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Place de l’hôtel de ville

New obsession, Muji pens from Japan. Super fine point, gel pens that elevate writing, even makes my lefty scrawl legible. Plus, origami hawaiian shirt as a bonus!

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Last week revision went well!!! Im so excited for this new semester.


Recent sketchbook pages

Just a reminder that the Kickstarter for my new art book will end in 9 days, we have already unlocked four stretch goals which will come as an added bonus for everyone who orders the book.✨ Thank you so much for all of your support so far💕😭 In other news: I’m going to travel to Tokyo in a few days and will be tabling at Comiket and Comitia this August! My online shop will stay open and packages are shipped as usual but I won’t be able to sign anything unfortunately 💦

Peach Kakigōri🍑 Hello Sverige!🇸🇪 Närcon Sommar starts tomorrow, you can find me at the C-Huset. I’ll have my table open from Thursday to Saturday💕✨ By the way, I’m going to be on the go and traveling a lot in the next few weeks so I’ll be posting mainly sketchy things, hope you’ll like ’em✍️

11/100 days of productivity

history, english, and bahasa notes that i wrote yesterday. 

I summarized a history of tragedy that happened in indonesia long, long time ago, a heart-breaking history. I appreciate how our revolution patriots that fought for Indonesia now and truly disappointed because of people these days that actually try to destroy what our patriots strive for.