silent creepitude—sorry, I’m just trying to memorize your outfit, and b) denounce/thank my editor at Untapped for encouraging this kind of behavior.

myomyyy  asked:

Would applying matt foundation on bb cream would be too much (like would it look too cakey and white)? Do you need to apply anything to set the bb cream (especially for someone who has oily skin)?

Hey love!

First of all I do not recommend BB Cream to people who have oily skin, just like me. I’ve tried some of them before & no one really made any justice to me, I ended up looking like a discoball after 1-2hs. Unless the BB Cream is especially for oily skin (still don’t recommend it, it’s a personal preference).

BB cream needs to be set with powder even if you have normal to combination skin. You don’t need to set it if you have dry skin. 

Since you have oily skin, already mentioned I do not recommend using BB cream. Try some water-based moisturizers, if you want to, underneath foundation or a matte make-up base (strongly recommend this one in your case). Your skin needs to be hydrated though even if it’s oily because oily skin can also be dehydrated, but drinking more water, eating veggies & fruits will do it (in case if you’re not smoking of course, cause that causes severe dehydration to any kind of skin). 

Using BB cream combined with foundation, gives you less coverage, less durability. I do recommend combining the two when you barely need coverage or the foundation to last less, it usually gives you a sheer, glowing base.

About being paler, that really depends on how good you’ve matched your foundation to your skin. BB cream doesn’t really give you much color since the product it’s supposed to enter your pores, not to sit on your skin, like the foundation it’s supposed to do.

So, summing all these things up, I do not recommend using BB cream & foundation in your case, because you’ll find out that you will need a bigger amount of setting powder & that will surely make your foundation look cakey. You won’t have a good coverage & the products won’t last long enough.