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Third grade classes at Middle Road came together this morning to play one big game of quizmo/bingo!

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Some ways to make mathematics fun for children and also show them appropriate ways to interact with people with a disability, written by Jeyakar Vedamanickam. Read more...... subscribe

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> Located in WHATEVER, RHODE ISLAND, the Sylvester Suites are considered the highlight of the East Coast by exactly no one. Owned and operated by professional asshole, Sue Sylvester, they’re not old, really, but they aren’t young either–and many of the rooms aren’t actually up to code. Still, the place has character. Or, it did, before its residents were permanently kicked for winter renovations. Now that all safety and fire hazards have been addressed and eliminated, rooms are legally back on the market, and Sue has big plans to woo millennials with new amenities and weekly events. While she doesn’t care about her tenants, she does care about their money. Either way, COME REAP THE CHEAP BENEFITS.


                                                                                                      LIMA, OHIO

High school sucks. There’s no sugar coating it, that’s just the way things are. What sucks even more is the rigged system in place, putting Cheerios and jocks at the top and anyone who isn’t a member of the respective teams miles below. Join us as we face every day life, the struggles of trying to keep relationships that were never meant to last and friendships that are put to the test on a regular basis. Nobody said it was going to be easy, but it’s something we all have to suffer through. 

   full plot. around town. character masterlist. application.

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i dreamed i met phil in a store and he was lost so i helped him find dan who was,, standing at the entrance shaking his head obviously disappointed and then said 'this is why humanity invented gps and abandonment' and then turned away and left and like. i wouldn't even question it if that actually happened to me in real life at this point

this sounds so realistic are you sure it was a dream

THE MARQUE: A Social Network for the Elite

Trust can mean different things and when everyone knows your name, it’s hard to know who you can turn to. Fortune and fame are great and all, but the lifestyle isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. There’s rumors, people watching your every move, scandals and drama. But celebrities are humans too, which is why William Schuester set up the exclusive social network known only as The Marque. With top-of-the-range security, celebrities finally had a safe space on the internet where no one was watching… Right?

The Marque is a Glee multiples / family roleplay focused on development. None of the events of the show are canon, there are no set endgames and everything is completely up to our players, giving people the opportunity to explore different character backgrounds and plotlines.


founded in june of 2016, [ N D H Q ] is an all-in-one online paid subscription service focused on the creation of safe, consensual and ethically produced pornographic videos. a new, fully integrated social networking component urges both content creators and subscribers to [ be the new sexy. ]

ndhq is an au glee smut rp set in the san fernando valley. all characters are content creators for new directions hq. ndhq utilizes a points earning system to encourage friendly competition. to learn more about our viewership system, please click here

this is a mature roleplay. 18+ only, and viewer discretion is advised.



Fame… it’s something not a lot of people have achieved but everyone wants at some point in their lives, even if it may be a fleeting thought. Imagine being 12 years old again and all you want is to star in the next Hollywood Blockbuster, but everyone is telling you that you’ll never get there–that fame is hard and rare. Well, now… it’s a little different. How do you think James Dean would feel, that to his disbelief, if he were to be alive in 2018 – all he would have had to do to become famous was post a shirtless selfie with a caption as simple as something like ‘gains’. With social media on the rise, millions of people using it, and the prettiest or funniest at the top with the most followers – it’s easier than ever to be famous.           CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT THE ROEPLAY!

I had the most conflicting feeling while I was crying earlier. I wanted to call my mom, but then realized that it wouldn’t make it better and it would honestly make everything worse. So then I just ended up crying over how fucked up I am because of them, but still wanted to reach out for some reason— in the end I didn’t, but now I’m really confused and can’t sleep despite being exhausted.

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I’m going to Las Vegassss

for the first time in a few days! Does anyone have fave venues, events, tips or tricks they’d like to shout out? It’s just me and my friend who is suuuuper gorgeous, we keep getting told that we probably won’t have to pay for a single thing our entire trip. But there are gonna be beauties everywhere so I’m coming from a humble state of mind and with my hard earned money in tow. I’ve heard about the buffets sp that’s on the agenda. We’re going to Drais on Saturday to see Trey Songz. That’s all we have formally planned..🤷🏾‍♀️