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So, like most daddies’ girls who mess royally…they run home. That’s exactly what IvyRose did. Where else could she begin a fresh new life for her and her baby, but in her loving hometown, Blackmore, Texas? Yes that was the plan but guess what, her ex moves back to their small town with his new pregnant wife. Lord, all she wanted was a second chance, find someone who would love her and her baby…not having to deal with running into them!

Dorsey Cortez, fondly called DC, was home for the town’s seventy-fifth birthday celebration. The only reason he agreed to attend this year, his parents had told him his oldest and dearest friend, Tyrone Marshall was now home.

Maybe coming home was a positive factor and the motivation he needed to leave all the drama in Harlem and finally have a peace of mind. Lord knows he needed it. He may just get lucky and find someone right there in little old Blackmore, Texas.

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The new job for life: Learning
The traditional view about the life span of higher education is slowly beginning to change. One reason is that college graduates are realizing that the one-and-done approach to education after high school is no longer suitable for a workplace in which the skills to keep up in any job are churning at a faster rate.

A must read article for every human in America.

Here it is! Part 1 of 2 surprises for this All Hallows’ Eve!🎃

A Hexian Halloween…

By B.R. Woods

Leaves falling and pumpkins glowing, this is the time of year I wait for the most. Halloween, the one night a year that I can be left to my own devices and perhaps, even my own scare-fest. Every year on Halloween night I manage to devise a wicked plan where I scare each and every person in Wolfewood estate and every year I remain the reigning champion of our little fright fest. However this year I decided to not celebrate Halloween. I don’t really see the point in doing it if father isn’t here…

So here I am, securely tucked in my bed as a raging storm began to brew just outside my window. Watching the lightning strike the sky furiously, I pull my covers closely to my chest. Turning my attention back to the book before me, I continue to read it’s words with great interest. Unconsciously reading the words aloud, I become consumed by the story. “There was something in the moody and dogged silence of this pertinacious companion, that was mysterious and appalling. It was soon fearfully accounted for…” Pausing for a moment, I look out at the raging storm as a clap of thunder riddles through my ears. Waiting several moments, I return to the ink covered page before me, “On mounting a rising ground, which brought the figure of his fellow-traveller in relief against the sky, gigantic in height, and muffled in a cloak, Ichabod was horror-struck on perceiving that he was headless!”

At that very moment, my bedroom door heedlessly busts open! Tossing the book into the air, I let out a small scream while looking at my darkened doorway. “Ahh!” I hear in return as a figure steps through the door. “By the grace of heaven above, what are you trying to do? Give me a heart attack!?” Mary’s normally sweet voice asks horrifiedly. Wearing a deep purple button up and a tea length black skirt, I am relieved to find her familiar face. Placing my hand on my chest I try to calm my breathing, “I can ask you the same thing!” I say franticly. “By all the stars in the sky, why did you bust through the door like that?” “Bust through the door? I was just coming to tell you dinner was ready, never did I expect this.” Both of us trying to calm down from the shock, Mary sits at the edge of my bed. “Good Lord Starla, what has you spooked so bad anyway?” Mary asks while collecting the book from the ground. Looking at the cover, Mary reads it questionably, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving. Where did you find this old book?”

Sitting up, I slowly reclaim the book, “I found it in the library yesterday. It seemed like an interesting read.” Laughing to herself, Mary nods, “yes indeed it is an interesting read. However, maybe you shouldn’t read it so late. You’ll give yourself and the rest of us a fright.” “I’ll be fine Mary,” I say. “Right… Well I’ll just head back down to the dinning room. Why don’t you get washed up and join us for dinner?” “Sounds like a good idea. I’ll be down in just a few minutes.” Slowly lifting herself off the bed, Mary makes her way to the door, “then I’ll see you down there. Oh and perhaps you should call it a night with the book?” She suggest. “Yeah, thats probably a good call,” I say while placing the book on my night stand. Kicking the covers off, I make my way over to my bathroom to splash water on my face. Peering up at my reflection, I am shocked by my own appearance. Attempting to tame the wild beast that is my brown curly hair, I strategically clip a portion of it out of my face. While fixing my off shoulder black long sleeve shirt, I unexpectedly get the strangest feeling of being watched. Turning around, I am relieved to find that no one was there. However, something seem very off… Facing my mirror one last time I nod in satisfaction with my appearance. “Well this is as good as it’s going to get.” Then, out of no where, all the lights around me become dark as another beastly strike of lightning rattles the house.

Jumping back, I shift my eyes to adjust to my new darkened environment. Creeping out of my bathroom, I hear the sound of foot steps in the hallway. “Johnson? Mary? Is that you?” Waiting a few seconds for a reply, I am only greeted with more eerie silence. Peering over at my nightstand, I feel my heart skip a beat. “Funny… I thought I put my book there..” Shaking my head I push the fearsome thoughts away. “Calm down Starla,” I tell myself. “You probably just left it tucked into the covers. Yeah, thats what you did..” Peering over at the disarray of blankets I debate checking them for the book. “On second thought, maybe I should just go down for dinner…” Turning a blind eye to this current issue, I make my way into the hallway.

Wandering through the empty halls, I slowly make my way to the staircase. Peering over at the open windows I still seem to be unable to shake this feeling of being watched. Approaching the opening, I cautiously make my way down the creaking staircase. “It is really eerily quite right now…I wonder where everyone is anyway? Its not like them to be this quite.” Feeling panic start to boil up within me, I nervously come to a stop in the middle of the stairs. “What if…. Nah thats ridiculous. Just as ridiculous as me talking to myself.. Pull yourself together.” across the second floor stops me in my tracks. Nervously glancing up the darkened staircase, I feel my heart being to race. “Strange… I thought everyone was down stairs…” I utter while trying to shake the fear away.

Quickening my pace, I reach the bottom of the stairs to be greeted by the sound of someone moaning in pain. Peering down the hall, I spot the living room door wide open with the fireplace light burning bright. “Johnson… is that you?” I question nervously. Checking down the hallway behind me, I search of any other signs of life. Regretfully glancing back at the living room I nervously swallow. “I can’t believe I’m about to do this,” I mumble to myself while I cautiously enter the eerie hallway. “Yeah Starla, go into the creepily opened room all by yourself… what could possibly go wrong?” I sarcastically say to myself as I approach the entrance of the room. Nervously peering into the room, “Hellooo… Anyone that’s not the headless horseman in here?” Happy to hear no response, I start to make my way over to the Kitchen. “Starrrrrlllllaaaa,” A voice hastily calls out from the living room. Freezing in my tracks, I feel the hairs at the back of my neck stand up. “Maybe that wasn’t really form me….” “STARLA…” the voice calls louder. “Or perhaps it is..” I say with a small cry in my voice.

Turning back to the room I swallow you nervousness down before I take a step through the door. “Hello? Is anyone in here?” Taking a few steps forward, I spot Cook’s blonde hair poking out from behind the chair in front of the fireplace. “Oh thank the stars! Its just you Cook.” I say while walking up to her. Placing my hand on her shoulder I feel safe for a split second. Without warning, Cook falls out of the chair and on to the floor. Leaning over the chair I feel my soul leave my body. Staring back at me with her dead white eyes, Cook’s neck was bloody with a deep cut running across! Stumbling backwards, I unexceptionally hit something large. Swinging around I am horror struck as I find Cook’s assistant Bard with his neck twisted. “Oh stars no!” I cry. Bolting out of the room, I immediately slip onto my butt from something on the floor. Staring down at the ground horrifiedly, I slowly pick up the small paper back book. “the Legend of Sleepy Hollow…” I careful read. Dropping the book to the ground, I stumble around on the floor trying to find my footing. Glancing next to me, I feel my heart break at the sight of an unconscious person wearing a dark purple shirt. “No! not you too Mary!” I say while reaching out for her. All of a sudden, a wicked laugh echoes down the hall. Snapping my attention to the source of the sound, I spot a wicked witch leaning against her broom. Her mangled white hair covering most of her face except for the large wort on her nose.“He’s going to get you my pretty,” she says in a crackled voice. Laughing wildly, the witch creeps closer to me, “He is going to get all of you before this night is through!”

Feeling daggers stab into my chest, I push myself away from the witch. Struggling onto my feet, I so,e how make my way over to the dinning room where I spot someone sitting at the end of the table…. clothed in tattered, all black clothing and black fabric covering what should be its face, I am face to face with a specter from the depths of hell. For several moments, the specter and I stare at each other without any inclining of moving. Heart pounding loudly in my chest, I watch as the specter slowly raises a boney finger up and points at the door behind me. Then, with a heart wrenching slam, I slowly turn my attention to the door. Finding myself face to face with a towering beast wearing a ripped Hessian uniform and blood stained boots. Holding an axe in one hand and the bloody head in another. Staring fearfully at the grey head in its hands, I feel tears run down my face. Fearfully looking up at the Jack o’lantern’s glowing eyes peering down at me, I feel my heart stop.

Screaming at the top of my lungs, I feel the life within me drain. Cupping my hands over my head, I fall to the ground fearing for my life. “HAPPY HALLOWEEN!” a group of voices cry out loudly. Opening my eyes, I am surprise beyond belief to see Cook, Bard and Sarah the maid standing behind the headless horse man. “What?” I cry out. “Did we scare you?” Cook asks smirkingly in her french accent. Laughing to himself Bard pats Cook on the shoulder, “You bet we did. I think this year we actually got her good. Probably scared one of her nine lives away even!” “Serves her right for scaring us every year,” Sarah adds while pulling her hair out of the mangled wig she wore. “Wait, this wasn’t real?” I stupidly ask from disbelief. “Of course it wasn’t,” Cook says happily. “But Cook, your eyes..” I say as those milky white eyes look down at me. Questioning for a moment, Cook finally realizes my meaning and pops out a white contact to reveal her blue eyes.“See, its fake,” she states with a smile. Glancing over at Bard and his “twisted neck” I spot a small white fabric poking out. “We had to get you back for all the years you scared us so badly. Bard had nightmares for weeks after last year,” Sarah says laughingly.

“Hey, we agreed to not talk about that!” Bard states embarrassedly. Still shocked by the situation, my eye madly search for Mary. “You were part of this?” I ask broken heartedly. “Sorry sweetie, I was. Who do you think put the book for you to find.” She says with a shrug. “Ok so if you were part of this then that means…” Turning around I look back at the “specter” as Johnson pulls his mask off. “So everyone was apart of this?!” I exclaims as I grasp on to reality. “We are afraid so,” Johnson says jokingly. “Ok so if you were the specter, and Sarah was the witch… Then who is the Headless Horseman?” I ask while fearfully looking back at him. Watching the light in the Jack O’lantern fade out, the person slowly pulls the pumpkin off his head. To my surprise, I am met with a pair of almond shaped brown eyes smiling down at me. “Happy Halloween my little star,” he says jokingly. “Dad!” I cry while bolting up into his arms. “I can’t believe it, you are actually here!” “Do you think I would miss spending a Halloween with my little girl?” “But you said…” I start as he ruffles my head. “I know what I said, but if I didn’t how else would I surprise you?”

Burying my face into his arm I make a pouty face, “That was a mean trick. I was really scared for a moment there.” Patting my back, he laughs loudly, “I know we did.” Glaring up at him, I try not to smile. “Come on, don’t be mad at us. It was about time there was a change in scare fest.” Smiling, I ruffle the top of his head “I’m not mad. But don’t be surprised when I up may game next year,” I say with a sly smile. Smiling back at me, my father nods, “I can’t wait.” Giving me one last hug, he carefully puts me down to my normal level. “Alright then, who is ready for dinner,” his voice cheerfully booms.

Gathering around the table, Sarah and Cook bring out a copious amount of Halloween themed food for everyone. Sitting among one another we make jokes and enjoy each other’s company. Then, unexpectedly, I felt my ears start to twitch as they picked up on something being said at the end of the table. “Sir…” I hear Johnson’s voice whisper. “Next year…she will be 19 by then, won’t she?” Peering down the table at my father, I watch his face slightly. “Yes, I believe she will be…” “Then doesn’t that mean…” Johnson starts before my father cuts him off. “Lets not discuss this now. Let her enjoy the time she has now. We can worry about the rest later.” Focusing his attention to me, my father lifts his glass up merrily. Responding with a small smile, I lift my glass as well. Taking a sip of my drink I suddenly get this aching feeling that something wicked is coming. Watching everyone at the table talk carelessly, I can’t shake this feeling that everyone in this room knows something… except for me. Swallowing my drink uneasily I feel like a dark voice is calling out to me…and there is no where left for me to hide…

The End?

Want more? Read The Hexian to learn more about Starla Wolfewood and the secrets of Wolfewood Estate

🕸Stay tuned for more Spooktacular Surprises to come! Happy Halloween 🧟‍♀️