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ROT: Hoddy, The Young Jedi

Guaranteed to tell off the offended & label their reaction as a “you” problem — Baseville, NJ’s very own Hoddy, The Young Jedi holds nothing back when it comes to speaking his piece. Unapologetic at most, he’s not afraid to be true to himself & how he feels. Hoddy, The Young Jedi says that he’s good at sh-t like eating, creating bangers & being honest. But what stands out from him the most is his way of reconstructing the elements of rock & hip-hop. “I’m raw. I’m blunt. And I’m not trying to sound like these other n-ggas. I want to make all types of music not just rap.” He stays true to the rock & roll, from the energy to crazy base lines while using bold statements in his rhymes because hip-hop is all about freedom of speech. Still Hoddy, The Young Jedi’s message for every listener is to stay true to how they feel & in ROT it’s to know their worth. “Anything gives me inspiration. I want people to feel confident. In anything they do. I want people to laugh & I want people to hear & respect my hunger! I’m not playing.” says Hoddy, The Young Jedi. He keeps the process of ROT under wraps because thats how it should be for everything. After all, lowkey IS the key.

For those who inspire to rap, Hoddy The Young Jedi suggest to master your character. Just do you, study the business side & the rest will follow. There is a lot cooking for the rebellious MC.


1. Advice: The kickstarter for ROT, “Advice” builds up its production with a catchy E chord from the base. Then Hoddy, The Young Jedi comes in & begins his rhyme pattern with “I don’t want your advice/
hard-headed the fast life.” From there, the listener can tell that he won’t hold anything back. Shortly after Hoddy, The Young Jedi self identifies as the bragging type & proceeds to speak about his antics at a party while on a xanny. Before the song hits the 1 minute mark, ‘Advice" transitions with a snare drum & an undertone of the bass guitar. Afterwards Hoddy, The Young Jedi says “it’s Baseville in the house & we rockin’ tonight.” In unison, a harmony bridge forms. Thus making the beat liable to end or compared to a Soul Train track. “If it ain’t the base boys, then theres nothing to see.”

2. Oh No!: Sounding as if it belongs in an action scene, “Oh No!” busts the windows of your car with its insane 808’s & deep laser beam sound effect. The most memorable phase through the song is “Oh no, rojo tis’ the season.” Yet the piece that sticks with Hoddy, The Young Jedi the most is the ending verse, “The drum switch up is the best & it’s done with motherf-cking bars in there.” Hoddy, The Young Jedi says. Ultimately this song just shows off his ability to go bar for bar without much thought because it comes naturally.

3. Drool: “Drool” starts off with a back-track sound effect. Then Hoddy, The Young Jedi gets back on his ugly flow. The production is hard to compare with others. In fact, it makes sure to stand out with it’s dagger-worthy beam effect & eerie hi-hats. This song really fits what Hoddy, The Young Jedi is trying to get across. Slightly goofy but never foolish, Hoddy is just that type of n-gga with the ice. He speaks on his drip & takes off with his bragging rights once more. Hoddy, The Young Jedi will always be the trendsetter. “Drool” also is a track he had the most fun making off of ROT, “I loved my opening line. It happened so fast. We made the beat & I was already writing in my head. “ Hoddy, The Young Jedi adds “And boom. It happened. I sent the verse to my cousin & 30 minutes later it was finito.” The song also features The General & was produced by HAM.

4. EBT: To describe “EBT”, I’d say that it channels the right amount of frustration. Sometimes a 9 to 5 doesn’t cut it & that is what the song speaks on. Full of hi-hats and an distorted beat effect — Hoddy, The Young Jedi speaks on the struggles of having an empty fridge. By all means, he goes to get it. But his hunt doesn’t end. He’s tired of being hungry & plots during lunch time. Hoddy, The Young Jedi is ready! Plate & all. As said by Hoddy, The Young Jedi “EBT” took a lot of emotion from me because I truly was starving & going through a weird eating phase at the time. I really wrote my emotions.”

5. She Likes It: A man who is sure of himself — Hoddy, The Young Jedi speaks on how the sex is so enticing that himself & his lover can’t get enough. To sum it up, he’s planning how things will go down. Hoddy, The Young Jedi is going to rock her world by all means. “She Likes It” is the perfect montage for love making. Not only does the beat use echoed hi-hats & an 808 — but it also leaves room for an appeasing instrument that’s unidentifiable. Hey Hoddy, The Young Jedi mind if I take one of those chocolate covered strawberries? I promise I’ll let you get back to it.



2. SPOTIFY: Search “Hoddy, The Young Jedi”

3. Instagram: @hoddybase

By: Natalee Gilbert

I’m probably a little late to the game with these guys considering they’ve been around since 2009, but I’m here now and that’s what matters, right? I don’t actually remember how I chanced upon these dudes a couple of weeks ago but once I heard this song I was immediately drawn in to their easy, breezy hip hop style that you want to play when the sun is shining. Their music has that same happy go lucky charm, reminiscent of Rizzle Kicks for me, a band I wish still made music together. 

When I hear this song, and many of their other ones too, I feel a sort of easiness I wish I could live in forever. It transports me to a Brooklyn rooftop (I can picture just the one) on a summer evening, you have some of your best people over, a few beers in or maybe a couple of glasses or wine, there’s chips and guac, someone brought brownies (edible or not i’ll leave that up to you to decide), someone else got some summer berries, or a watermelon maybe, and you pause to look around because you can just feel the love around you. For that one moment you aren’t worrying about anything despite the kind of day or week you might’ve been having prior. It might sound cliche but in that moment things are easy and you’re just taking it all in - you can see the city in the distance and all you can think of are all the moments that brought you here - the good and the bad. 

Maybe it’s just me, but I like how this song makes me feel and how these dude helped take me to such a specific moment in time. 

Napy Haird Villan:

Napy Haird Villan will stop at nothing to get what’s rightfully his.

Superlatively sly with his next motive, this artist is far from a Dr. Doofenshmirtz. In fact Napy Haird Villan has no remorse for those who’ve done him dirty. All he has to do is let loose his “set-it-off” attitude & the rest remains a mystery. An example can be seen in his song, “Hurt My Soul” where he says, “I cannot pretend I know these n-ggas, not my friends/See me spending bread, they wonder if I cut a check/See they want me dead, puttin’ prices on my head/I cannot pretend I got my n-ggas till the end/I ain’t tryna jell but n-ggas day I’m the hottest next to hell/……/I ain’t tryna cause friction, so please don’t you run & tell/Run your mouth, you gon’ need a f-ckin dentist to repair.” Regardless, Napy Haird Villan is just worried about his Benjamins. At most, the 973-er needs 100,000 licks till it clears. From “Wishlist” he says, “Said I don’t wanna chill today, need me a lick today. Need to get rich today, I might need to kill today.”

Besides this, Napy Haird Villan gets every walk of life seemingly tranced with his pleasant auto-tune. Sure, the beat takes an twist with its semi-distorted pattern but it gets the point across. However, Napy Haird Villan takes this approach not only because he’d like to strike fear in the hearts of those who hate. But also as a way to speak with his inner conscience. From his malicious wordplay to unbothered rap delivery — it’s hard to deny his doom. Napy Haird Villan will whip you upside your lip with his pick comb & make you regret talking bad on his name. Point. Blank. Period.

Like a Sour Patch, Napy Haird Villan might be sour, but then he’s sweet. “I’m a fun, loving, charismatic gangsta with a charming smile. No cap.” Villan adds. By far, he is of the most interesting artist that you’ve never heard of. A Southward baby, Villan comes from Newark, NJ. Yet he claims Hillside as his real home. Not only because that’s where his music comes from, but also because there’s “a few real n-ggas out there.”

To ask Napy Haird Villan how he started music is like asking him how he took his first breath. Ultimately, Villan says that he did in order to survive but music has been in his life for as long as he can remember. “I really knew it was my calling when I saw my life twist & tumble but my love for music never withered. It just kept growing.” Villan says.

Ironically, music & a blunt take place of his alarm clock. He’s built a studio in his house so sometimes Villan will wake up to his homies already in the lab, just working! Likewise he’d collab with PrinceHil when the opportunity presents itself. “I lowkey would’ve never thought to start engineering if it wasn’t for him. I watched Prince get everything he deserved plus more & I just wanted the same.” says Villan “I wanted to put that work in & show the people I been working too. It’s always love when we link but I’m still waiting to get in the lab with you bro. Let’s cook up before 2020!” As for New Jersey supporting New Jersey? Villan believes it’s ran by a buddy-buddy system. “I just don’t think black people support black people enough to get us where we need to be.” Villan says “We support the rich but ignore our friends when it comes to buying merchandise, a ticket or just something as little as showing up. People only show love to people they know & that’s the world we live in. Still, there are a few real ones out there. The real ones always recognize greatness & I try to do the same. This sh-t could be all love but people will rather hate on your success.”

Through his music Napy Haird Villan gives himself a word of advice. “I find it easier to try to keep it as real as I can to myself so if any other person was to relate, it’ll be a vibe. There’d be a connection & that way I’d be able to build a core fan base with people that still wanna feel something when they listen to music.” Alongside, his strength in music is everything. Napy Haird Villan defines himself as an all-around artist who tries to bring an refreshing sound. “I have fun making everything I make. We have a saying here in my crew, “If it ain’t a hit, we don’t want it.” So with that being said, we strive for the best melody, fire flows & we’re constantly on each other’s backs about coming with the next wave, a new genre, new content. Something for people to listen to.” Villan adds.

Napy Haird Villan’s influences include Pac, Biggie, Nas, Jay-Z, & Big-L — but most importantly, his mother. “My moms by far has been the biggest inspiration behind my wanting this. I want to get my mama out the hood & make her never have to work anymore. I think that’ll be the best way for me to pay her back especially for all the B.S I put her through.”

In the future expect many more bangers from Napy Haird Villan because he’s that n-gga with the hundreds. “Making music is about 95% of everything I do. I’m trying to make it less so I can get myself engaged in on the other side of the industry. I got plans to keep being my own songwriter, engineer, producer and manager until this hard work pays off. Until then, I’m going to need the people to f-ck with me one time while me & my gang run it up this summer. I got a lot of work dropping so I need everyone to stay tuned. VG taking over 2020.”

By: Natalee Gilbert

P.S: Thank you for that shoutout :-)


1. Spotify: Search “Napy Haird Villan”

2. SoundCloud:

3. Instagram: @napy_vg


Oh my goodness I’m excited about this one! And it’s on the way!! OUR plans aren’t necessarily what God has intended cuz see, as far as I’m concerned, this song was supposed to have BEEN out… But I’m elated that have been patient!!!!!! #MyTiming 👌

This particular body of work has become a #Masterpiece! Just wait and see… In the mean time, enjoy this lil snippet…. 🤭🤭🤭

Y'ALL READY?????? “Watch Out” is on thee wayyyyyyy!!!!! Produced by AND featuring one of my favorites!!! @jmothegreat and written by me and my honey @deemartinondrums and vocally produced by @marknoxx

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StayTuned… (at Compton, California)

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@legendofmikebody ‘s is still at top of the #albumoftheweek chart with EP, ‘When Divorce Is Mentioned’. Check out one of the singles from the EP, Breaking Point. #music #ep #epreview #musicreview #review #mustlisten #usa #indierapper #indiemusic #unsignedmusic #unsignedrapper #newleasemusic #hiphop #musicblog

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*** I do not own the rights to the music*** Summer time feels so easy, less stressful… my love playlist is growing from listening to music with my family… you can not help but to be happy and smile while listening to love songs! Follow me on Twitter @growwithmech and check out some of the songs on my 2019 Summer Love Playlist❤️❤️❤️ #gwmechblog #art #business #education #love #poetry #musicblog #summertime #summervibes #LOVEBLOG #summerlove #lifestyleblog #momblog

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At most a young-old soul, Malc turns back the hands of time & incorporates 90-styled beats with heartfelt rhymes. In fact Malc is moreless what the games been missing (Stay Blessed).

Known mostly for his “Do You Never Them” attitude, Malc is quite optimistic. Although Malc has been through the wringer, he lets loose when spitting instead of waning on it. The MC keeps in mind that yesterday doesn’t matter anymore & that each day is a different opportunity to be great.

Still, Malc brings the thunder to the storm. With incredible ties like “City on my back like a motherf*ckin Hercules” (Practice) & “Cause everybody wanna be Jordan but nobody Pippin” (Careless) he’s always two steps ahead. Malc does no wrong & uses his gift with pure reasoning. Due to this his music will always be considered as timeless because it goes through lengths to educate.

New Jersey resident, Malc’s moniker stands for Motivation Always Lives Create. Besides this, he is also an artist who “loves telling stories over phenomenal beats.” Born Malcolm Robinson from Bayonne, New Jersey — Malc sees his town as home. Bayonne, New Jersey is also where he met his manager since they were 7 years old from playing sports together.

Ultimately, Malc says that his music uses classic sample beats & witty wordplay in order to convey a clear message to the world through his eyes. In his earliest years, Malc was surrounded by music because of his families background, “My dad & uncle were DJ’s on gospel night at Branch Brook Skating Rink in Newark. So I’ve been exposed to every type of music.” Malc adds. Fast forward to 2017 & Malc picked up a microphone & started rapping to let loose & to get his thoughts into the world. One of his strengths is that he can motivate & paint a vivid picture of everyday life & struggles that people can relate to. “For those who listen I try to tell them to be yourself no matter how much people & the world try to convince you that you shouldn’t be. I would describe it as our 94TiL slogan does “Do You Never Them” Malc adds. Likewise, he gains inspiration from life itself, "There is an abundance of things to trigged & motivate you to greatness you just have to find them and use them.” he goes on to say.

As for future collabs, stay tuned. Malc is getting ready to work with Feez. On May 19th, 2019 Malc just dropped his 4th project through the 94TiL entertainment imprint titled “P2” which is shortened from Progression II as it is the second installment in the series. It is available on all streaming platforms. "One verse I find ill is the opening verse on Careless by me off of P2.“ says Malc "That verse I feel is the living embodiment of everything I believe & stand for all in One 16 bar verse.”

For the upcoming artist Malc advices to stay true to yourself,

“It’s the greatest thing you can do, Do You Never Them.”

After all, nobody believes more in you than you. Use it for a greater good & roll with it.

That’s what Malc would say at least.

By: Natalee Gilbert



2. Soundcloud:

3. Instagram:



1. Me: If you could change anything in the current era of hip-hop what would it be and why?

Malc: Bring back Nipsey Hussle, he was bigger than music and still is. He is someone who showed aspiring artists like myself it’s cool to go get it on your own and be yourself. Invest in yourself and you friends just believe and attack your goals, All Money In No Money Out. 

2. Me: Do you believe that NJ supports NJ? 

Malc: Yes I do. I receive lots of love from NJ and especially Bayonne. 

3. Me: What song did you have the most fun making & why?

Malc: Break Thru off the P2 project (2019 available on all streaming platforms). I most enjoyed this because it wasn’t even the best I planned to use and it kind of just came about in the studio vibing, now it’s one of the songs people love to mention when they speak about my music.


Featured on NEW LEASE MUSIC back in 2015, @kin4life’s visual for single I Never Meant To Hurt You steals the blog’s #musicvideooftheweek crown 👑👑👑AMAZING!!! Take a peep at the clip… #music #musicvideo #mustsee #hiphop #femalerapper #usa #indierapper #indiemusic #unsignedrapper #unsignedmusic #newleasemusic #musicblog

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So much more
than a music organisation
I love The Boite
It was great to attend the @boiteworldmusic ’s 40th birthday on Saturday
This is a shot of the awesome Melbourne Georgian Choir
Honoured and privileged to be sorted and associated with this amazing group
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Show em who’s boss 😆😅😆

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Scooby Suave: On The Edge of Salvation

As quoted in his SoundCloud biography, the revolutionary MC known as Scooby Suave plans for his blueprint to leave an imprint. Realistically he gives fans what they need, which is someone who seems to get it & of course Scooby Suave delivers. If he isn’t using clever punchlines to get the message across then Suave is planning strategically about which bar to tie into the next. And let’s not forget about his cadence! Scooby Suave demands attention with little to no effort because it just comes naturally (he can even write a song in less than 10 minutes!) Still, Suave’s goal in music is to shed light in a world full of darkness. Often, we as humans feel hopeless but luckily Suave gives us a push & assures all that it’ll be okay. Just trust that there’s always a rainbow after the storm. Ultimately, his 4-month old album “On The Edge of Salavation” goes on to explain that one should expect the unexpected & get ready for a new beginning because we all can make mistakes & still bounce back on track. “I hope that people feel the pure culture of the arts while listening.” Scooby Suave adds on. On the whole expect the MC to have his own record label with a Bachelors degree in Music Production. Hopefully then the spotlight can make room for all New jersey artist as well. “We live in a world that makes everybody want the spotlight but when we look at the sky there’s always more than one star. We can all still encourage each other without negative energy.”


1. Out in The Jungle: At most an undefineable MC, Scooby Suave uses Out of The Jungle to speak on how he’s still at the top despite being slaughtered. With a beat that includes an 808, a risen melody & an eerie piano chord — Suave uses punchlines to keep it moving. My favorite one is: “To cheese, I’m a nacho/The man macho.” However at 3:00, the beat does a 360. Whilst the base lowers down, the beat takes into account that Suave just might reference himself to a money-hungry invertebrate & it turns out this assumption is correct. “I’m Mr. Krab to the money/Selling Patties in the deep dea.” Overrall Suave is just focused on getting to the checks & could you blame him? e.g “Ya n*ggas owe me/Acting like you don’t know me.”

2. Rockstar Living: Starting off with an electric guitar & an 808, Scooby Suave is just-in-your face with energic metaphors & rhymes about his lavish lifestyle. e.g “Keep the weight on my shoulder like drill teams.” Honestly, Scooby Suave is making hit after hit & live his best life because of this. In unison, Suave screeches out “I’m a rockstar n*gga.” And in case you didn’t get the message, he’s hear to remind you.

3. Rover: In this track, Scooby Suave switches tings up (you heard me right!) Tranistioning to a dance-hall vibe, Suave croons in auto-tune about a girl he’s about to get it on with because “she comes with the meal like a waitress.” Comparing her riding game to driving a Rover, Scooby aims to please. The combination of rhymes & dancehall is enough to get the sweat dripping off your body.

4. Lights Out: A soulful track that intertwines funk & swoon rhymes — Scooby Suave comes for the win & aims to do the same when bagging the girl of his dream. With a bounce, the piano keys follow along & add some low-hitting hi-hats to show the high anticipation of the lovers at the night. Truly, Scooby Suave doesn’t plan on being so polite when the lights go out.

5. Confessions: “More cheese than a photo,” Scooby Suave speaks with metaphors & punchlines on how he’s keen of being a legend like some historic idols because it’s all he knows. While the game might be corrupt, Suave plans on executing regardless. His ultimate confession is that he doesn’t know how to loose. The beat even reflects this same ambition — using an enticing piano chord & heavy base. Scooby Suave plans on blowing up like a C4.

6. Cross The Line ft Naeemah: Cross the Line’s beat selection takes a blues approach & uses a delectible guitar riff & snare drum . Scooby Suave sings in auto-tune about how he’s lost his one love. He really wants his girl back because living without her is unbearable. Despite this horrible decision, he’s willing to be honest & admit that he’s crossed the line in order to win her back. In the same fashion, Naeemah takes the role as the woman & hits some pretty high notes to express the pain she’s dealt with because of her lover’s hasty decisions. ‘Sometimes you just let me down/I had to decide if I’ll cross the line.“ Ultimately he feels like words won’t express enough how much he wants her back but HELL he will try.

7. Losing My Way ft Shanese: Scooby Suave sheds light on his demons in Losing My Way. While the MC speaks on a time where he was depressed, the beat takes it all in with an 808, twinkle effect & puddle of piano chords. Nevertheless he knows to the top is where he’s headed because he’s got "bars for days/ bars are eternal.” You can dig a whole 6 feet & bury him below but he’ll still be the realist n*gga that you know.

8. When The Chains Gets Broken: Starting off with a monologue that sounds like it could fit perfectly in a Kendrick Lamar song, When The Chains Get Broken continues to speak on his depression state. Even though he’d like to “go far from here.” He still won’t get out his element. He’s good. The beat takes a eerie approach — using hi-hats & an 808 to express his unleashed drive to continue on in everything he does.

9. In The Dark ft. Naeemah: Even when Scooby is at war with himself or the world, he still fights through! From the snaps to hi-hats & 808’s, Scooby Suave encourages others to turn the lights on in a world of darkness. Even he questions who he is but still tries to figure it out. Likewise, Naeemah’s voice glitters through as she sings “Try to find your light, then shine so bright.” On the contrary this track took a lot of emotion out of Suave due to the depression following his grandmother’s death.

10. Pray For Me: Noted as a song that holds a piece of Scooby’s story (& his favorite one of all on the project), Pray For Me speaks on what made Scooby who he is today. Overrall, Suave is about unification & patience. Due to a certain circumstance, he was forced to open up his eyes. Still, he puts it all to the higher force & ask to be in one’s prayers. The MC just looks for salvation. Following along is a revelutionary piano chord & the famous 808.

11. Life: The best of a majority, Scooby Suave dubs the hate & goes to get what’s his. Ultimately he “leaves these rappers on death watch.” & focuses on what’s important which is doing him. Seems like the MC is fond of cheese as he mentions a punchline in reference to it once more. The beat uses 8-bits & an 808 to get across that he’s the winner at life’s game. He refuses to get close to others & trusts in his destiny instead.

For those who aspire to be up next, Scooby advices to stay true to yourself, love yourself & to follow your heart. “Don’t let people’s opinions hold you back. Nobody knows you better than you.”


On The Edge of Salvation:




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