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" mutually bound to various thoughts " 🎭

Day No. 131 - Having trouble achieving a goal? Seek expert advice. Whether it’s trying to excel in art, playing a sport, or working toward living your best life, you should seek professionals in the area of your desire to help you achieve your goals.…

my boyfriend wanted me to draw us again so here's a doodle I made peaks eyes my actual eye color this time cause he wanted it to be our actual eye colors SO

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Herb cookie!! what a boy

openlywitchy replied to your posttbh i really want to redesign my Lavellans hair…..


sadly i can’t find screenshots on this computer !!!!  but this is art of what it currently looks like. 
idk if i should keep it or change it.. or maybe just have her grow it out in the trespasser dlc?? IDK but I can’t think of any interesting long hairstyles for her either.  

daily doodle 1

from twitter//: bird that was highly successful in life (flew thousands of miles, evaded dozens of predators, shit on hundreds of cars,) so it ascended to become Ultra Birb with a halo and celestial wings

forgot to post here!


No one asked for these but i just wanted to draw amnesty peeps in some cool outfits.

outfits are from these sets 

Please don’t repost without permission!