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Mother Nature: a gentle, peaceful, creation that evolved from some daydreaming, and popping an upside down acorn cap on top of a rusty nail. These two will be hard to part with 😊🙏xxx 🌱🧚‍♀️🕸🌿🌾🌗

Hand foraged mushroom season has started 🍄 prices are reasonable get these on your menu as this will only get better & better @bettavegltd 🍄

I'm working on new porcelain on log sculptures, such as this 'Common Inkcap (Coprinopsis Atramentaria)', for the next exhibition. It starts on 20 Sept in , hope you can make it! 🍄

Christmas in... June!! Ecuadorian cu. spores Time to bust out the substrate and pressure cooker and get ta work!

Thanks to Dr. Jianping Xu from for joining us at last night's stewards meeting to talk about and in ! Here are some of the fascinating things we learned:

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Golden oyster mushrooms. Regular oyster in the background. Yum! 🤗❤️

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Köln Niehl - 2019

I keep doing this to myself

I KNOW I don’t respond well when I use drugs. I know that the comedown will destroy my mental health. I know that my heart will be heavy and that I might cry. I know it sets me back, it ruins progress made. And yet, I still use (it doesn’t matter what substance). I still want to get high. I still convince myself that I can handle this and that I’ll be okay even though I know in my heart I will not be okay.

I took magic mushrooms on Saturday with my boyfriend, well ex boyfriend. That day he decided it was a great fucking idea to use black in the bathroom and lie to my face about it. I hadn’t taken any drugs yet when I made the decision to dump his sorry ass. I said, very simply, “I can’t do this anymore. We are better off as friends.”

My words did not phase him. He replied, “That’s fine. We’ve already been broken up a couple months now. At least it feels like it.” He was right. Shit had not been the same for a few months. Some events , some memories brought us back together but the love we once had was gone. Too many lies, too much trust broken. There was a constant power struggle, too. When he would relapse I would feel powerless and I hated not having any control and I hated how my words didn’t mean shit to his junkie-self. So I desperately tried to control everything, but I didn’t have any control or any power. He is an addict and I am an addict and we cannot control this disease that haunts us and eats us alive.

I don’t think I’ll ever date a drug addict ever again. I highly recommend that you don’t fall in love with somebody who can’t stay clean. They will hurt you and spit on your face and strangle your soul and take everything you cherish and adore. At the end of the day, the bad outweighed the good and I no longer had the strength to take any more blows.

I feel a little better today. I think I can get out of bed. I’ll try to go to a meeting with my real, genuine friends. I promise I’ll try today.

How to choose a gift for your drow friend xp
I felt inspired while rping so I did this fast, silly meme x’D Hope you enjoy, lol

Vasdorl belongs to me c:

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Grilling some meat and mushroom skewers on this hot sunny day🥩🍄☀️.
Today Keto lunch is being done outside at my inlaws 👍.
Meat and veggies is the plan 🤤👍.
Enjoying the day of.
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Final del atardecer ⛰️

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