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Yey, redesign.

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Claire White, an overprotective yet very shy and nervous girl but does have so much potential. Lmao she's based on a White Blood Cell-

Redrew a pair of Moogle OCs I got. Both of them are based off of two units I had in Final Fantasy Tactics: Advance. Carol's a sassy Thief and Ruben is her Black Mage boyfriend. Ruben is older than Carol, but she's taller than he is.

Decided to find my watercolors and do a quick doodle of my one oc Val! Forgot I had some shiny paints so I used some of those too! I honestly love watercolor and should do it more often

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This is my OC Rosella Sans. AKA Rose. I've been waiting to show him and now I can! I also like drawing him in various clothes. ☺️ More on his bio soon!!

Sketches of my OC Alex~ he's an OC genderbender of the OC based from a friend I had~

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smol plant friend!

delbine belongs to me
delbine was designed by lyychee
check out delbine’s page if you’re interested:…
art by me


Nyra mi oc 💜

La verdad había hecho un dibujo respecto a ella y no me gustó, era como si otra persona fuera. Y Nyra es muy especial, su esencia esta en cada accesorio que porta, ademas de que es realmente bella :3

“Luz de estrellas” es eso lo que Nyra es 💜