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1986, it's Hands Across America, as millions of Americans form a human chain from New York to Santa Monica to raise money for hunger relief:

Hey , I Liked on Spotify: "I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes)" by The 1975 /

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Valley of the Sun - Old Gods (2019) (New Full Album)


Emy Jackson — “Crying in a Storm”, 1965


Emeli Sandé’s newest single is collaboration with X-Men: Dark Phoenix, which arrives in theaters on June 7.


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My Playlist *Songs I listen to most

1) - I’m going to start off with this one first. It doesn’t exactly define me, I just want it to be #1 because it’s always been my favorite and always stuck in my head. The song makes me feel happy and I can always dance to it. 

2) - I feel like this is the top song that defines me, it just speaks out to my anxiety a lot (which I’m sure it does to everyone with anxiety). It just helps me when I do get into my mood. I play this song, I remember to “just breathe”, and I’m okay again. Thank you, Ariana Grande. <3

3) - Another AG song because when she first came out with this one, I was very impressed by her - the song/lyrics, music video, attitude, everything! It just has those positive vibes to it that make me happy and I think everyone should reach this point of happiness.(:

4) - I like this song of course, but the main reason I’m adding it to my playlist is because it reminds me of my baby girl (Malia). Not the lyrics, obviously. It’s just the fact when we put her in her car seat and she has her flowered print neck pillow around her, she looks like a sunflower so then it always makes me sing this song’s chorus! Lol.



7) - It’s one of Shawn’s first songs, but it’s still my favorite. Everyone is ordinary, unique, and beautiful in their own ways.<3 

8) - basically the same as the definition before this one. ^ 






idc if I have posted this,
But join me in this hell that is Lobotomy Corporation…


Its like a sleepwalking…