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Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness month. My grandmas memory faded away just like our footprints disappear in the sand on a shoreline. The waves erased the marks she left behind and just as sand castles some days were better than others. This one is for you nana 💜 everything

It sucks when your mind is very active because you can’t fall asleep at a normal time. I will literally think about the future and plan what I will do next. Brain

It's 12:30 and I don't know why I'm awake or tweeting at this time 😂😆 I have to set up a shed and paint it Saturday 🔨 brain hurts 🧠🤪

If u don't have this song I swear u a song that says bust brain Omo thus one na problem. head

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because i have yet to buy a new drawing tablet, here’s a messy sketch of Grim Reaper!Kiriya that has been stuck in my head since forever

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Viktuuri Dystopian AU with magical accidents.

I super love the idea of this mashup???

It was so cold. The snow always became heavier at this time of year, the streets littered with the remnants of a society long since abandoned. It had been so long since Yuuri had been in this place. Before the world fell apart. These days, it was rare to see people at all, and when you did, you were better off hiding. The world had become such a dangerous place. Yuuri should’ve been looking for somewhere to stay for the night, but he had more important things to focus on.

“You’re getting warmer,” Victor’s familiar voice entered his mind and Yuuri was surprised he still hadn’t gotten used to that.

He thought to himself that it wasn’t a game, knowing Victor would be able to hear him. Victor was having fun, that much was obvious. Anything to keep the end of the world more interesting, right? Yuuri wasn’t as happy to play along. They’d been separated for too long, and he just wanted to know Victor was okay. 

“Colder,” Victor’s voice remarked in his mind as Yuuri turned a corner. 

Yuuri sighed, dropping his backpack to the ground and sitting beside it. There was one foolproof way to find Victor. Yuuri knew he had to be close. His telepathy only worked from so far away. Victor was obviously watching him, and this was the easiest way to make him come out.

Sure enough, Victor dropped from the ledge nearby, kneeling beside him, “You know, it’s no fun if you don’t play along.”

Yuuri rolled his eyes, smiling fondly as he tugged Victor closer, “I just wanted to know you’re safe.”

Victor’s gentle smile was enough to warm Yuuri’s heart. If only that were enough to keep him alive in the snow, “You don’t have to worry about me.”

“I can’t help it,” Yuuri admitted, letting his fingers run through the long silver hair Victor always had tied back, “We should find somewhere warm for the night.”

Victor’s heart shaped smile beamed as he leaned closer, pressing a kiss to Yuuri’s lips, “Way ahead of you.”

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“It’s impossible. How can you be falling for someone you haven’t met in person yet?! You don’t even know him! You’re just needy!” Argues the brain. “He’s nice and easy to talk with. He makes me laugh. He’s smart. He likes animals. We have similar taste in music.” The heart responds. The brain has a point, he’s a challenge, you can never know where you’re standing with that guy. But … But …

- Lady With A Handbook

so I had this fuckin weird dream it was a fucking jamilton apocalypse au and fucking time travel was involved ?? like the world ends and alex fuckin goes back in time to when some jefferson guy made a plan on how to stop the end of the world? or counter it idk and like theyre flirting the whole time and at some point someone said, “isn’t it weird that americans are saving the world now when irl theyre the leading factor in destroying it” and I was just an omnipresent being just watching it all happen

Angus McDonald, The Greatest Detective Alive and Even Greater Son

hhheeeeeere is the second part to that lil thing i did earlier today!!!!!! it was so much longer than i wanted it to be yikes! this was supposed to be for fathers day but oh well!!

heres the first part!

Kravitz was extremely grateful to Angus as he held a steaming mug of cocoa between his cold hands. He admittedly hadn’t made hot chocolate since before he was alive and would have most definitely scorched the milk to the bottom of Taako’s nice pan. Taako had taught him a few things here and there, but Kravitz had never fully grasped the concept of… food. 

Angus on the other hand took Taako’s teachings and had made leaps and bounds. The kid was eight and could make macarons from scratch for Pan’s sake!

Angus was again seated on the edge of the island, closer to the stove now, swinging his little legs as he sipped his cocoa. He and Kravitz sat in silence- a comfortable one- until Kravitz stood up from his leaning position against the counter and said “Healing potion!” quickly before rushing out of the room. Angus sat in still silence, confused until Kravitz rushed back in with six or seven bottles stacked precariously in his arms. One by one, he laid out the bottles on the counter next to Angus and then put his hands on his waist, nodding at the bottles and then to Angus.

“I uh, I don’t really know which one I’m supposed to give you but I’m sure you don’t want to walk around with a split lip,” he said, then leaned in with a glimmer in his eye, “Even if it does make you look like a total badass.”

Angus reflexively brought a hand to his mouth, wincing when he touched the split skin. He smiled- which turned to a grimace quickly- and then set his cocoa down, hopping off the counter top and examining the bottles. 

“Hmm, well I could probably take that tall one over there, it looks like its base ingredient is-” he lifted the bottle and looked at the adhered parchment on the bottle. “Yeah, the main ingredient is comfrey, but I can only take half of it because I’m just a little boy,” Angus explained. Looking up at Kravitz for permission he was surprised to see the man who’d haunted his nightmares a few times staring at him in admiration. 

“You’re only eight?” Kravitz asked, his hands clasped under his chin.

“That’s right,” Angus replied. 

“And you learned from…?” 


Kravitz shook his head in disbelief. “See, here’s the thing Angus, I’m quite literally centuries old and I have never known any of that until just now when an eight year old told me.” 

Angus shrugged. “Who was gonna measure my healing potions for me? You gotta figure it out at some point in life-” He stopped and grinned sheepishly “-Or in death I suppose, sir.” He picked up the bottle of shimmering green liquid and popped the cork, taking a hearty swig that would’ve put Magnus to shame and set it back down on the counter. Within seconds his wounds disappeared, and within seconds Kravitz was undeniably attached to this little detective. 

Taako had been walking for twenty-some odd minutes before realizing he could probably just teleport in to Lucas’ office or at least levitate, but continued to walk. He hoped the exercise would burn out the anger, but if anything it ignited it. By the time Taako crossed the threshold in to Lucas’ so-called magic school he wasn’t just angry, this fully realized creation was livid. 

He walked briskly through the recently renovated halls, following the signs stating “Headmasters Office”. When he approached the office, he rapped on the door twice. When there was no answer he knocked again. Angrily sighing, he knocked one more time saying a quick spell under his breath, and sent the door flying open. 

Lucas Miller was not expecting visitors. It was 8 p.m., the students had long since left the educational buildings for their dormitories, so when he’d heard a quiet knock he’d assumed he was hearing things (Which wasn’t uncommon for him, he was a bit bonkers.) At the second knock, he begrudgingly rose from his comfortable desk chair and shuffled over to the door, unable to reach it before he was blasted back to the ground with a wave of force. 

A tall, beautiful and angry elf stood over him, a look of sheer rage on his face as he pointed a glaive at the prone man. 

“T-Taako! What a p-pleasant surprise?” Lucas said, flinging a hand up in genuine fear for his life. 

“Oh you’re surprised? Imagine my surprise when one of your students showed up on my doorstep with a broken face!” Taako screeched at the grovelling man-boy on the ground, shoving the Krebstar ever closer to Lucas’ neck with each accentuated word. 

Lucas shook his head, blinking in confusion. “What do you mean, I haven’t had any incident reports today,” he sputtered.

Taako let out a noise of disbelief. “Lucas, your school has been open for two months, how many trouble-makers do you have already?” he asked accusingly. 

Lucas scrambled away from the Krebstar and stood up quickly, adjusting his glasses and robes before standing tall in the face of his adversary. 

“Not many, save for that McDonald boy. He’s been causing quite a bit of trouble with some of my brighter students,” Lucas said with a sniff. 

Taako let his mouth hang open. He didn’t care if the flies got in. This was just too, “Un-damn-believable, you really want to tell me that you’ve got Angus McDonald, boy detective under your roof and there are boys smarter than that? Wow Lucas, you really must have done some crazy hinky magic to attract that much intelligence to a dopey place like this,” Taako razzed, using the Krebstar to gesture to the room around them. 

Lucas spluttered. “I-I never said they were smarter than Angus they just… Have more potential is all,” he explained tentatively. 

Taako nodded slowly. “Uh-huh… Potential…” He glanced over at Lucas’ desk and spied four sacks of coins, bulging. It didn’t take much to piece together the circumstances of the situation. “Potential… Monetarily, you mean.” 

Grinning and shrugging as if to say ‘guilty as charged’ Lucas looked over his shoulder at the fat sacks of gold, a small but pleased smile crossing his face. It quickly faded when he felt a sharp prick on his adams apple. Turning his head back slowly he looked down at the glaive that was ever so precariously placed against his throat. 

“So… So you’re telling me… That you would rather take hush money from your beneficiaries than let a little boy get a quality education?” Taako asked, his head tilted slightly, his left eye subtly twitching. 

At a loss for words again, Lucas wracked his brain for a rational response. “I-I mean, their fathers are very powerful people Taako, I can’t just, I can’t just turn them down.”

Taako’s eyes flashed dangerously and he took a step closer, pressing the Krebstar harder sending Lucas Miller stumbling backwards in to his desk. A pen holder dropped to the ground and shattered, sending nice pens scattering. Lucas let out a disappointed noise but his attention was immediately drawn back to Taako as the powerful wizard began to speak again. 

“So what you’re telling me is… That because Angus doesn’t have a powerful father he isn’t as valuable to you and he won’t amount to anything,” Taako said slowly. “And don’t lie, I want your complete and honest truth, Lucas. 

Lucas shut his eyes and grimaced as he let out a weak “Yes” but was surprised when the needle-point pressure from his neck was removed. When he opened his eyes, there was no Taako but a jingling from behind him. 

Taako lifted two bags of the hush money from the table and shrugged. “Well, good thing he’s about to have two then.” And with that, he kicked Lucas’ window out, sending glass shattering and hopped out of the window, mustering as much confident panache as he could. He was about to do something very, very stupid. 

The Headmaster watched dumbly as a dazzling elf stole his money and destroyed his property, but couldn’t help but feel like he brought it on himself. He’d already learned once to not fuck with the Seven Birds. He done goofed. 

Angus had been tucked in by Kravitz, read a bedtime encyclopedia and sent off to snooze-land. After gently removing glasses and setting them on the nice bedside table that was comically shaped like a duck, Kravitz left the dark room and began pacing in the sitting room, impatiently waiting for Taako to return. 

It was after midnight when the lock turned in the door. Kravitz rushed over and flung the door open, revealing a nervous but… glowing(?) Taako. 

“H-hey babe, sorry I was out for so long, I had a couple things to take care of-” Taako began, before being cut off by a bone-crushing hug from his dead boyfriend. He let out a sound of distress and Kravitz loosened his grip. 

Looking down at his boyfriend, Kravitz searched Taako’s face for some sign of guilt or remorse but found none. Only unwavering anxiety and excitement. “Is everything alright love?” He asked, guiding Taako over to the lounge. 

Taako tucked a piece of his hair behind a long ear and nodded. Sitting down he looked at Kravitz with a face full of terror. “So, uh, you know that I like, love you and stuff,” he said nervously. Kravitz nodded vigorously, his grip tightening slightly on Taakos hand. “And uh, well we’ve talked about getting married and like, like having a family and junk and I uh, well I still really want that but uh- oh shit, just let me show you what I did,” he rushed out. 

Reaching in to his robes he withdrew some parchment, rolled up and sealed with the Neverwinter Government Official sigil and wax. Kravitz blinked and took the roll from Taako, glancing up at him briefly. Taako waved him on and watched anxiously as the love of his life broke the seal on the biggest decision he’d ever made for himself and others. He silently sent a prayer out to Istus and Pan and the Raven Queen and whatever God that would listen, praying that this would turn out alright. 

Kravitz was at first confused, then shocked, then… unbridled happiness. On the paper were two names next to eachother, and below them another. Their names. And Angus’.

Kravitz looked up, blinking rapidly. “Wh-what is this?” He asked, stupefied by this feeble piece of parchment. 

Taako quickly explained what had transpired at the school, and then what had occurred after. The government offices were closed, of course, but Taako knew of one government official who would wake at any hour for the Seven Birds. He marched right in to Lord Artemis Sterling’s office which had been occupied by the regal and two small dwarven children. Mookie laid passive in front of the fireplace on a fur rug, and Mavis sat in the window overlooking the garden, reading a book. They stayed there as Taako explained the predicament, his very shallow plan, and quite literal need for this all to work. And Sterling obliged. 

“Adoption papers,” Kravitz breathed out. 

Taako nodded almost imperceptibly. “Y-yeah, I know I should have probably asked and all that but Lucas just made me so mad I just wanted to prove that little weasel wrong, you know?” he replied, his voice trembling. 

Kravitz reached over and took Taakos hand in his, eyes watering. “He’s ours?” he asked quietly. 

Taako swallowed hard, trying to keep the tears at bay. He failed miserably. Crying and laughing softly he nodded. “Yeah. Yeah he’s ours.” 

Kravitz let out an overjoyed laugh and stood up, scooping Taako up and planting a big kiss on him followed by another bone crushing hug. Taako let out a breathy laugh, his tears (happy) falling on to the magical fabric of Kravitz shirt and rolling off. His smile faltered though, as he tapped Kravitz on the shoulder, signalling to put him down. 

They both turned to face the small boy who had entered the room not 5 seconds ago, and sported sheepish smiles. 

“Hey Ango,” Taako said softly. The young boy rubbed his eyes sleepily and padded over to the pair, looking up confusedly. 

“I was real worried about you, sir. You left for a really long time, and you didn’t say where you were going, that makes detective work kind of hard you know,” he said in a scratchy and quiet voice. 

Taako bent down, taking a knee in front of Angus and giving him a tender hug. “I know buddy, listen I’m real sorry I just had some stuff to take care of,” he explained. 

Angus pulled away, surprised by the contact and Taako’s soft demeanor. Something was wrong. “W-what? What happened sir? Is everyone okay? Merle and Davenport, are they alright? Did something happen at the Chug n’ Squeeze?” He fired off these questions rapidly, working himself up and waking himself up. 

Taako shook his head and looked up at Kravitz, who shrugged and sat down on the chair next to them. Taako turned his head back to Angus and smiled again, a little more nervous than before. “No, no Agnes, I uh.. Well gosh I think its good news but, uh, I dunno maybe you wont? And uh if you’re not in to it well thats fine I can uh go back to the office tomorrow and fix it but,” and with that Taako reached over to where the papers laid curled on the coffee table and handed them to Angus. 

Angus… He didn’t know what to say. He stared at the papers for a long time without saying anything. Taako thought he might have paralyzed himself, until Angus looked up at him with tears in his eyes. 

“Are these real?” He asked in a timid and shaking voice. 

Taako nodded. “As real as you and me buddy. I’d say Krav too but he’s kinda not real?” 

Kravitz laughed. Then Taako laughed. Then Angus cried. 

He cried for hours, god Taako lost track of how long Angus cried. Through sniffles and sobs there were copious thank-yous and i’m-so-gratefuls, which he assumed meant that Angus was happy with the executive decision Taako had made. 

Around 3 in the morning, Angus fell asleep. Kravitz walked behind as Taako carried him to his bed. His bed, and tucked the boy detective in for the night. 

In the morning Taako was still thrumming with excitement and pride. He had a son. And a good one too. Smart, capable, talented- everything that he and Lup were as kids but with so much more. Angus was his. Theirs. Taako looked over at Kravitz who was staring at him with such intense love it forced him to get out of bed and pull his love along with him to wake up their new son who was… Not in his room. 

Taako blanched. He knew that Angus wouldn’t take to it, he had probably been delirious from lack of sleep and that healing potion Taako probably should have thrown out when it had expired four years ago…

The two men frantically searched the room then ran down the hallway, past the kitchen to the living room, but were drawn back to the door left ajar to the kitchen. Pushing the door open quietly, Taako and Kravitz observed as Angus, The Greatest Detective Alive concocted a breakfast that required five different pans and a delicious smelling something coming from the oven. Taako looked up at Kravitz and jutted his thumb out towards Angus as if to say ‘can you believe this shit?’ 

Angus turned around to look at his recipe book and let out a screech and dropped the wooden spoon in his hand to the floor. “S-sorry sirs! Did I wake you?” he asked, wiping his hands on the too-big apron he’d borrowed from the back of the kitchen door. 

Taako shook his head and sat down on the bar stool next to the island, Kravitz taking the seat to his left. They watched as Angus scooped various items on to a plate and placed the heaping ceramics (That they had 100% definitely painted at the Chug n’ Squeeze on Glaze Night) in front of his two new patrons. He nervously watched them eat and then quickly poured them two mugs of cocoa. 

Taako looked over at Kravitz who was shoveling the food down as fast as in-humanly possible and snorted, then took a sip of his cocoa. Blinking he shook his head and looked down at Angus. “Little man, did you put chili powder in this?” 

Angus wrung his hands together nervously. “Ye-yes, thats how I like it, I thought you might too sir. The capsacin really helps my gears get going in the morning,” he replied. 

Taako leaned back and slapped his knee before downing the mug of cocoa and slamming it down onto the countertop. “Angus McDonald, you may be a good detective, but I don’t think you can be as great of a detective when you’re this amazing as a son,” Taako said jovially. Kravitz nodded and continued to eat like his life depended on it. 

“Well, sir, I like to think that I’m a great multi-tasker,” he said, grinning. 

Taako rolled his eyes and smiled widely back, before hopping off the stool and enveloping Angus in a bone-crushing hug that would put Kravitz to shame. “I love you, kid,” he said softly. 

“Love you too.. Dad.” 

cyberpunk is inherently transgender and I’ve no joke been bothered since the moment I woke up about the possibility of cyberpunk 2077 not having trans people in it bc that’s what my priorities look like at 6am

I’ve read all the manga and watched all the anime, and I’m probably going to feel so stupid for asking this but:
who are these two?? anyone remember?!