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Did you know mushrooms are the only plant source which contains Vitamin D?

Exploring the forest and finding these beautiful Funnel Woodcap mushrooms perched on logs all around the green lush of the forest floor. Like fairy cups waiting for the arrival of tiny beings and magical experiences. …

We came across these amazing mushrooms during our lunch time walk. Made us wonder, are any of these edible? Let us know your thoughts!

THIS could be your dinner. Ricotta with rosemary cream, mixed wild and chips.

Hydroponic Mushrooms Mushrooms can be grown hydroponically, in a very similar fashion to that used for conventional rooting plants.

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i wanna show u guys a couple of my favorite mushrooms that arent related to tes just because……. i like them

Hydnellum peckii, or Bleeding Tooth!! The red liquid is a sap containing a pigment that has anticoagulant properties!

Laetiporus sulphureus, also known as sulfur shelf or chicken of the woods, is a very common edible mushrooms. They can be prepared in most ways you can prepare chicken and is a common replacement for chicken in meatless diets [supposedly it’s very good in curries!]

Coprinopsis atramentaria, or the inky cap mushroom! they’re edible, with a very mild taste, but poisonous if consumed with alcohol. the black sap-like liquid has actually historically been used as ink!

Calvatia gigantea, or the giant puffball mushroom! theyre edible when young and the flesh is pure white. when they are older and browning, the fruit body decomposes quickly as the spores develop within. its likely youve seen these before - the ones you kick and clouds of spores come out!

I just finished reading this book, The Complete Mushroom Hunter by Gary Lincoff, and I really enjoyed it. Very informative, lots of color photos, decent descriptions, and names and descriptions of look-alikes to watch out for.

I will say this though, certainly not detailed enough for me to feel comfortable going out to mushroom hunt tomorrow. There were a few spots where it would mention one detail of an edible mushroom, and then fail to mention the same detail on the poisonous look-alike, or vice versa.

However, it’s overall an excellent place to start if you want to try mushroom hunting at some point, and a source from someone with firsthand experience eating these mushrooms which is always best.

Mush it up!

Mushroom, that is! 

Made some tasty ass chicken marsala for my friend for dinner & it did not disappoint! Mushrooms are so damn good! You just can’t go wrong with cream, man. Heavy or half & half cream legit makes everything better. I don’t care how many calories it adds! But I can’t wait to make some fusion tacos for my other friend when he hangs out next week! He’s my fatty buddy & we stuff our faces whenever we hang out! Everyone has to have at least one friend like that! It’s the best! For reals. 

I’m super holy shitballs stoked bc I get to go to London next month! I cannot wait to see my friend & bask in all that English goodness! I’m going for a business meeting (so effing excited!) but really needed that as an excuse to stay for a couple of weeks. I’ll my little le poopers while I”m gone though. Here’s hoping to getting one step closer to the visa I need! Lord knows I need all the help I can get! Can’t wait to get this cooking journey started! 


Joe Rogan and Paul Stamets talk about eating mushrooms