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2018-08-22: Diputada de propone para atender de de

Amigos que les gustan las rayas: estará tatuando en dentro de PLATAFORMA creatividad hecha en en el el próximo sábado 8 de septiembre de 11 a 18 h. Escriban al correo👇🏼y agenden su cita.

Hoy 21 de agosto 2018. Voy a correr todos los días durante 30 días. Pd: esa playera roja tengo 12 años con ella, mi mamá ya la quiere tirar.

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Give it to You: COBALT

Pairing: Wonho x Succubus!Reader

Genre: smut

Warnings: soft dom, daddy kink, praise kink, oral sex (giving)

Word count: 3,308

Summary: After being dumped by an overbearing girlfriend who made him feel inferior, Hoseok meets Y/N who needs his assistance with a weight press, making him feel needed again.

Introduction | Black | [Cobalt]


You had come to the gym to find your next partner. You didn’t need to workout of course, but keeping up a facade was necessary to appear human and that was the most important part. You had just started on the stair machine when the door opened and you glanced over. It was him.

You had seen him in the past before but always with a very severe and angry looking woman. Now he was alone. Perfect, you smiled mostly to yourself as he checked in at the front desk and headed for the men’s locker room.

He was in there all of 5 minutes before he emerged and walked over to the row of treadmills to start his warm up. You turned your attention back to your task, pretending to be absorbed in what you were doing. You needed him and you were determined to get him anyway you could.


In the past, Hoseok came to the gym with his ex, but ever since the breakup, he came alone preferring to keep to himself. It wasn’t his idea to break up. No that was all her. She said he wasn’t “keeping up" with her. He had no idea what that was about. “You’re slacking,” she would snap.

When she finally ended things, Hoseok was hurt of course, but in a way he was kind of relieved. He didn’t have to put up with her verbal abuse anymore. She wasn’t around to make him feel any less of a man. He was free.

Tonight, just like every other night since, he was at the gym late at night. He had walked in, checked himself in and went to the locker room to change and store his bag. Once dressed and ready to go, he went to start his warm up routine when he noticed you.

You were on the stair stepper and Hoseok thought he had never seen anyone more beautiful at the gym. Your hair pulled into a messy ponytail, wearing a white and light grey sports bra and grey joggers with deep blue shoes.

He forced himself to look away, not wanting to be seen as that guy. He continued over to start his warm up, pushing you from his mind. He couldn’t focus if you were blocking his thoughts; thoughts that suddenly turned dirty.

Fifteen minutes later, Hoseok was ready to begin his full body workout. You had finished on the stair stepper and had moved to the corner to work on squats with a weight. Roughly 10 minutes had gone by, Hoseok had barely gotten anything done as he couldn’t stop glancing at you every few minutes. He hated himself for getting distracted.

You eventually put the right back and moved to a weight press in the same corner. He watched as you struggled to move the pulley lower and finally gave in, getting up from his spot and walking over to see if you needed help.

“Excuse me? Do you need some help?” he asked politely. You turned to look at him, surprise written all over your face. Your eyes widened and your mouth hung open forming a small o. “Uh, yes, please,” you said breathlessly. Hoseok set his water bottle down and reached up.

He pulled the knob holding the pulley in place and lowered it down for you, locking it into its new position. “There you go,” he said, stooping to pick up his bottle. You gave him a very thankful smile and your eyes sparkled, accelerating his heart rate and causing butterflies to fill his stomach.

“Thank you so much,” you said and Hoseok returned your smile. “It’s not a problem. If you need anymore help, just holler. I’ll be over there,” Hoseok said nodding at a bench a few  yards away. You smiled at him again and waved, putting your earbuds back in to start your next set.

Feeling extremely proud of himself for doing even such a simple tasks, something his ex never let him do, Hoseok returned to the bench and immediately started his own set. Partly because he lost track of time and partly to impress you should you happen to look over at him.

Minutes ticked by and by the time Hoseok was done with his routine, you had already finished yours and disappeared to the locker room. Hoseok hurried through his cool down, not really bothering to cool down and jumped up when he saw you emerge from the locker room, now wearing a black compression shirt over your sports bra and carrying a duffle bag in one hand and your purse slung over your shoulder. You smiled as you approached.

“Thank you again for helping me,” you said and Hoseok shook his head. “It’s no big deal, really. I’m happy to help,” he said grinning back at you. “Are you new here?” she asked and Hoseok shook his head. “No, I just used to come during the day. I changed my times recently.”

“I thought maybe you might be new since I’ve never seen you here before,” you chuckled. Hoseok was in awe by your beauty. He wished he started coming to the gym this late sooner if it meant he could see you here.

“Well, I better go. I don’t want to keep you,” you said sheepishly. “It’s okay. I don’t mind talking to you,” Hoseok said biting his lip. You offered him the purest smile he had ever seen. Your eyes turned into little crescents as a smile stretched over your face and your cheeks turned light pink.

Oh no. She’s so cute! Hoseok couldn’t help the grin that took over his face. “I’ll see you around, yeah?” he asked and you nodded before waving and heading for the door. Hoseok started for the locker room but spun in his tracks.

“Wait!” he called and you stopped to turn. “I never got your name!” he said over the music that was playing through the speakers. “You never asked!” you laughed and Hoseok felt his cheeks burn. “Well, what’s your name?” he asked.

“(Y/N),” you said with a chuckle. “Nice to meet you, (Y/N). I’m Hoseok,” he called back and you waved again. “Nice to meet you, too, Hoseok,” you said and with that you crossed to the door and disappeared into the night. Hoseok sighed, turning around and entering the locker room. He undressed, getting into the shower to rinse off.

His thoughts wandered back to you and the way your bra pushed up your breasts. No, damn it. Don’t do that. Hoseok forced that image out of his head. He couldn’t do that, not here anyway. He finished his shower and dried off, changing back into his street clothes and left the gym to catch the late night bus home.

Once back in the confines of his apartment, he changed and got ready for bed. He looked out his bedroom window at the busy night life of the city, and the way the lights danced and sparkled, like your eyes had before.

A clap of thunder sounded in the distance and Hoseok smiled, knowing that he was going to sleep well that night. He cracked his window a tiny bit, enjoying the fresh smell that always occurred before it rained. Rolling over, he pulled the covers up over his shoulder and drifted to sleep.


Hoseok sat up abruptly surveying his surroundings in a haze. He looked out the window. It was still dark, rain was hitting the window softly as the storm passed overhead. Hoseok felt around for his phone and once his fingers found it, he checked the time.

It was 2:43 in the morning. He had only been asleep for a few hours. Man what a waste. He looked over toward his door and noticed a soft light coming from underneath the door. Suddenly he wasn’t groggy. Something’s wrong.

He tore back the covers, the cool night air hitting his bare torso. He got out of bed and made his way to the door, pulling it open. The a dim light was coming from his front room, no doubt the light above the sink, and panic set in.

Did someone break in? He tiptoed toward the front room until he peeked around the corner and saw a woman standing in his kitchen. She looked vaguely familiar. It wasn’t until she turned that Hoseok recognized her. Standing in his kitchen, wearing one of his dark blue button down shirts and washing a frying pan, was, “Y/N?”

You turned around at the sound of his voice, a bright smile forming. “Hey! I was wondering when you were gonna wake up,” you said setting the frying pan aside and wiping your hands on a dishtowel. Now he was really confused. How did you get here? When did you get here? He walked softly over to the kitchen island.

“When did you get here? No, how did you get here?” he asked his thoughts aloud and you walked around the island to wrap your arms around his waist. “How else, silly?” you asked but before Hoseok could say anything, you stood on your tiptoes and pressed a kiss to his lips.

Your lips were soft against his and you tasted so sweet. Hoseok’s hands moved as if they had a mind of their own and he grabbed your hips, soft yet firm. He leaned into the kiss, his brain clouded and the only clear thing in his mind was how much he wanted you.

His hands slowly slid down your hips to the backs of your thighs as you wrapped your arms around his neck and he lifted you easily, placing you on the counter and standing between your thighs. You smiled against his lips, breaking into a giggle as his hands moved up your thighs and under the shirt you wore. You grabbed his hands, halting him.

His expression changed to concern and you shook your head. “That tickles,” you reassured him. Hoseok smiled before leaning in for another kiss, this time parting your lips with his and his tongue slipped inside your mouth.

You reached up, placing one hand on his shoulder and with the other, ran your fingers through his hair. His hands continued up your thighs, albeit with more pressure this time, until he stopped at your panties.

He pulled back from the kiss to look you in the eyes. “May I?” he asked playing with the waistband and you nodded, biting your bottom lip. Hoseok pulled your panties down your thighs slowly, maintaining eye contact as he slid them past your knees and let them fall to the floor.

He pulled you back in for a kiss, placing himself between your thighs again. Your hands slid down his arms, stopping to squeeze his biceps, a soft moan sounding from the back of your throat. He smiled, holding back a chuckle.

Hoseok’s hands moved over the shirt up your body, stopping to cup your breasts through the material. You sighed, leaning into his touch. “Please,” you moaned. Hoseok let out a chuckle and shook his head.

“All in good time. I want to go slow. Explore you,” he whispered against your skin as he lowered his lips to your neck. You tilted your head, allowing him more access as he brushed your hair aside. “Don’t make me beg.” Hoseok smiled, pressing playful kisses under your jaw.

“You’re so cute,” he said, noticing the change in his tone. It was deeper, his voice was huskier. He knew you noticed but he didn’t care. He wanted you so badly he was willing to take you on this countertop at that very moment.

“I know what you’re thinking,” you said in a breathy voice as Hoseok trailed kisses down your neck stopping to nip at the skin, causing you to gasp each time. One of his hands snaked between the two of you until his fingers brushed against your heat, groaning when he felt how wet you were.

You held in a moan, not wanting to give him the satisfaction this early on but Hoseok was prepared to wait all night just to give you the best orgasm of your life. He waited until you couldn’t take it anymore and whimpered, moving your hips, hoping he would get the hint.

Hoseok’s kisses trailed lower and lower until he reached the first button of the shirt. He glanced up at you, smirking before he undid the button. You smiled, and bit your lip as he continued, stopping to undo each button.

He stopped at the last button and looked up at you before pulling you off the countertop and dropping to his knees. You but the bottom of your lip as Hoseok pushed the button down shirt up by your waist before pulling you close and pressing kisses on your thighs.

You sighed, leaning your head back. Hoseok smirked before burying his face between your thighs. You let out a moan, fingers tangling in his hair. Hoseok lifted one of your legs, resting your thigh on his shoulder to give him better access to your heat. You leaned back against the counter, moaning loudly as Hoseok teased your clit with his tongue.

“Why are you being so mean to me?” you breathed. Hoseok chuckled before licking a stripe up your sex. “Oh, I could be so mean to you, baby,” he said softly, continuing to suck and lick. You moaned, legs trembling as your orgasm drew nearer. “Hoseok, please,” you whimpered.

“Please what, baby?” he asked, not letting up. You moaned loudly. Hoseok eased a finger inside you, pumping slowly while he continued his ministrations. “Ah~! Hoseok!” you whined. He added another finger, curling them against you as he brought you closer.

Just before your orgasm hit, Hoseok withdrew. You whimpered and looked down at him. Hoseok smiled wiping his mouth on the back of his hand. He stood up, towering over you easily. He turned you around, bending you over the low countertop. With the button down shirt pushed up, exposing your soaking core, Hoseok untied his sweatpants and pushed them down along with his underwear.

His cock sprang free, hard and already leaking. Hoseok used the pad of his thumb to spread the bead of pre-cum around the head of his member before positioning himself at your entrance. He slowly pushed in, grabbing your hips to steady himself. He stretched your walls, noting how tight they hugged him. “God, you feel so good,” he groaned.

You gripped the edge of the counter to keep yourself in place as he slowly pulled out before thrusting back into you, a hiss escaping his lips. You moaned loudly and Hoseok chuckled, pulling you upright. “I haven’t even started, baby,” he whispered in your ear.

Hoseok reached around to unbutton the shirt one button at a time until he finished with the last button. He pulled the shirt off you, setting it on the counter. “Ah~ fuck! Hoseok,” you moaned. Hoseok grabbed your hips again, pulling you back into his thrusts. Your moans and whimpers grew in pitch as he pounded into you.

“You like that, baby? Does my cock make you feel that good?” he asked. “Ah~ yes! Your cock is so big,” you whined, legs trembling again. Hoseok smirked, his ego being stroked as he fucked you against the counter.

He leaned over your back, lips next to your ear. “Tell daddy how good he makes you feel,” Hoseok whispered and you dipped your head, letting out a deep moan. Hoseok grabbed your hair, tugging your head back. “Uh huh. Tell daddy how good he makes you feel, come on baby girl.”

You cried out when a well aimed thrust hit your sensitive spot. “Ah~! Daddy! Your cock is so good,” you mewled. Hoseok smiled, hitting your spot again, thrusting deeper and faster into you. Your cries grew as his skin hit yours.

“That’s good, baby. Let the whole building know only I fuck you this good.” He tugged on your hair again and you threw your head back, moaning loudly. Hoseok didn’t care if his neighbors complained the next morning.

He could feel your walls tightening around him and he slowed his thrusts, prolonging both yours and his orgasms. “Daddy, ” you mewled, trying to push back on him but he held your hips still. “Please,” you breathed.

Hoseok smiled and shook his head. “Not yet, baby,” he said pulling back all the way before slowly inching in. He watched where he disappeared inside you with awe. It had been so long since he had been in control this way and he was thoroughly enjoying the way your body reacted to him.

He could feel his orgasm nearing but he held off. Hoseok pulled out completely, ignoring your whines. “Come here,” he said turning you around and lifting you. He carried you to the bedroom, depositing you on the bed before kicking off his sweatpants and climbing over you.

The cold air from outside hit both your bodies, cooling your skin. Hoseok pulled you up into a kiss, aligning the tip of his member with your slit and with one thrust, he bottomed out, burying himself in your warmth once again. Your moans muffled by his lips pressed against yours, he started to move, snapping his hips against yours.

Hoseok held you up with one hand on the middle of your back, the other cupped around the back of your neck, kissing you as he slammed into you. Your whines grew in volume, still muffled. Hoseok chuckled and lowered you onto the sheets, hovering over you.

He couldn’t fathom how someone could be so beautiful. Your body coated in a sheen of sweat, breasts bouncing with each thrust, Hoseok had never seen anyone so beautiful. He leaned over, chest against yours, to bury his face in your neck. His thrusts gaining speed as he pounded you into the mattress.

One of your hands tangled in his hair, tugging softly as you whimpered. He didn’t let up this time. He had held off long enough and he was determined to make you both cum.

Hoseok moaned into your neck, a high pitched sound compared to his previous groans and grunts. He was close. He wanted you to cum first. He snaked a hand between you, rubbing your clit quickly. “I’m so close,” you breathed.

“Let go, baby. It’s okay,” he said, urging you over the edge. Your walls clenched around him as you came, crying out his name. Hoseok tried to pull out but your legs wrapped around his waist as he rode you through your high before hiding his face in the crook of your neck again and releasing his load inside you with a whine.

The two of you laid there for a couple moments trying to catch your breath. Hoseok pulled out and rolled of you onto his back. “That was amazing,” he said breathlessly. You murmured rolling to face him.

“For me, too. I’ve never had sex that good,” you whispered, moving to kiss his cheek. Hoseok smiled, his eyes closing as sleep creeped over him. The last thing he remembered was your sweet voice coaxing him to slumber before he blacked out.


When he woke up, it was with his alarm at 5:30 am. Hoseok sat up, his sweatpants back on. He looked around his room, no sign of you or the events of last night. Was that all just a dream? It felt so real. Hoseok got out of bed and began searching his apartment.

He found nothing out of the ordinary until his eyes landed on something dark blue on the kitchen counter. He slowly approached it, lifting the material with his hands and inspecting it carefully. It was his dark blue button down.

The one you were wearing last night.


A/N: wowowowow this took forever to finish. I started writing this before I even posted the introduction and I just couldn’t finish it. I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me and then I finally got over my writer’s block and now this is done!! I hope you guys like it! As always, leave feedback and tell me what you think! Next is Violet (Minhyuk) so look forward to that!