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Pink and gold - the dream combo. Get your very own personalised year make up (also available in lots of other dreamy colour combos!) 💕💕💕 Shop Now -

Jumping on the trend of the 10yr challenge, i dont think ive changed much just older lol. 2009 ➡️ 2019 cant believe that this is the year i turn 30!!! What?!?!😯 __________________________________________________ #2009 #2019

Standout with a luscious pout! Lauren gives us beauty inspo with her come-hither look!

TUESDAY. Behind the scenes from yesterday's shoot with HANNA from the Netherlands....

🌸🌸 Thank you so much for sending me this BEAUTIFUL Rose- Infused clollection🌸🌸.... I LOVE it. It’s gorgeous. The travel bag is so cute ...🌸

Intensify your eyeshadow game with this Fulani inspired look! Recreate this stunner with 's top beauty faves.

You can find me in the place where my passion grows stronger by the day ❤️ laying and slaying beautiful women left and right. A place where I can turn my dreams into reality.

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I hate you bitches who act like there’s a specific way for someone to do their make up. People can do their make up however they feel and in a way it’s kinda like art. People see art differently always and its extremely subjective to whether something is “good” or not. But ultimately, why do you give a fuck about what someone does ? People learn as they go and not everyone comes out of the womb an M.U.A.

Let people feel good. Let people do what they like. You don’t get to decide what looks good or not.