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BIRD OF PRAY. Hookie’s ‘Crow’ Honda CB750 Cafe Racer

次は16時から〜!! 本日はこれが最後になりそうです! 画像まってます💓星野会少ないかも今日は!でも初めましてさんや、他の子の応援隊の人が声かけてくれて嬉しい😊 .

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Really dig this bike in the window of Heroes Motor on Melrose Ave. in WeHo.

Standard 520-84 Non O-Ring Chain D.I.D 520-84 USD 36.75. Get 15% off using code: 4EE4HW4BCZG7 (Only on )

9 years ago today I got together with the love of my life. We’ve had so many great adventures. It’s been a wild ride & I wouldn’t have traded a moment of it for anything. Miss you when we’re apart during the winter, but we’ll see each other soon.

人気のウィリー G スカルコレクションに 待望のブラックが登場! 店頭のアクセサリーパーツ 20%OFF の決算SALE開催中!! まずはご来店からどうぞ♪

When you find yourself standing around in a field in the sunshine smiling at 250 , you're probably at a show in New Zealand:

STOMP BODY GRIP KIT KX 450F Stompgrip Inc. 44-10-0059 USD 59.95. Get 15% off using code: 4EE4HW4BCZG7 (Only on )

Yamaha MT-15's positioning in the market is bang in the middle of its sibling, the Yamaha YZF-R15 V3. We compare the two bikes and see how they stack up against each other. Have a look!

The for is traveling around the world! Another example of the of the community. .....Please Subscribe to these YouTube mvlogs: MotoMattMan-TN, Marshall 3498, Amp'd Moto, NC Stoney, and Broncoride. LOVE you gentlemen!

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創業1999年 個人のカスタム時代から入れると1994年からハーレーに関わっています。
二十数年かけて 今お仲間にお届けできるTRIJYAの技術・パーツ開発・金属工房・シート工房・塗装工房などなど TRIJYAのカスタムバイク作りに関わる匠の技を少しでもお伝えできればとを映像に致しました🤗✨✨
I made a company introduction video if I could tell everyone a little.
TRIJYA’s skill of crafts involved in making custom bikes.
Parts development · Metal workshop · Seat studio · Painting studio etc.
I have been building custom bikes in Japan since 1999.
Please look forward to our new work!!
Do my best!!
Please follow @trijyacustommotorcycle
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Lesson to all of yall motorcyclists: wear your fucking gear.

My crash was at <15 mph and I high sided after slipping on gravel. My helmet looked ok but that is a chunk of CARBON FIBER missing.

My jacket elbow protector saved me from shattering my elbow. My collar bone was broken into 5 pieces (damn near a compound fracture) and I fractured my wrist.

I am miraculously ok after a plate was put on my collar bone with screws, and I have great movement and dexterity despite the sutures. But between my jacket taking all the road rash and my helmet taking a seemingly small hit, I suffered no road rash on my body and my helmet saved me from smashing my skull.

Love ya’ll, be safe.

Dress for the SLIDE. NOT THE RIDE.

And wear your bucket for fuck’s sake.

My (right) motorcycle and my late best friends (left) motorcycle the night before he was taken. It’s hard losing your riding buddy, but reminiscing about the times we had keeps me going. Watch out for your friends, and keep the rubber on the road friends.