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“One cubic inch of nanotube circuitry, once fully developed, would be up to one hundred million times more powerful than the human brain.” – Ray Kurzweil

houses north and south of my house and they just turned on all the to cook HOUSE and all kids walking home who will get cut by t hose beams and kids i cars and trucks brains will be again cut by those beams here.

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RT : "“The ” is effectively an of our brains." – John Gruber, UI designer and technology writer

"“The ” is effectively an of our brains." – John Gruber, UI designer and technology writer

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Dear min yoongi, Please keep your tongue to yourself for the sake of people's sanity. Thank you for your consideration.

Randoms I get off my boy down his nans tonight from the moment he opens his eyes till he goes to sleep is on his brain great to be that age lad

We were in a bit of a bind, & we managed to sort out the urgent matter that had our brains in a twist. Funny enough others jumped on & we ended up having more than we needed! how God works! wish she was here with me now so happy familia

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i was looking for a screenshot of a book but then I when I was scrolling through gallery my brain went like “stop looking at memes go back to work” and I closed it like the idiot noodle I am

A conversation with myself

Me: I should go to bed

Also me: But there is still work to be done

Me to me: But its 2:37 in the morning.

Me to me: but if we do more work now, then there will be less to do tomorrow.

Me: but I’m tired.

Me to me: are we thought?

Me: yes.

Me to me: Are we really?

Me: *unsure human sounds*

Me to me: 30 more minutes and then sleep.

Me: that sounds reasonable.

Me at 4:56 am: um, can we sleep now?

Me to me: are we done?

Me: Yes.

Me to Me: are we though?

Me:*more unsure human sounds*

Wrote a thing, shout out to any other kids with ADD or ADHD cause this is totally how I feel all the time. Also, I know I didn’t sign it this time around, but will get to it eventually. Just wanted to pay something for now.

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Azalea, bluebell, calla, lily, and sunflower :)

Azalea: what’s one word that describes you?

I would go with the word honest

Bluebell: do you drink tea or coffee?

Tea, I tried coffee, didn’t like it

Calla: what’s your favorite book?

So far I only like 3 books cause I barely read (and books for school tend to suck) but I am forcing myself atm and it’s going well. My favorites so far are The perks of being a wallflower, Spijt (it’s Dutch, I have no idea if this one got translated) and Letters to the lost. I am currently reading 12 rules for life and digging it so that might be added on the list later.

Lily: what’s something you achieved that you are really proud of?

I actually have no idea… I’m still working on so many things but I think I can be proud of the growth that is already there. I think I am proud of where I already am. I think we should be proud of that. Like not the end of the road alone but of the path I’m still getting to know and walk on.

Sunflower: what’s your favorite quote?

I think it’s this;

The decent thing to do – once it becomes apparent how arbitrary your, and your society’s, “moral values” are– is to show tolerance for people who think differently, and who come from different (diverse) backgrounds. That emphasis on tolerance is so paramount that for many people one of the worst character flaws a person can have is to be “judgemental”. And, since we don’t know right from wrong, or what is good, just about the most inappropriate thing an adult can do is give a young person advice on how to live.

By Dr. Norman Dodge, in the foreword of 12 rules for life.

It doesn’t feel like a quote anymore since it’s so long but oh well 😂

Thanks for the questions!!


Okay so I have a lot of stories that I’d love to share. From random stories to funny to serious ones. Like so many different things that happened that I kinda want to share but I have no idea if I should do it through writing or randomly start a podcast or something. Like something that doesn’t involve my face yet cause still too insecure (working in it but still). So idk. Should I just share them here or like tell them in a podcast? I don’t even know where I could randomly start a podcast. Do I just record and post it through audio on here or get on a site? Like idk

The main thing is, would anyone even be interested? Should I even care about that? Should I just wing it and see what happens? I legit don’t know. Would you like to hear my stories? Lol I am lost on what to do

Or if I just write it down, would you read it? Should I go wing this? What do you prefer? Listening or reading? Help ya girl out

So I gotta go get the official diagnosis and stuff still, but I’m pretty sure I have hypersomnia? Which is an interesting revelation and also sounds totally fitting. Like. I’ve always had so much trouble staying awake during the day and getting up in the morning, even when I get plenty of sleep. I remember falling asleep in classes in 10th grade and during tests and all sorts of stuff. Including an AP test. 😅 And I’ve basically been unable to stay awake in church for the past few years. So, I mean. Hypersomnia doesn’t sound too unreasonable.

It’s weird to think about though. ‘Cuz it’s not really, like, a mental illness? But does that make it a physical disability? It’s neurological… but then is it in my head or in my body? Does this make me a disabled person, or would I be appropriating that label?

Life is confusing.