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:- lagta hai mai CA kabhi nahi kar paunga

Dear min yoongi, Please keep your tongue to yourself for the sake of people's sanity. Thank you for your consideration.

Randoms I get off my boy down his nans tonight from the moment he opens his eyes till he goes to sleep is on his brain great to be that age lad

With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular My Brain animated GIFs to your.. Brain

We were in a bit of a bind, & we managed to sort out the urgent matter that had our brains in a twist. Funny enough others jumped on & we ended up having more than we needed! how God works! wish she was here with me now so happy familia

Shopping Club On Fiyah!!!! Wow taste like a scoop of Orange Sorbet😋 Good for ages 2 & up

Nthng gvs me joy dan watching hm Peaceful... Brain Mlaba... Young Lyon🙂🙄

??? 😖😖😖 But while we're on the subject of Benghazi, didn't Hillary testify for 11 hours, without hesitation and without screaming "WITCH HUNT"??? And wasn't she completely exonerated in that?

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This winter is cold, and like the earth it calls me to sleep, i grow tired and seek the warmth of slumber that can not last for as long as I please. I struggle to move through this, but on hands and knees i inch forward reasting here and there waiting for the sunlight of spring to reawaken these cold bones

Dear Brain, (pt.1)

Why, why WHY do you sTiLL,,,, AFTER ABOUT FIVE YEARS in the interesting part of the internet,,,, still need three seconds to process what “poc” means and then ANOTHER TWO to reassure yourself that it is infact NOT “pov” WHY, GODSDAMNIT ? are you, like purposefully being a could-be-racist ?? the frick ?

Sincerely hoping this stops, because I am not content living it


Me: Right, Brain: we need to spend a few hours preparing Raymond’s Nemesis for release at the end of this month. We don’t have much time, so it has to be done now.

Brain: Or … not …? Hey, look: a distraction!

Me: Brain, no! Not now! Work! Come on, I know we’re a bit tired and not feeling our best, but we will be in major trouble later if we don’t get this done NOW. It’s time to FOCUS.

Brain: Yeah, uh-huh … Oooh, look: another distraction!


Brain: <mumbles> No focus no focus don’ wanna focus noooo …

Me: We have coffee, we have music, and we have no excuses. Manuscript. Now.

Brain: <pouting> I thought writing was supposed to be fun …

Me: It is fun. It’s also torture and misery and self-inflicted hardship. We deal with it and we get it done. We suffer for our art, because art is worth suffering for. We spend hours mentally flagellating ourselves for the sake of a completed story, achieving ever more complex and demanding victories, so that we may go on to ever greater heights – scaling each mountain for the triumph of reaching the peak, but also because the trek itself enables us to climb yet higher mountains; wringing tears from the depths of our souls that we may wring tears from the souls of others, in the hope that in so doing we shall bring something to those others – some solace or thrill or understanding – that they could attain no other way —


Ingrown hairs always remind me of whales

Because they’re dark under the surface and you can only see a little bit of them, but when they surface, they’re always huge, and came up from the deep.

am i procrastinating? probably. 

idk just.. why. I wonder how youre feeling about this since I told you. was it weird? was it awkward. omg are you gonna act different next time we meet up. please no. i hope not. i dont think so. i wouldnt think you would but.. ugh what if like. nope dont go there. but hugs. i cant live without your hugs… :(:( 

so like… consensus: everyone thinks i like you… 

wait does this even matter if you dont like me?!?! like why am i wasting my time on this then. oh yeah cuz my brain is illogical. qbeglrivzajntfwc5rlsdjekakvwtehilrsgofdsp;