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Songs really are like a form of time travel because they really have moved forward in a bubble.

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how do people decide on one favourite song ????  ? ?


Northern National - Slow Down (Moilatch Remix)

Songs for the Fallen Watcher

Rules: Share three pieces of music - popular songs, soundtracks, or other musical arrangements - that represent your muse. They can be an aesthetic, mood, or an event in your muse’s life. Explain, briefly.

The Past: “Ghost” by Badflower

Take the blade away from me / I am a freak, I am afraid that / All the blood escaping me won’t end the pain / And I’ll be haunting all the lives that cared for me / I died to be the white ghost / Of the man that I was meant to be

Following the events in Duskwood, Renwyck fell into a deep depression brought on by post traumatic stress disorder. In this time, he struggled with suicidal thoughts, several times attempting to act on them. This song captures that struggle, caught between life and death.

The Present: “The Old Me” by Memphis May Fire

I don’t like who I’ve become / A hollow shell of someone / And I feel like a stranger to myself / I don’t need to start over / I just need to get back to when / I didn’t wake up to this hell I’m in / Say it again, say it again, tell me what I wanna hear / Tell me that I’m gonna be fine and there’s nothing left to fear / ‘Cause I’ve been losing sleep / Trying to get back to who I used to be / Where is the old me?

At present, Renwyck is starting to become frustrated with himself and the man he’s become. Knowing that he’ll never be able to get back to the life he had before the Night Watch’s betrayal, he’s trying to piece together what he can become, actively looking to move forward in his life while the continuing doubts keep holding him back.

The Future: “A Grave Mistake” by Ice Nine Kills

These vengeful thoughts trapped underneath / Rage, scorn, misery / Payback for what you took from me / Hope, love, sanity / I heard that you reap what you sow / So here’s to believing in ghosts / Now when you see my face you’ll know / You can’t save yourself / Or save your soul / When you meet the man whose life you stole / With weathered wings and broken bones / A flight for the fallen flies the crow

The current path Renwyck is walking down, presently fueled by frustration will eventually turn to anger as he seeks to exact revenge on those that killed the man he was. It’s this rage that will bring him back to Duskwood in an attempt to reclaim Darkshire from the corrupted Night Watch Militia.

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random thought: Since the death of terrestrial radio, a whole generation of kids will get to hear some of the best songs ever through natural discovery, without resenting the fact that it got played 100 times that week.


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Jingle Bell Jazz, Chapter 1

Love Live, NicoMaki, 6.1K, 1/?

Summary: It’s Christmas season at Otonokizaka Conservatory. Piano prodigy Maki Nishikino is prepping for a very important classical piano competition when she gets an unpleasant holiday surprise from her advisor. Meanwhile singer Nico Yazawa and saxophonist Eli Ayase are in search of a third member for their jazz trio. What will this clash of styles lead to? And can any holiday spirit survive the rush to prepare for a New Year’s Eve concert that will determine Nico’s future?


Maki Nishikino needed a break. Well, she rarely needed to step away from the piano, especially when Chopin was her focus, but her stomach had started growling so she’d grabbed her coat and stepped outside Otonokizaka Conservatory, quick steps taking her to one of her favorite tea shops. She recognized the brunette and ash heads bowed together in the front window. Umi Sonoda and Kotori Minami had opted to take a late lunch as well. Umi glanced up and waved, an invitation Maki was very willing to accept.

Maki grabbed a sandwich and a black coffee and took the third seat, between her two friends.

“Good afternoon, Maki.” Umi smiled at Kotori, “We were just talking about you.”

Maki took a small bite of her roast beef, cheddar, and tomato sandwich, “Have another arrangement you want me to take a look at?”

“No. We have a friend who just had their piano player quit.”

“I’m not interested in a group project. I’m getting ready for Switzerland.”

“They really just need someone for a performance on New Year’s Eve. It took Nico…”

“Nico?” Maki’s eyes narrowed, “The pin-up girl.” Kotori giggled but Maki ignored her, not yet through casting shade, “”Doesn’t she have most of the guys in school begging to play for her?”

Umi and Kotori exchanged a LOOK. And then Kotori spoke, “Nico was hoping to find another girl. She and Eli…”

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