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Was great to see our Winfield church planters. Doing a great work. I know what you’re thinking.... yes, beards are a prerequisite (men only) for church planters

Mrs. Gillen’s third graders demonstrated their knowledge of the commutative property of multiplication on Friday by making flip-flops with examples of the property.

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Eleanor is 21 Year Girl and Seeking Sex Now!

in which djeeta doesn’t knock and gran hates that habit of theirs with a burning passion. 

(and also in which djeeta has a trauma flashback and ignores it like nothing happened)

Do your banking activities affect your credit score?

Vaibhav Mehta, 29, is very particular about managing his finances. He ensures timely payment of credit card bills and student loan EMIs. Vaibhav also maintains sufficient balance in his accounts for smooth cash flow as and when needed. He recently applied for a car loan and was confident he would receive swift approval with low interest. To his dismay, the lender was not satisfied with his credit score and offered him a high rate of interest for the loan. Why? Vaibhav had nine bank accounts of which he had forgotten about three.

Wondering how banking activities can affect your credit score? Let’s have a look in detail.

Understanding credit score

A credit score is like a certificate of your financial character. It is a three-digit number ranging from 300 to 900 that determines your creditworthiness. The higher the score, the better is your qualification for borrowing. The score is determined by a credit rating agency based on your payment history, total credit balance, number of loans and credit cards, age of credit history, credit type – secured or unsecured, credit utilisation, and new credit. A detailed analysis of these factors determines your financial risk profile.

Effect of financial decisions on the score

Improper management of any of the above-listed factors can largely influence your credit score. Delaying credit card payments, missing the EMI date, bounced cheques, taking many unsecured loans, etc. are a strict no-no if you wish to build and maintain your score. When some institutions enquire your credit score, they can make a hard or soft inquiry.

Multiple bank accounts and credit score

Having a savings account doesn’t directly impact your credit rating. The problem arises when you apply to open a new bank account. At that time, the bank may want to check your credit report. While a soft inquiry is not intrusive, a hard inquiry of your credit report can take some points off your score. Additionally, the latter also shows up on your report. Thus, if you apply for a new account with multiple banks simultaneously, the hard inquiries could significantly affect your score.

Closing an account and credit score

The process of credit score calculation considers how long your accounts have been active. So, the longer your bank accounts have been operational, the better it is for the score. This implies that by closing an account, you could deny yourself the benefit of a long-held bank account.

Exceeding overdraft limit

If you have opted for an overdraft facility on your savings account, ensure it is utilised efficiently. It is, after all, a form of credit. Exceeding the overdraft limit or not maintaining the required balance can have a significant impact on your credit score. If you issue cheques from this account, the lack of balance could also result in bounced or dishonoured cheques.


A credit score is of vital importance when you want to take a loan. Apart from a healthy credit/loan maintenance habit, make sure you follow clean banking practices as well.

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Hiii I’ve seen lots of people posting about jehan and montparnasse and I’m wondering who he is and if they interact a lot in the book I have a basic understanding of I’m. And why do they get shipped together so often ??? Help haha thanks

(Ok, guess you’re asking me, the admin of this blog about it… This is mostly my personal opinions, so I hope people don’t turn this into a long unnecessary discourse, otherwise I’ll have to ignore some asks.)

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