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art for my

Tropical - Ta-da~~! I domt even remember when I started working on it but i finished!!!!!! Yay~ i think that it is much better than the original lineart and way more colorful! And her eyes! Im in love with her eyes 💖

art......☮❤🎨 ..............Follow me on Instagram...prajwal vernekar.

You never know what you'll find! One person's trash.... something something.... treasure.

Different squad but both are the best! ❤ Salamat sa kopyahan, sakitan, inuman, iyakan at tawanan. Hay, sana nga kayo pa din eh tangina bangungutin sana makalimot HAHAHA charot. 😂 The best kayong lahat, wav ü all so muchhh!!! 😘

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More Monster au stuff now including faun-craine

Also art block has been a pain so sorry for the lack of uploads.