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National Treasure: Book of Secrets was released on 13 December 2007 - 12 years ago today

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Did you see Henry Cavil ready a passage from the Witcher? Oddly sensual.

Yes, and while I remain unimpressed by the trailers, could we just give this project to Audible and make an audiobook instead of a show? This is wildly better.

Honestly, I saw this movie a month ago and I cannot shake the emotions the Joker’s story carved into me.

His story was one similar to mine. Of course, mine less tragic and cinematic. Yet, the feelings are just as dramatic.

Like The Joker, I grew up poor, invisible, and disturbed. Every day has been an endless fight to keep it together.

“Smile. Just smile.” I would tell myself constantly. Because if I portrayed myself as a happy girl on the outside maybe just maybe the inside would feel the same. Eventually these lies I would tell myself would surface and I would have to face how I really feel.

The Joker (2019)

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Seeing The Joker totally breakdown and embrace his madness made me feel hopeful. As if I existed in his world and could join him in his newfound freedom… Only to have reality hit… That my life wasn’t a movie. & I would have to exit the movie theater and continue the life long battle against myself.

I think I’ve mentioned the struggles of being a screenwriter but one of the nice bits is getting to watch movies as part of your work. This weekend I have to (re)watch one of the coolest action franchise on the planet. I mean, man. It’s just such a drag having to do this.