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Mym from Dragalia Lost! I drew her a few months ago for a friend, and since I’m trying to get back into the habit of drawing regularly and sharing my work, I figured I’d post her here!

Throwing this out here now

It is January 2020;  By next year people are going to think that I am a Wheel of Time blog….

Yes my alias is based from that book.  Min.  however I have take some liberties with it and mixed in some from another storybook favorite (Mym from Wielding a Red Sword *he was a guy tho)

I am to date not a Wheel of Time blog… I do like the books tho and am very excited to see what Amazon Prime will do with this story!

With the upcoming Dragalia digest tonight I’ve been thinking.

The next 3rd party crossover they should do is sonic the hedgehog, imagine all the possibilities!

Sonic as a wind attuned sword adventure with caliburn from sonic and the black knight as a craftable weapon,

And if it was like the fe crossover and had a summon showcase then they could add

Tails as a wind attuned staff user,

Amy as a fire attuned axe wielded and the piko piko hammer as a craftable weapon,

And shadow as a light attuned wand user who’s weapon is cosmetically changed to look like he’s shooting chaos energy from his hand,

Imagine all the cool adventurer stories they could have!

Sonic and Euden bonding over various things they share in common, like how easily they make new friends, love of literature, and the burdens of being a hero.

Mym and Amy arguing over who has the better “boyfriend” and try to make Euden and sonic compete compete in a series of contests but they don’t really prove anything, so in the end the duo instead make amends only for them to instead start arguing over who is a better girlfriend.

Tails teaching modern technology to the more scientific adventures, and maybe studying laxi/mascula and the other Androids to try to replicate a new body/heart for mascula.

Shadow befriending Alex because of her dark past and laxi/mascula because of their artificial origins and maybe all ¾ of them start a garden together.

+a musical collaboration of crush 40 and daoko would be amazing!