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ANNA CAFEにて満喫一人シーシャ 最近は息抜きとして利用中🍀 『女性だから』って見下される事も 多かったけど『女性だから』誰よりも お金が必要だし自分で稼ぎたい👍 その思いだけはずっと消えなかった ♯自由で堂々と女性らしくHAPPYに💗 ♯my life story

day night give thanks for the wonderful people I know teachers & guiding lights, my big inspiration Franko B of Love B’s life story can buy @❤️❤️

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Don’t let loneliness lower your standards
—  You didn’t break my heart, my expectations did.

Thoughts About Daddy

Unknowingly, he prepared me to survive the rest of my days in this world with the way he shielded himself from emotional vulnerabilities that slowly destroyed the rest of us…

I now understand him better. Just like the rest of the population of this world, he was with well kept hurts, disappointments, fears, regrets, resentments, frustrations, etc. His heart big with the best intentions just never known how to execute them. He tried to do what he deemed best to the best of his understanding and knowledge. I remember him without grudge. I grew more wise having understood that all he wanted was what could turn me into someone not like him. Into someone he was afraid I might end up to be. He only tried to fashion me into an individual who he wished he’d been. And there’s nothing wrong with any of that. Because that’s the good he knows. I’m thankful for the wisdom and strength I gained through the ways he’d been to me. I appreciate it more and more as I look back. ^_^

Inspirational? Me?

I just got the first comment on my Instagram post roughly ten minutes ago. It was from a woman named Lizzy Burke, and she said I’m inspirational and beautiful. You want to know why that moment made my night? As much as I love being called beautiful, my reaction to that part of the comment pales in comparison to how I felt being called inspirational. That was the first time that word has ever been used to describe me–and holy hell, did it feel amazing!

Having taken a good, long look at how I felt hearing that, I know not that I need to keep doing stuff like this. Whatever method(s) I do it through, I need to continue being an inspiration to anyone and everyone around me. I’m entirely certain that I’ll be doing that by giving as much love and positivity as I can to others, and also being as transparent as I can, eagerly sharing my heart with those who will accept it and treat it with the care that I would treat theirs. The exact steps it’ll take to get to that point aren’t quite clear yet, but I know that’s where I’m going, and I absolutely can’t wait to get there!


Lately my friends have been talking about Homecoming and how it’s coming up very soon. See, here’s the thing, I don’t exactly like and thrilled about Homecoming. Seeing everybody with there GF or BF spikes my depression to where I just want to emotionally shut down, and no its not because Im a teenager and that its just hormones. Depression runs in my family and Ive been diagnosed. Anyway, my step-mother who is married to my real mother (yes I have lesbian moms) decided that she going to take shopping for tux and all that shit. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate the effort but being forced into a situation where you have to see everyone with there boyfriend or girlfriend thats just going to make you even more depressed about life is a feeling that you dont wanna feel. For those who are saying “Homecoming and prom is the best part of high school” or “I wish I went to homecoming and prom” I would just like to say that you may be right but first, I aint got a date or nobody to go with, 2nd, Im gonna look like a loser going by myself, and 3rd, I dont do good with large crowds. Its just that im scared that if/when I go alone, that im gonna be like that for the rest of my life, and for me its a very scary thought considering ive had people walk out my life for no reason and I kinda just learned to close myself off and put on a mask.  

Thats enough of my life story. Sorry if I just killed ur mood.

the only way to get back at your dad for abusing you as a kid is by intimidating the hell out of him, yelling at him every time he swears, and constantly calling him a bitch. as a result he will begin to see you as an equal and you can have a loving relationship from there on out

My early years

On this sunny Sunday morning a baby girl was born. At least I think it was sunny. But anyways, I was born in itty bitty plant city Florida. I lived there at first and then we moved to another place in Florida and then again to Brandon Florida. But as a child I had two parents but my dad mostly raised me. He was there for me no matter what. School shows and all. My mom on the other hand was an alcoholic who didn’t like me much and likes my little sister more even today she does. My mom would take my snack money on Fridays and buy alcohol with it (my dad always gave me money) as a child I was bullied for being a little bigger than others and I started developing breasts early kids are so damn cruel.