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Testing out colours now

Sleep Slop just a stupid drawing of me and my cat Pogchamp.

Working on more tattoos since I did chestnuts parents, here’s her brother Arlo! I’ll do a behind the scenes next, he’s got more tatts!

Something I’m incredibly proud of!! This only took me 40 minutes and I personally think it’s my best piece of work!! Thinking about making my own stickers and pins with this design! Check out the Speedpaint on my IG JellyCreeps :D

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окей, попробуем постить арты

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Finished this drawing during stream today! It’s gonna be my new tier 3 emote for Valentine’s Day~ of course, it’s gonna be zoomed in or else it’ll be impossible to see lol but made the whole body for another project of mine! I’m so happy with how it turned out :3

Voici un de mes dessins ! Je me suis mise à la couleur il y a environ 7 mois, et j'essaie de m'améliorer un peu plus chaque jour. - Shenron en format A4. - Promarkers. - Feutres Faber Castell.

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Created with the help of @zillychu‘s brush set

Had a lot of fun playing around with this…was originally gonna be in color but…went with just his eye djgf

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Asdfgh, I don’t know if you meant headcanons or incorrect quotes or art, but I drew my Charlie

Also didn’t know if you wanted au or not, but in my au Charlie in a trans male so he’d probably look like this when very young and didn’t really know and let his dad dress him however then— if not it’s still gonna be my design for younger Charlie ;)

(It was almost rushed but it wasn’t so yeet *dabs*)