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It all starts with small changes. 🌻 . . . . #…

If the whole world do not believe in you, one person still has a chance to believe in you and its YOURSELF.

Thanks to CREPA CEBU for the certificate recognizing as one of the motivational speaker November 14, 2018

In the age where instant gratification is wildly practice, it is becoming harder and harder to 'wait' for the fruits of our labour. But understand this, you can't microwave success. It takes time and of course, effort. .

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My favorite type of text!!! Pictures of empty uboats ready for the next day!!! Especially when this store has had 6 trucks in 4 days🙌 awesome job Christy, Hannah and the Entire 2081 team!!!!

Sometimes the road less traveled is less traveled for a reason. -Jerry Seinfeld

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Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.

—Edgar Degas

you are never alone, no matter if it’s your best day or your worst - please reach out if you need help 💕

Every time that the hand is positioned on the right side of the screen in these star photos, that means that it’s a guest holding it up; proving even further that you’re not alone and there’s plenty of people looking out for you! ⭐️

Gaining a new sense of self can be a very overwhelming and a confusing sort. Think of it as a caterpillar shedding and evolving into a butterfly. Try to hold onto the true essence of self in the midst of what is now.

The unimaginable is in the air and I tend to listen to its truest intentions. It’s impossible to ignore the spirit of objects in the presence of a wandering mind. You tend to observe and dissect the very thing that things are and what you think of those things, what those things think of you and what you think of while you’re thinking of all this.

The mind is strange fruit. It grows, it eats, it’s eaten, and it decomposes into the world. The world is an enormously complex interrelated organism of which we will always fail to understand.

Ive given up on popular music, trendy looks and praised likable character and have given into true imaginable art. For that is where true emotions never lie.

I’ve always considered myself spiritual. In a time where I was lost there was the Christian idea of “God” and the unification of church. As I grew more into myself and planted my feet’s in more places than I was told I fell out of touch with the church and it’s ways while discovering more of who I was and could become. In no way do I dismiss the church because it can be a good thing. I believe in being free, tied to no denomination; unbound letting nothing dominate my own thinking.

Nowadays I keep myself at a distance because I love my self that much. “I found out how it feels not to be chained to anything, to any race, to any faith, to anybody, to any greed, to any hopes, to any…..anything; I know how it feels to be free.”

Ph: Aaron Johnson

Bisous !



You’re not the same individual you were a year ago, a month ago, or a week ago. You’re always growing. Experiences don’t stop. That’s life.

My thirty days of whole30 officially ended on Monday! I was so so happy it was over. I am proud to say I did not go crazy and eat everything I had been craving for those thirty days. I have learned so much on this journey about what my body likes and what it doesn’t and how to handle some of my issues. I only lost a total of 6 pounds but that’s okay. This was dinner tonight and I have to say my sweet potato “buns” worked out a lot better this time!

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I’m trying to put into words how I’m feeling tonight- but I’m having a hard time. So bear with me here.

I have been working on improving my health and physical fitness for MANY years. I’m not sure when the need to be a certain size or to have a certain look became super important for me or even mattered at all- but it did. I constantly find myself silently beating myself up for things that I ate or workouts I didn’t do. It’s exhausting, it really is.

I had an appendectomy 4 weeks ago. And I dropped from 130lbs to 120lbs in about a week from loss of appetite & sleeping the entire week post-op. Since then, I’ve been doing light cardio to stay active as I’m not allowed to lift weights for a few more weeks. You know how happy I was to see 120lbs on the scale?! I was beyond excited. All I could think was “okay hales, you just gotta stay here and maintain it.”

I’m now sitting at around 126lbs. I know I look a healthy weight but I still catch myself thinking that I messed it up. Making a goal to stay as lean as I was during my recovery when I was hardly eating AT ALL- was so unattainable and unrealistic and just plain stupid on my part.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is this- during your fitness journey you will have MANY ups and MANY downs. This could go on for years until you find your groove. Heck, I’ve been religiously working out for over 4 years and I still haven’t figured out this whole healthy lifestyle. Nothing will change over night. You may lose your motivation for days or even weeks at a time (that’s me right now) but it will come back and you will push past it. I’ve had this fitness blog for years and some may follow me and think I’m SO healthy and SO motivated all the time, but that’s so far from true. But, I’m still here. Trying my best and that’s all you can do 🥰


Hit me if you can. Good luck, tho
Don’t let other people’s opinion get to you to the Pointer of impacting your life
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