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This is very hard but not impossible. It will get easier. I have to believe in my heart it will get easier.

[BLOG] With the focus of the MTC being on rapid recall, we're concerned this could lead to you feeling pressured into focussing too much on the speed of recalling multiplication facts. Here are 10 ideas... Read more:

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So guess who drove home in a nasty storm to try and beat the bad weather… Only to find this

Confession #4,847

I’m stressed having to wait for my next neurology appointment. I’m almost certain I have MS at this point, but my MRIs have come back clean and I’m afraid my neurologist is going to give up searching for a cause if anything else comes back normal. I don’t want to suffer for years before anything visible presents itself… I want help now

Follow your star, let it guide you
It’s been there for millions of years
Its light will shine longer, truer and stronger than all of your worries and fears

Follow your star, let it lead you
It’s older and wiser than time
It’s there to inspire your hopes to aim higher than any old mountain you climbed
Fools follow rainbows but rainbows disappear

When the sun warms the earth and the sky grows clear
Fools follow daydreams that soon will be gone
But that faithful old star just shines on and on

Follow your star, let it show you
That troubles seem worse than they are
Never think of them, you’ll rise above them
If you just follow your star

Follow, follow your star 

- Leonard Nimoy

Crying over Maths

I’m not proud of this, but I detest maths. I’m not horrible at it per say, but unlike most of the people I know, I was never able to memorize the times tables. Why? I honestly don’t know - believe me, I spent many an hour trying.

I am 18 years old and whenever I need to do mental math, I can’t just add up, subtract, divide, and multiply at the speed of light. I need to take a minute to visualize what I’m doing, and quite often I count in my fingers.

This isn’t what makes me cry, however. What brings a flush of frustration to my fave and tears of shame is when people around me give me that “are you stupid?” look and question whether or not I’m educated at all.

“YES, Debra, I am educated. God forbid it takes me longer than 0.03 seconds to multiply 8×7.”

When put on the spot I tend to panic and it takes me a minute to adjust to the pressure and focus. Belittling me, rushing me, or not giving me a chance will make me cry. My fave will become the colour of a tomato and I’ll turn away from you to silently cry because suddenly, I feel incompetent and retarded.

If you see someone struggling with something that comes easily to most people, don’t you dare do a thing to make them feel badly. Trust me, they already feel that way.


Bunnies make everything better. 🤣
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Да, жизнь невозможна без трудностей. Иногда они изматывают и осложняют жизнь настолько, что хочется от нее избавиться. Проблемы и трудности “сжигают” нас, однако, ни одна проблема не сможет уничтожить тебя полностью, если это не сделаешь ты!

Каждый раз, когда ситуация кажется безвыходной, вспоминай слова “что нас не убивает, делает нас сильнее”, а теперь смотри выше(*ни одна проблема тебя не убьет*), получается, что проблемы делают нас сильнее, закаляют.

Каждое преодоленное препятствие и пережитое горе делает тебя лучше, сильнее.

Как этот уголек, сгоревший, но возродившись, обуздавший силу огня, когда-то его поглотившего…

*смотреть до конца*


Trying to write the 8 times table in Python


#multiplication (em Criar Soluções On&Offline)

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Trying to memorize multiplication up to 25 x 25

As we never actually focused on those numbers and I would be conveinant to not have to calculate it every time.

So I am creating a Google sheets for it and I’ll print it off

Probably make a test for it and then take it at the end of the week for a few weeks in increments.

The table is still a work in progress but I’ll either finish it now or I guess later today seeing how it’s 2 am already.


Vídeo explicando la multiplicación por dos cifras, en castellano, para los alumnos. Ideal como material de clase invertida, para que puedan visionarlo en casa.