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'The laid back dance track features the ethereal vocals and psychedelic tinges that one would expect from the Australian band, whilst also teasing a more ambient sound than seen in their previous album'

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Ok so today I sent my darling this picture:

It’s a part of the score of my newest piece of music I am currently working on and he answered with “I am so happy that you can finally make music again” and tbh I am so happy to have him. He knew that after university rejected me I had a hard time getting back into music, not even knowing why I am suddenly unable to write anything music related, except for theory and even that only occasionally…

I swear, I am going to marry this man.

He means so much to me.

I played it off, saying things like: “but I still made music” but in the end I had to admit, yes, I made music, but without enthusiasm and then I realized how bad this time really has been.

I was emotionally drained. I was sad, clingy and constantly needed reassurance from him that everything is alright. He gave it to me no problem, because he wants me to get better, but I felt like a nuisance. My mood fluctuated like it did only really, really rarely. But today I realized that it’s going to be better, because I can finally express myself again.

And I am thankful for that.

In the weeks after the rejection I both only studied theory and hated everything I have written before, even though it hasn’t been taken into account in the exam, I already failed before they would even take a look at those. I had phases where I studied every little bit of theory I could find, without ANY sense of direction or even thinking about what I was doing.

I only harmed my knowledge, got confused and in the end frustrated, until I thought that I lost my ability to make music. But then I took a good break and tried to enjoy other things. Et voilà. I am getting better. Slowly, but steadily. And I can make music again, but with a new approach.

Right now I am sorting out what I already learned, started to categorize and write it down. And I am learning with system now. The pieces I write will now be part of my studying and thus product of it. I am not letting my knowledge hang in the air, I put it to good use. And I hope, that next year, I will be able to master my entrance exam. It will be hard, very hard. But I believe I can do it this time.

Thanks for reading.


So #BOASTY to be who and where I am today. So Boasty I made it so far! More to come on the road. 💚❤️💛
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#SongsAndStories: An Intimate Evening with Zo! and Carmen Rodgers
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Thursday evening, I headed to Wicker Park to attend Songs and Stories with Zo! And Carmen Rodgers.  Presented by the Armour Agency and held at Davenports Piano Bar Cabaret, the evening was a perfect blend of artistry and musicianship.  Davenports Piano Bar Cabaret was the perfect space for such an intimate affair.  Appropriately titled, “Piano & A Microphone”, these two incredibly talented artists performed to a sold-out crowd in the most intimate of settings.  Zo! & Carmen Rodgers had incredible musical chemistry as they shared stories from their musical catalog often laughing and interacting with the crowd throughout the night. Opening the night with “Packing for Chicago” and interweaving an ode to house music for the Chicago crowd, I knew we were in for something special.  The audience enjoyed some of their favorite songs like, “Wishing You Well”, “Lifelines”,” Tell Me Something New”, “I Don’t Mind”, and a few classic R&B jams that the audience sang along to with sheer delight. 

The concept of Songs and Stories, in the tradition of VH1’s Storytellers or MTV’s unplugged, is a welcome breath of fresh air in the Chicago music scene, allowing audiences an up close and personal experience with artists and musicians.  It felt like a gathering of friends instead of a show where artists are usually untouchable and unapproachable. Zo! & Carmen Rodgers were personable and completely relatable.  Carmen’s soulful and sultry vocals were the perfect compliment to Zo’s musical instrumentation.  After the show, Zo! & Carmen Rodgers met fans, took photos and hung out with the audience in a beautiful display of humility rarely seen.  They put on an intimate, enjoyable show that amplified the incredible talent, artistry and chemistry.  I left an even a bigger fan and cannot wait to see them again.


This is what happens when you turn on the Bossa Nova beat on an onine drum machine. Just a LIVE ditty with the most simple chords ever. I usually run away from very simple structures but this one seemed to captivate me at east for the length of time it took to record this. Take number 3. It is ok. Something to do on a Saturday night to pull mysef off the computer. If you want to see the entire thing including an ending without the Bossa Nova beat then go to the Donker Facebook page to hear it / see it and hopefully comment. Maybe it will end up on a LOVE EP since I have written quite a few songs with “Love” in the title like Love Insane and Love In Stereo. By the way, the song came to be when I did a LIVE instagram feed on Friday night and quite literally no one showed up. Felt a bit pathetic. Such is life on social media I suppose. Been feeing stressed lately in a big way and keeping my head above emotional waters. Spread love always. #loveinsane #lovealways #loveinchains #loveinstereo #livefast #artlife #artpop #singersongwriter #musicblogger #podcast #postpunk #indie #indiemusic #poetry #poetrykills #behappy #famiy #thenetherlands🇳🇱 #Georgia #california #17hours

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Quis Chandla:

Identified as a street conscious prophet in today’s era of hip-hop, Quis Chandla creates timeless music for the people. 

It’s apparent that he is a man of grace, optimism & gratitude yet this go-getter separates himself from the rest by throwing certain topics in the mix of his rhymes that keep the listeners guessing. 

Whether it’s about his own experiences growing up or about social issues in general (that may shock you), Quis Chandla stresses that it’s important to be plugged into what’s going on through vivid storytelling & polished verses.

It was a month or so ago at True N Livin’s event, Where Beats Meet Bars when Quis Chandla shook my cerebral cortex with a line of resonating lyrics. From then on, I was (very) woke with the movement he’s been working to implement in the music scene & so far he’s been doing a great job. 

Given these points, it’s very hard to not be drawn into what Quis Chandla speaks about (& if you don’t believe me give one listen to his latest project, The Knotts Tape or check out the versatility spread in his segment called #InkFromThe90’s!)

Born with a mother who loved the art of rhyme writing, Quis Chandla’s love for it followed in pursuit. He began rapping at a young age & shortly after, he then started to make beats (thanks to his brother of course). Initially Quis Chandla would attempt to rap on the “whack” beats he created but then the people in his circle convinced him that his rhymes were very great & that he needed to be HEARD. Then his stage name Quis Chandla was born! “Quis Chandla stylized from my birth name Marquis Chandler. In the tri-state dialect nobody ever fully pronounces the ER in Chandler. So I thought I would make it easier.” he adds in “I was formally ConsciousQuis but the name boxed me in to only be expected to speak about social issues but at times I can still channel my inner ConsciousQuis.”

For Quis Chandla music is therapeutic & it allows him to speak on his life so he can hear it back & analyze moving forward. In his music though, he really wants to inspire people to take chances on themselves.

The main goal he has set is to build a community of listeners who appreciate lyricism & live performance. Quis Chandla is aiming to tackle social issues through music because it’ll always be a part of who he is as an artist. According to Quis Chandla in the current era “we just need to keep lyricism alive & stop living for the internet because hard work prevails.”

In either case he finds that real, in depth lyricism in (not so old school as he would say) artist like Nas, Puffy, Big & Q-Tip but he also knows it isn’t hard to find in the underground scene he’s apart of. “It’s a lot of dope artists in New Jersey.” Quis says “I think Samad Savage is doing some dope stuff, J 1 Da.. there’s a bunch of talent out here." 

For any upcoming artist Quis Chandla advises you to beware of the scammers, do your research & to find a community of people you trust. "Think outside the box & live your truth.” says Quis “We often do things because of what society tells us were “supposed” to do. We gotta start making our own rules.” and he will too.

The scholarly rapster will continue being the voice for his community.

Stay tuned for his collab project with P. Dot called Spazz N Flow

By: Natalee Gilbert


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