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โ€œThe strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.โ€ Confucius

VOY A REZAR PARA QUE ZUKI NO VEA ESTO ๐Ÿ˜”no la menciones pls esto es para el double meme y no se si ella ya termino los dibujos yo lo estoy volviendo a hacer por que mi estilo cambio ๐Ÿ‘บ

Why am i allowed to draw, I started watching the (original) lion king and was like "ah, yes this is a great crossover."

yami-tori44's original base. Selene Kostantinekos (c) LDYWHTE12 Zoe Millicent (c) me

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Trying to draw a more muscular body type. Tentando desenhar um tipo de corpo mais musculoso.

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Evil or Good?

Child herobrine

My story on wattpad i am working on

some background practice–should come as no surprise that I’m far more comfortable drawing humanoid characters more than backgrounds, since I tend to draw mostly characters and avoid backgrounds as much as possible, but I gotta change that since I wanna start drawing backgrounds/illustrations/comics more, so! Here’s a simple background, trying to practice with how i would draw a background in a comic :)


working on a new icon for some different platforms, plus i never know what to try animating so i figured something small like this would be a perfect fit!

once i have the clean lines and all the extras i think it will look alright