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2019 just swung its arms open wide saying, "I'm all yours!" Let’s make it a year to remember.

Matis 2019 Conference Speech underway : The key to a successful business: Stratagies for remaining engaged, focused & motivated. @matis_uk

How To Become Influential - The 5 Most Powerful Words You Can Say to Another Person

Both of our teams qualified to the playoff stage at the 3v3 Championship. Our best wishes for our boys today! Good vibes and thoughts coming your way. Let’s go Meraki!!

Today, we honor a man who taught us the true meaning of leadership, justice, and empathy.

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anonymous asked:

I found a way to connect my passion for gaming and working out thanks to a VR game. I played the game the last two days for an hour without noticing I played it for such a long time, and the game makes me sweat a lot and now I have muscle ache in my upper body so I rest today. But finally finding a workout that motivates me to keep doing it feels SO good.

That’s awesome! 



Got a few free books. However one of the reasons why there were +100 free sociology books was because our government decided to keep on cut spendings on education. Most schools/universities decide to spread out this fairly between faculties in their best attempt to not dismiss teachers and professors. However, our University headmaster decided that the engineering students are more valuable and represent the university more than the social sciences faculty. Over half of the budget cutback goes directly to our faculty which means sociology loses their house on campus, the same goes for the Law students. This is even though 1/3 of all graduating students from my universities are from the social science faculty. And I’m mad. So fucking mad. 

(but hey, I still get paid to study.. I guess I can’t complain)