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Plus qu'une semaine avant la des classes ! Prêts ? Stressés? Et les enfants? Minimoi stresse un peu, et pour moi, c'est le début d'une nouvelle aventure ! Fin de mon , en route pour devenir une !

Feeling Stuck is your heart voice trying to get your attention to say “Hi! Hey! Come On… we’ve been doing this, we did it, we’re done, we’re ready to move on…” 💕

Members of the Frega Ecosystem receive a distributed share of all the revenue earned from a growing Library of Applications as well as an increasing share of Wealth

Hi , I’m Zoe, and Founder of Rock the Bump®️. Working with pregnant women across the UK to realise just how beautiful and awesome their bodies are. Recently had the pleasure of casting and featured in

Members of the Frega Ecosystem receive a distributed share of all the revenue earned from a growing Library of Applications as well as an increasing share of Wealth

Cuddles with a Peking bantam at the weekend. So cute! Had a lovely time at the summer fete petting lots of animals.

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School Holidays

Wow, I can’t believe it has been so long since I last managed to find a moment to write. It has been school holidays and so all sense of routine has gone out of the window. I am not to sad about that. Mornings spent rushing to school and activities have made way for slow starts. Afternoons have been spent out and about - seeing friends and going on adventures. Routine is the enemy of creativity as my mother in law reminds me! It also is the enemy of the sleep deprived mum, who ends up on her own hamster wheel of activities, school runs and work!

I have to admit, there have been some great benefits of being your own boss and school holidays - namely I haven’t had to take lot’s of time off work to look after my little angels. Instead work has very much fitted around them…. sometimes more successfully than others!

It’s true, I haven’t done as many hours as I normally do and my work days have gone a little out the window. However, I have squeezed in a few really focused sessions which I hope have made up for it.

One particular triumph was on the way to Manchester. I was meeting one of my best friends, a human that I love spending time with, who lives two flights away. We decided to meet half way - which turned out to be Manchester, as I was in down in Edinburgh for a few days. We met for lunch at the Ivy without the children. Due to the travel time I got nearly 3 hours of work done - catching up on campaigns and working on reconciling some of the 2018 books for the social media agency. It was great to be able to focus and just trot, even canter through the work. No interruptions and making use of the time, rather than staring out of the window. The only downside - the weight of the laptop!


My other big achievement was that I paid for the holiday to Sicily out of my earnings. It was a great feeling to think that in the few months that I have started I had managed to earn enough to treat the whole family. Everyone enjoyed being away. The food, the wine and of course finally seeing some sun! I even met up with an old friend and her family. We met in Beijing over 13 years ago, her working for an insurance company and me working with Bank of China through RBS. 

The only downside was coming back to the pile of work. I must admit the first week we were back in Orkney I spent panicking about how I was going to do everything. Now a few weeks on, it all has happened, well mostly! After a fallow few weeks on the campaign front, I am delighted with the last few weeks responses, with great feedback from one of the clients. So now I can breathe!

And just as we were getting into the groove of the holidays…. Yep it will be back to school