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Overlooking Tagaytay . . . DJI Mavic Pro .

That jaw-dropping-as-far-as-your-eye-can-see view on our way to Volubilis. We just had to stop and soak in this view. 😍 . . . . .

Get out and explore the of ! Have you been in touch with nature lately? It's soothing to the soul...

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Will you survive a 3-day vacation without Social Media?
Yes. I would.
I already experienced it.
Sa isang medyo liblib na lugar sa San Juan, Batangas kami napadpad.
The plan was to stay sa house ng kamag-anak ng isang tropa, we imagined it na we will wake up with the sun’s heat beside the beach
but little did we know that their house was in the feet of a mountain, so yeah, malayo sa karagatan.
The scene that we arrived at makes us more exhausted from a long 3-hour ride, partida commute HAHA!
BUT, in the contrary, we appreciate how simple life could be kapag andun ka sa lugar.
Tahimik, parang walang bahid ng problema sa siyudad.


Led Zeppelin - “How Many More Times”

Amazing sunset and waterfall!Tag your hiking buddies below!👇🏻


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