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Ne manquez pas le Mini Maker Faire de Montréal ce vendredi et samedi, il y a pleins d'exposants, d'ateliers numériques et de conférences Don't miss the Montreal Mini Maker Faire this Friday & Saturday, it's packed with exhibitions, digital workshops & speakers

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J’ai pris une photo de mon quartier. I took picture of my neighbourhood.

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A tour of @heliosmakerspace reveals a woodworking haven for hobbyist makers and pro carpenters alike!

La bannière de notre groupe bien visible dans le dernier épisode de ;-) Pour voir l'épisode --->

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anonymous asked:

Most likely to accidentally get their gf pregnant?? Thank uuuuuu

omg hhahahaha, I hope none of them do but okay

  • yoongi - I feel like it would happen during a shower and without a condom and then BOOM pregnant lol
  • jungkook - I feel like the condom would rip during rough sex one day and you’d both be too far gone to really notice it
  • taehyung - he likes it raw, so the chances are automatically higher
  • hoseok - I feel like Hoseok would be very careful, but it might still happen during rough sex. 
  • jimin - can’t really see jimin not being careful, he’d want to be ready to be a dad
  • jin - same for jin. he knows how to use protection and he wouldn’t sleep with you unless you were on the pill or there was a condom
  • namjoon - nah man. if he ends up knocking up his gf, he’d be in deep shit as a leader

anonymous asked:

mtl would find it cute and/or squish their s.o’s cheeks when they’re pouting at something? (i pout when I get impatient or upset) 😂

omg that’s really cute hahaha

  • taehyung - he loves all things cute, he’d love it
  • jungkook - honestly, I feel like he’s into squishing cheeks lol (we all remember that one situation with yoongi haha)
  • jin - he just loves you so much and you’re the cutest and asdfghjkl
  • yoongi - I feel like he’d do it to tease you and then laugh but he’d secretly loves it when you pout
  • jimin - loves it, plain and simple
  • hoseok - would rather kiss your face tbh
  • namjoon - would only chuckle and maybe kiss your forehead

Tonight our brothers at sisters at @UrbSciLC host the #LeCypher hip-hop/soul jam session at 3481 St-Laurent! Mundial artists and presenters come on through!
Feat: @lexfrenchmusic @izzy_g67 @mundialmontreal @bar_lesco
📸 @beautyisafeeling
Urban Science Brass Band @UrbSciBB re-invents hip-hop classics with the intensity and fire of a guerilla street performance.
⛱ Hosts of the Montreal Hip-Hop Parade.
🎷 Part of the @urbsci family.
🎤 @UrbSciLC hosts #LeCypher hip-hop party every Thursday @bootleggerlauthentique 3481 St-Laurent.
Urban Science Brass Band @UrbSciBB réinvente les classiques de hip-hop avec l'intensité et feu d'une performance surprise dans la rue.
⛱ Animateurs de l'unique Fanfare Hip-Hop de Montréal.
🎷 Partie de la famille @urbsci
🎤 @UrbSciLC anime les jeudis soirs #LeCypher , party de hip-hop au @bootleggerlauthentiwue 3481 St-Laurent.
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(at l'Escogriffe Bar Spectacle)

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LGBT Pride Friendship Bracelets (LGBTQ)
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anonymous asked:

Most to least likely to bring lunch to their S/O at work? Thank youu

omg cuuuute, love your ideas

  • jimin - he wants you to be healthy and happy so he’d definitely take the time to bring you something to eat
  • jin - he’d stop by only to bring you food, then he’d leave again, but he wants to make sure you eat
  • jungkook - I feel like he’d rather take you out to eat tbh, but he’d def stop by
  • taehyung - tae would bring take-away
  • namjoon - if he has time he’d definitely stop by
  • hoseok - I feel like he would rather wait till later to really take you out to eat
  • yoongi - more like the other way around hahaha

anonymous asked:

mtl likely to learn a foreign language to impress their crush or just the words to say they like them

omg cuuuute

  • namjoon - not just for you, but for the language itself. two birds with one stone
  • taehyung - same reason as for namjoon, he’s becoming really interested in languages
  • jin - he’d want to surprise you that way
  • jimin - same thing. wants to surprise you with it
  • hoseok - just wants to see you smile and be proud of him
  • jungkook - fam, I think he’d learn m-rated language first lol
  • yoongi - if he comes across it, sure, but I don’t think he’d actively learn it to tell his crush

anonymous asked:

Omg I'm loving all those mtl questions, mine is: best to "worst" at eating out lmao I love your writing so much!💕

omg you’re asking the important questions hahaha

  • yoongi - if he makes a song about how well he can eat you out, he better be the fucking best at it
  • namjoon - expensive girl makes me think he’s not just good at beating a pussy ;))))))))))))))))
  • taehyung - oh, he’d be messy at it, but in a good way. he’d literally drink up all your juices, seriously
  • jimin - would be softer, but would take his time and would drive you over the edge multiple times
  • hoseok - he’d rather use his fingers, but if he does eat you out, it’s messy as well
  • jungkook - it’s not that I think jk is bad, it’s just that I think the others are better lol
  • jin - I also don’t think jin is bad, but I feel like jin would only do it on special occasions 

anonymous asked:

mtl likely to marry a celebrity? doesnt have to be musician or even in kpop/kdramas, just who in your opinion wouldnt let spotlight or lack of spotlight put strain on a relaionship? with their schedule being busy, being away or having a partner who maybe is busy in their own trade and cant see them can stress anyone, who do you think is most okay and least okay with spotlight lover?

oooh interesting

  • taehyung/jimin - I feel like these two will end up with an idol, I just have this feeling lol
  • jin - I can really see him dating a model and them walking the red carpets together, looking like king and queen like omg we stan
  • hoseok - honestly, I think Hoseok is the member I can see both with a celebrity, but also with someone non-famous, so I’ll put him in the middle
  • namjoon - american actress maybe? I feel like he’d be up for it
  • jungkook - it’s not that I don’t think he won’t end up with someone famous, it’s just that I think he’d have the most problems with it (bc of fans not liking it)
  • yoongi - you all remember the suran situation. I think that did something to yoongi where he’s like fuck this

anonymous asked:

(if you're up for a bit more r-rated) mtl of bts to be more experimental like always trying new things in bed if you don't mind?


  • taehyung - he’s a kinky and crazy guy, like, don’t be shy to ask him about trying new things like trying out toys
  • jimin - would giggle like a teenager but would be up for it all, tbh
  • hoseok - yas, queen, go ahead and ask him, that boy will do anything to pleasure you
  • jungkook - I don’t think he’s THAT experienced, so I feel like he’d be a bit unsure at first, but also really excited because he’d like to try it all out with you
  • namjoon - like hoseok, he just wants to pleasure you, so he’s up for it
  • jin - it’s fine if it doesn’t cross any boundaries he’s uncomfortable with
  • yoongi - meh, I think yoongi just really likes the basics. not that there aren’t certain things he’d like to try out, but there’s a limit, you know?

anonymous asked:

silly question: which mtl do you think would go well/not mind the most if their s.o was the ‘ business woman type who never really had time or energy to start a family any soon’ and is like kinda more content with working and meeting new places and people? #bcs thats my goal tbh. i like kids but don’t want to have one any soon, maybe surrogate or adopted someday but... If I have one I should be able to have time and energy as well as the finances to sustain them too. I don’t want to neglect it

aaah I like this one!

  • namjoon - I know I said namjoon would like to have a family soon, but I feel like if he had a girlfriend like that, he’d support you in your career path first and foremost
  • yoongi - he doesn’t have the time either, so I think he’d like that about you. that just means he won’t be pressured
  • jungkook - thinks it’s attractive as fuck, so take all the time you need
  • hoseok - he wouldn’t mind
  • jin - he’d be okay with it, as long as you don’t take too much time. like jk, he actually thinks it’s very attractive
  • jimin - as I’ve said before, I think jimin would be a really needy boyfriend. so it’s not just the fact that you don’t have time for a family, but that you don’t have a lot of time for the relationship that would be problematic for him
  • taehyung - I think he’d want a family as soon as possible..

anonymous asked:

mtl submissive? ((random fact. I've been wondering if pjm is a sub or dom these days lmao. curious to know your opinions on that)

oh, I’ve been wondering about that for a while as well, but I’ve finally decided that in my opinion:

  • jimin - like, that boy is so fucking needy, I really think he’d love the whole submissive thing
  • jin - not that I think he’s really into the whole dom/sub thing, but if you want to take control, he’d be all for it
  • jungkook - honestly, I think jk is a switch
  • namjoon - he likes it when you ride him, but that’s about it lol
  • taehyung - meh, happens rarely tbh. he likes to be the one in control
  • yoongi - no fam.
  • hoseok - hell no fam.

lucianadrew  asked:

Hi love, MTL to who may be very cool with just adopting kids rather than having their own. BTW love all your works and stay healthy!!!

thank you beautiful, you too! ♥

  • namjoon - I feel like he’d be really open for adoption, especially a kid from a very poor country
  • hoseok - same reason, I feel like all hobi would want to do is give happiness to someone
  • yoongi - I don’t think he would mind the whole adoption thing tbh. I think the appealing thing to him is the time factor. so he can really prepare to be a dad
  • jungkook - I think he’d be okay with it!
  • jin - would probably need a lot of convincing and I don’t think he’d adopt a kid from e.g. an african country, simply bc he’d bee too afraid that the child might face racism in korea. but if you two were to live in a different country, then I think he’d love the idea
  • jimin - he’d rather have his own tbh
  • taehyung - he’d definitely want to have his own

🎵: “Future/Past” @thusowls
Nos playlists SoundCloud sont de retour! Voici nos choix de la première vague d'artistes du Lux Magna 2019; plus de nouvelles sur les événements à venir bientôt!

Our SoundCloud playlist is back! Here are our picks from the first wave of Lux Magna 2019 artists; more info on events coming soon!

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chrismautono  asked:

Hi! Could you do a mtl compatibility for a Pisces Sun, Leo Moon, Sagittarius Rising, Aquarius Venus, Aries Mars and Mercury? Thank you! Have a great week 💕

 Thank you and the same goes for you :)) In case it’s not going that well, i hope at least the mtl will make you a bit happier!!