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Is there a way to test your app across default browsers in phones? I just shared a project of mine with a friend and his phone rendered my colors all wrong. Is there a free service to test your HTML/CSS code on mobile?

Muito gente fina o da , j谩 me deu o bizu para converter 谩udio em texto usando offline.

dice adi贸s a las patas de zorro. La compa帽铆a, que desde 2018 en proceso de un nuevo icono e incluso lleg贸 a solicitar la opini贸n de los usuarios, dio a conocer este cambio radical con un aspecto estilizado y renovado. 驴Qu茅 te parece?

Op莽茫o 'copiar senha' ainda funcionava mesmo sem o fornecimento da senha mestra que deveria proteger as senhas. A Mozilla lan莽ou a vers茫o 68.0.

Google, Mozilla, Apple Block the Kazakhstan root CA Certificate To Stop Spying Their Citizen鈥檚 Web Traffic.

Kazakh ISPs forcing customers to use gov't-issued root cert for gov't surveillance Google, Apple & Mozilla have blocked the cert!

When someone develops a website, going live is like a dream come true. I have also seen one of my friends so excited as he was just about to launch his website.

鉁堬笍We鈥檙e headed to Europe for our FREE Developer Roadshow! 馃搷Nuremberg 馃搷Munich 馃搷Linz 馃搷Vienna Join us next week & hear from expert speakers highlighting the latest in & technologies. 猬囷笍Details & Registration猬囷笍

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Dica do Dia: Como activar o modo escuro na app Firefox para iOS

Como activar o modo escuro na app Firefox para iOS.


Mozilla Firefox Upcoming Update 70 | What’s New Coming with this Update?

Mozilla plans to launch a new update Firefox 70 in October. The browser update brings new features to user password security and which alert users if any password breach or password leakage takes place.

Mozilla CEO: looking at a 2014 time frame for a US Firefox OS release


With a number of other countries already in line to get their hands on Mozilla’s Firefox OS, it’s pretty clear that the company doesn’t have the States at the top of its list of priorities. While attending its press conference at MWC today, however, we just had to ask: when will we be getting a turn at the mobile operating system? CEO Gary Kovacs assured us that the US is indeed on the list (albeit a bit further down), and his company has both plans and partners lined up for what looks to be a 2014 release time frame for the low cost operating system.

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Firefox G-Fox: Plush Edition (hands-on)


With the introduction of Google’s Chrome and stepped-up games from the likes of Internet Explorer and Safari, Firefox is arguably not quite the darling of the browser wars it was when it first hit the scene in 2003. And while Mozilla has certainly made progress on that front, the organization understands that diversifying is an important factor in the future success of the company, first through Thunderbird and more recently through the Firefox OS, a mobile operating system targeted toward users in developing nations. G-Fox, meanwhile, marks a decidedly different direction for the foundation, which has made its name in the world of software. It’s an adorable attempt, perhaps, to take the world’s bedrooms and playrooms by storm.

The plush is the real-world port of G-Fox, Mozilla Online China’s large-headed, big-eyed take on the American mascot, Kit. The fox was first spotted in the wild at last year’s Mobile Asia Expo in Shanghai. Mozilla Online wasn’t talking it up too much at the event, but naturally, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on an early build. And for a first-generation product in a new space, we have to say, in the whole time we’ve been playing around with G-Fox, we’ve yet to encounter a single crash or slowdown in spite of extensive squeezing, head patting and tossing up in the air, adorably.

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Amazon brings Send to Kindle to Firefox, for all of that reading you're gonna get to later


Not that the world was lacking in ways to send content to its Kindle devices and apps, but if you still happened to feel unfulfilled on that front, Amazon’s added Firefox to the list. The Mozilla-crafted browser is getting an extension that’ll let users share blog posts, news articles and the like to various members of the Kindle family. Select the page or text, click the button and go – well, once you’ve finished downloading the extension from the source link below, that is.

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Mozilla planning a Chrome OS-like operating system for phones and tablets
The jury is still out on whether Chromebooks will sell like hotcakes (we’re guessing not), but no matter to Mozilla. The organization behind Firefox has plans to develop its own operating system for mobile devices – a clear shot across the bow at Google’s browser-based Chrome OS. In a page on Mozilla’s own wiki, a handful of senior developers announced their intentions to create a “complete, standalone operating system for the open web” running HTML5 apps. The OS, codenamed “Boot to Gecko,” will be designed with tablets and handsets in mind, says Mike Shaver, the foundation’s VP of technical strategy. And here’s the fascinating part: the OS will rely on Google’s own Android drivers and kernel to boot the device. In a Google Groups discussion thread, the lead devs said they chose Android over a Linux stack since so many device makers have focused their efforts on Android, and it makes sense to “reuse its lower layers.” Still, they insist that they otherwise intend to borrow from it as little as possible. Obviously, don’t hold your breath for Firebooks, as the project’s very much in its infancy, but in the meantime there’s some mighty interesting conversation happening in that discussion thread about Mozilla’s lofty end game: breaking “the stranglehold of proprietary devices over the mobile device world.”

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so instead of a h1 i thought i'd use a table. mozilla

considering mozilla are releasing firefox every five minutes, i’m surprised they aren’t keeping up to date with actual html skills.

<table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" id="titles">
    <td id="title">
      <p>Bugzilla@Mozilla &ndash; Bug List</p>
O lado bom e ruim do Mozilla Firefox 6 e Google Chrome 13

Costumava usar o Firefox como navegador padrão por muito tempo, acredito que uso ele quase desde a sua primeira ou segunda versão. Sempre gostei muito do navegador, mas com o tempo foi se tornando pesado e atrasado.

Sempre tive muita simpatia pelo Google Chrome, mas nunca tinha uma razão real para parar de usar o Firefox. Algum tempo atrás resolvi fazer esta troca, pois o Firefox 4 ainda não me animava muito em vários aspectos.

Algumas semanas usando o Google Chrome diariamente e essa semana resolvi voltar para o Firefox. O que me trouxe de volta ao navegador da Mozilla foi com certeza a customização. Gosto de aproveitar o máximo o espaço da tela e isso o Chrome (apesar de bem clean) não me permitia. O grande defeito do Google Chrome é ser clean demais e você não conseguir mudar isso, ou seja, você pode ter apenas aquele padrão, sem trocar nada de lugar (a não ser as cores).

Bom, acho que o Chrome tem muitas vantagens em relação ao Firefox atualmente e a principal delas com certeza são as extensões. O Firefox ainda tem ótimas extensões, mas as disponíveis para Chrome sempre parecem muito mais completas.

Os dois são com certeza os melhores navegadores, se você usar qualquer um deles estará bem servido. A questão é saber qual você vai gostar mais de usar.

CSS Shadow

One of my supervisors at my internship / job told us that we can use drop shadows via CSS.  It’s great that we no longer have to use some fancy paint application to have the same effect.

So~  how do you go about doing that?  Simple!

On the image / div that you want to have a shadow border or whatever, simply id or have a class name associated with it.

Then in your CSS stylesheet, put the following:

-moz-box-shadow: 2px 2px 2px #fff;  /* Mozilla */

-webkit-box-shadow: 2px 2px 2px  #fff; /* Chrome, Safari, etc. */

box-shadow: 2px 2px 2px #fff;  /* Standard */

/* For IE 8 */-ms-filter: "progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Shadow(Strength=2, Direction=135, Color='#fff')";/* For IE 5.5 - 7 */filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Shadow(Strength=2, Direction=135, Color='#fff');

And that’s all there is to it.  Try it out - hope this was helpful!