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Early birthday present to me!! 🥰

Today marks the start of ...! Last year, we created the most beautiful flower wall for the SS18 show... we can’t wait to see what SS19 has in store...

For Johnny Coca, the launch of the new sunglasses collection ‘reinforces Mulberry’s statement and DNA’ - Mulberry collaborated with Italian eyewear specialist De Rigo to bring the collection to life   More details here:  

For Johnny Coca, the launch of the new sunglasses collection ‘reinforces Mulberry’s statement and DNA’ - Mulberry collaborated with Italian eyewear specialist De Rigo to bring the collection to life More details here:

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Mulberry Mollegabet; I have wrapped the crack at the fade with sinew. I am going to wrap the lower limb fade with sinew as well to balance the bow out.

I wrapped the limb tip levers with sinew, where the rawhide terminates. I suppose they look fine.

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Hi love your blog, I was wondering if you could do an analysis of a wand its Mulberry and Simurgh feather 12in withe silver embellishments. Thank you

Hi, I hope you like the analysis <333.

Analysis of Mulberry w/ Simurgh Feather & Silver Embellishments 12 inches:

Mulberry with simurgh feather wand owners are caring, adventurous, and intelligent.

These witches and wizards treasure knowledge, and are natural explorers. They learn well by the book, but are at their best when they can explore the world around them hands on. Unlike other mulberry wand owners, their growth is more stable and sustainable. They are patient and opportunistic. There is great talent with making connections and recognizing patterns.

Their feelings run deeply, and they value love even above their thirst for knowledge. They are less prone to trying to cover up their emotions with logic than other mulberry wand owners. This combination indicates self-esteem issues, as well as issues with receiving love. They are much more comfortable being the one giving.

Taking on a helper or mentor role is common for them when they’ve settled down. If they choose to have or adopt children, they will be a loving parent. Maybe even smothering.

Writing is their preferred communication method. They often have difficulty expressing themselves verbally.

These witches and wizards are voracious eaters as much as they are voracious readers.

It is common for these people to have an unusually large magical core.

The elemental composition of this wand is fire, air, dark, and plant based with water and earth as secondary elements.   

There is talent in magic to do with healing, weaving, creation, protection, preservation, transition, sacrifice, blood, and summoning.

There is talent with silk worms, animal husbandry, and creating anti-venoms.

Best subjects include: history of magic, herbology, potions, charms, and care of magical creatures. There is talent with rituals, jinxes, and dark magic in general.

Common careers include: poet, travel writer, weaver, editor, publisher, creature tamer, dragonologist, healer, farmer, potioneer, botanist, potions master, diagnostician, nurse, doctor, librarian, historian, Unspeakable, and archaeologist.

Careers that allow them to travel appeal to them greatly.

Shimmering gold, copper, and turquoise swirls are emitted from this wand during spell work. Its magic smells of vanilla, rain, old books, and wild roses.

When the owner dies, so does this wand–no matter the core. It will die at the same time as its owner, even if they are physically separated.

This wand will be more consistent and powerful when a silk ribbon is wrapped around it.

When this wand seem weak, let it soak in wine and sheep fat.

The numbers thirty and three should be considered when adding embellishments to this wand. Every thirtieth spell produced by this wand is three times as potent and powerful.

The silver embellishments encourages its owner’s patience and helps to boost their self-confidence. These embellishments will work with the wand to help heal its owner’s psyche and encourage a more positive mental state. It boosts this wand’s power in efforts to do with healing, astral projection, and love. Silver also helps enforce any mental shields its owner puts up.

Lunar and water based magics are boosted by the silver. If the owner wants to increase the lunar aspects further, the wand should be laid out in moonlight.

Common patronuses include: aye ayes, sparrowhawks, falcons, hoopoes, bats, moths, shrews, vultures, spiders, silkworms, thunderbirds, weaverbirds, paper wasps, and acromantulas.

The length of twelve inches indicates that the owner is more extroverted than average for this wand combination. Their magic is more stable than average as well. Their curses are harder to break than the average curses cast by other witches and wizards. This wand is more agreeable to casting flashier magics, and magic to do with summoning as well than the average wand with this combination.

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Aren't people harassing Mulberry the same kind of people who pulled out of their assets that YandereDev was harassing her... While still harassing Mulberry? Make up your mind who you want to harass lol

It’s not really fair to refer to a “kind of people” and treat them as if they’re one person. Gremlins come in many varieties. I’ve heard YandereDev called both an “SJW” and an “anti-SJW.” Some claim he’s a Nazi and others claim he’s a Jew. Some will call him a misogynist pig and others will claim he’s forcing a feminist agenda.

So, some people hate YandereDev because he treats Mulberry like trash (which is false). Meanwhile, other people hate Mulberry because she is trash (which is also false). I wish both would just leave her out of it.


The Symphony of silk yarns and human hands create the most beautiful stories..the Journey of whole 6 yards as it plunges into life ..
# Muslin x #mulberry silk weave

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