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🥗🍗👌🍜It's For In Your 🍜👌🍗🥗 Weeknight Breasts With The here is a lovely bath in an ample amount of , white wine and lemon, which seasons and tenderizes the chicken

"Lips - bodyparts 1" ©Figurines-Littlepeople Started a new project called bodyparts, more to come in this project. Many thanks to my patient model @itsmemmie

When you , you do so with your entire (not just your ). So as you start to lose mid-facial , you lose the naturally glow that comes with it. To reinstate the volume you have lost, Dr Anita Dhunna can perform a

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My name 莉 a creature Nüwa
would swath in the dead of night,
when a man could shoot six birds
with one bullet & still find his way
home by blood. I know so much
about creation, how a language
can become both homeland
& artifact.
                   Myth #1: girl climbs
to the highest mountain, turns
sparrow & flies to the moon.
The moon becomes her lover
& she does not speak enough
Mandarin to say that she loves it.
I am speaking, of course,
of my mother, nursing bird-bodies
back to life.
                   Myth #2: girl turns
ghost & stone-heavy, lives
in an empty field where the kids
play pirate with tree branches
& the talons of some unlucky bird.
Nüwa grows a finch, a daughter
from prairie grass, crafts bones
she could hide in my mouth.
                                              Myth #3:
girl escapes winter for a house
with a glass boat inside it. A language
that takes my hands & replaces them
with perfect wooden replicas. & I
am sorry that I have not grown
to love this body. & I confess
to all the histories I’ve stolen
from Nüwa. But still, I will sing
her name as creation.

Creation Myth with Birds~ Lily Zhou