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At The End Of The Day It Is Your Mentality That Dictates Your Reality. -

When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence. .

It's time for our . What's your motivator? Drop your answer below and we'll discuss on our next episode.

No time for the negative. Surround yourself with ppl who make you feel good about yourself & what you do. Tip: if you feel drained (mentally, emotionally, spiritually) after being around someone, that’s a sign that they’re not good for you.

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Hey guys, i started a new project about investing, motivation, discipline and healthy life, if u want to join and have a look i`ll put sa link below. 

Good tips for a better you, for a better start of the year, and for education.

PS : I`ll follow you back ^^

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The BEST don’t start at the top… so what makes YOU think YOU are just going to wander on stage and be in the lime light straight from your couch and become the next big thing?

The Top Chefs start out washing dishes, setting tables and if they are lucky they get to do hours of food prep… for years before they ever prepare and serve a meal at a high end restaurant. 👨‍🍳👩‍🍳

YOU want to be successful and want to be a STAR but YOU simply aren’t working away handing out flyers and setting up seats for guests and working at events or places that are relevant to your dreams… YOU aren’t even volunteering your time and energy towards your dreams.

It’s time to wake up and realize that, YOU don’t go from your couch or bed or day job to being the next McGregor, John Legend, Tony Robbins or Steve Jobs.

YOU have to start somewhere and that usually is the bottom and that is where YOU develop your skills, build your connections and learn the business of what YOU want to do inside out or from the bottom up.

YOU can have all the natural ability, gifts and talents but I promise YOU, that you will never get to the top, be the best and have the impact YOU want in any endeavour if YOU aren’t prepared to start somewhere within that field or realm.

The truth is most of YOU simply don’t start because YOU don’t want to start at the bottom and because of that attitude YOU will never get the chance to truly shine and use your gifts to your full potential.

The best don’t start at the top… neither will YOU.

#GratefulAF 🙏

So start… start anywhere. Just get involved and just dedicate your time and make friends and open yourself to learning and experiencing because until YOU learn and experience it within the industry, sector or arena YOU want to be in YOU really don’t know how it works, why it works and what it takes to make BIG things happen. 🤩👍

Success is a state of mind.
If you want to succeed, start by thinking of yourself as a winner.

Joyce Brothers


It never ends. I just had it out with my Nana because of my phone bill. She had the audacity to blame ME for leaving my job in a hurry while over the phone and even brush aside the abuse I suffered, even after I showed her pictures. What kind of sociopathic witch does that to their only grandchild?


I’m at least glad to know where I stand on her priorities list, and that my life is worth less than a $76 phone bill to her. How in the holy mother of fuck did I come out somewhat well-adjusted being raised around all this crazy my whole life? Good news is, my aunt says she’s gonna write the check for this month for me then take me to get a new phone on her. If my grandmother is going to do this to her ONLY GRANDCHILD, even knowing what I went through in that place, she’s not worth keeping in my life any more than my parents are.

And y'all wanna know the REAL kicker? She STILL demands my respect after all this shit she said tonme just because she’s my grandmother. NO. Respect is not imposed, demanded, begged, bought, or any kind of due because of relation by blood. It’s earned and offered through your actions to others. You speak the same way you always do to others, whether it’s to the garbageman, a family member, or to the leader of a nation. She’s shown she doesn’t, and has never, respected me as a person so I refuse to give her anything more in return after this.

Dear readers who have made it this far and have gone through a similar scenario as I have with my entire abusive family these past three weeks, if you only take one thing away from this post then it should be this: Do NOT be ashamed to cut toxic family members out of your life by any means. Blood isn’t thicker than your happiness and peace of mind, and you will grow to be a stronger person when you don’t have this poison sapping that strength inside of you. If nothing else, know that I believe in you to better your own life. Please stay strong, you can get out too 💚


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Day 23!


If you’re seeing this post chances are most of your thoughts are just like mine. 🥰

“The richest persons are those who give most in service to others.”

I wish everyone of you experience the feeling of serving someone else to overcome their limiting beliefs.
Start helping someone today! I promise you will be the richest person. 💙❤️

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Self-love is also the things that you do for your body. I know that when you have a bad day, it is so easy to sit on your bed wrapped in a blanket and eat crappy food, but is it going to make you feel any better? Of course not. Nourishing your body is the greatest form of therapy you can provide for yourself. Put yourself first. Choose to eat healthy no matter what because it will help you. It will give you the clarity of mind, and it will make you feel enormously proud of yourself. Always take care of your body; don’t neglect it. You can deal with any situation, but first you have to learn how to look after yourself.


“Am I going on a rant or does anybody feel me?” 🤣🤣🤣

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