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This was the 1st feature-length its director ever made -

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With the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot on its way, would you like to hear a Rewind & Review episode on Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back?

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Rebranding a fanficition

I started writing a fanfiction a year or so ago with the intention of focusing on a specific pairing (in this case Harry Potter/Matt Murdock/Daredevil) but after a bit it became something different. At this point it’s more of a comedy adventure about the MCU and Harry’s role in it. My questions are: should I rebrand the fic? If yes, should I just edit the original fanfiction or allow the original fanfiction to remain and create a new one with a different name and summary? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I don’t wanna break any fanfic customs or conventions :)

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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
The Biggest Tragedy of that Trailer

Guys, I’m so mad about that Cats (2019) trailer not only for the nightmares it will bring but also for the waste in potential. I mean they have so many talented individuals lined up for this movie and I know I would have been excited to hear them sing some of those iconic songs, Macavity the Mystery, Rum Tum Tugger, and Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer to name a few. And if I force myself to ignore the terrifying image of all those cat monsters everywhere I can appreciate the ballet-like movements of some of the actors, I’m a sucker for good ballet. But this monstrosity is all we got and I won’t be able to watch it without freaking out.

Oh well, maybe I’ll buy the soundtrack or something.

NOBODY KNOWS (2004) dir. by Koreeda Hirokazu

 I’ve never been that touched and moved by a movie before. I actually felt sick in my stomach when I realized that the mother left for good, and was never coming back. It went on until the end of the film, and I even had to take breaks from it from time to time.
There is very little said, but so much shown in this.. It’s the kind of cinema I love. The details are the most important thing when sadness is shown on the screen, and Hirokazu understood that perfectly. He shows us the cruelty of life in the smallest things.. some shots made me actually tear up : it’s probably just me, but for example, the shot of Shigeru’s dirty feet when he’s watering the plants on the balcony, the shot of the plant when it fell off the balcony, the shots of the fingers on the piano that keep coming back throughout the movie, and of course.. that Scene where Akira is running and running with this travelling following him, like he’s trying to get away from something invisible, from his life and from his responsibilities as the head of the family. Akira just wants freedom, just as much as his mother does. The difference between the mother and the son is that she thinks freedom is based on running away from her responsibilities, and that is why she left and he stayed. She feels overwhelmed and leaves everything on her eldest son’s young shoulders. Akira wishes for a normal childhood, playing video games and going to school, but in the end, when he finally tastes for a few hours this sweet life, he’s violently brought back to reality in the hardest way. He’s only 12 and he has to deal with so much, yet he takes the decision to stay and face the reality, when his mother who should be the mature one, only wants her own happiness.
This movie is shot and written in such a subtle yet devastating way. Every single details moved me. At the end I couldn’t take it anymore and sobbed like a baby, this truly wrecked me.



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Now. It’s outdated but it was revolutionary when it came out and everyone loves about if Hitchcock magic. Any film lover will appreciate just how good this film was. Children today just don’t fucking get it and the 1960 film psycho is pure gold

The plot

Phoenix secretary Marion Crane (Janet Leigh), on the lam after stealing $40,000 from her employer in order to run away with her boyfriend, Sam Loomis (John Gavin), is overcome by exhaustion during a heavy rainstorm. Traveling on the back roads to avoid the police, she stops for the night at the ramshackle Bates Motel and meets the polite but highly strung proprietor Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins), a young man with an interest in taxidermy and a difficult relationship with his mother.

What was good about it

It had Hitchcock magic to it. The suspense and tension built up in a reasonably non graphical script was pure genius and the shots showed that.
Split is basically a modern day version of this and that twist which no one saw coming was perfectly executed.

What was shit about it.
Be my guest….name it cause I can’t!!

Overall opinion

A filming and Hitchcock masterpiece. Easily a 5/5 from us here at btf. Fucking love it. That shower scene is one of the most famous scenes in history and brought a whole new graphical content at the time to filming. Brilliant.

- D-Rock signing off!!!

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