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                don’t you know that the kids aren’t alright?

High school sucks. There’s no sugar coating it, that’s just the way things are. What sucks even more is the rigged system in place, putting Cheerios and jocks at the top and anyone who isn’t a member of the respective teams miles below. Join us as we face every day life, the struggles of trying to keep relationships that were never meant to last and friendships that are put to the test on a regular basis. Nobody said it was going to be easy, but it’s something we all have to suffer through.

THE KIDS AREN’T ALRIGHT is a semi-plotless Glee multiples/family roleplay focused on development, where writers have the creative freedom to explore different story arcs, character backgrounds, and connections to other characters.

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Hello! We collectively go by Echo, but our blog has been about making relatable posts about DID and some of our other issues. So we decided to make it into a cool little blog where we post comics but also answer asks through comics! Sorry for how bad the art is. It’s 2 am and I really wanted to doodle a little intro to this aspect of the blog! 

So feel free to ask away, we will try to answer every question.

By the way, the images are of (in order from left to right):

Julie, Saturn, Karin, Kitt (ME), Zeke, Gabriel, Yukari (green) and Macie (Yellow)! I will try to sketch everyone a full colored thing slowly but surely. 

Aaa I hope this isn’t cringey..


Glee Twin Multiples RP

Congratulations. You have been discovered by some of our top talent scouts. Start your journey with us today!

The brightest and boldest new artists are emerging in LA. Here are Neon Sign Entertainment (NSE), we provide accommodation for those trying to break into the business; work with you on a one to one level and our apartment staff are more than willing to wait on you hand and foot.

Apply and join us because at NSE we are scouting for more than just talent!

OOC: There is more than meets the eye in NSE. Actors vanish without a trace. Dancers mysteriously break their legs before a big show. Singers suddenly acquire laryngitis before a concert. But… Why? Perhaps it was because they knew too much, perhaps it was an accident? Or maybe… Maybe there is no such thing as accidents in the entertainment industry. What are YOU signing up for?  

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This omo fic is getting way too long but I don’t wanna cut it because…there’s so many good moments here…so many opportunities…

It’s something we get confessed about every now and then by people who either miss a roleplayer, don’t know where they are, don’t know how to get back in touch with them, or someone who knows they have left the community and just wants to give them a shoutout. This also includes missing roleplays that used to be around but now have died. Some examples are here.

Does this sound familiar to you? Then why not get in touch with us with a confession using submit or ask box.

Feel free to send normal confessions submit or ask too. It can be anything from wanting to be friends with a roleplayer, loving a person’s writing, wanting to join a roleplay, venting about something in the community or wanting to see that type of roleplay around.


You should have burned when you turned on everyone

@iim-a-pilot continued

     Goldie blinked, as she had no idea who said ferret was, but then she saw the graphic novel. He was crying… over a comic book? Alright then. She was expecting far worse, but she is also relieved it is not!

     “There there…” The small hen spoke gently, softly patting his back.

     “It wasn’t his real reality, nobody actually lost him,” she assured, “…Have ya finished reading? I’m sure the villain gets their comeuppance for such’a mean thing.” That may not always happen in reality, but it aught to, and certainly should in a book about a hero.

                                      Boudreaux Academy
                                 Seeking Staff & Students!

In South Carolina lies Boudreaux Academy in Charleston. We offer the best of the the best in education. Here our students thrive, becoming well rounded people as well as Dominants, Switches, and Submissives. With the campus’ beautiful southern atmosphere and up to the date, top notch education. Rest assure this is the place to learn.


Ashwood University, one of the best colleges in the United States. Nothing could tarnish this perfect reputation that has been built up, right? If your answer was yes, you’d be unbelievably wrong. Almost every single year, multiple students seem to drop out due to mysterious circumstances.

Some are speculating that those are merely cover-ups for the Rumor Mill. This school year, will you stand up for what is right? Or will you find yourself turning your back on all of your morals just to save your own secret, maybe even someone else’s?