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Look Of Shell Motif Necklace Show the world who you are with our motif necklace. Choose from four stunning pendants, each crafted in a unique symbol inlaid with pearlescent and iridescent accents.

est le de caractérisé par un couvercle recouvert et capitonné, avec des couture qui dessinent un géométrique à encadrés. Longhi à la , .

Whether you need somewhere to feel centered after a long day of moving 🧘‍♂️ or you're looking for a place to plug in 💻, our community has your back. When you come home to Motif, all this and more is right at your fingertips!

Love - the library is super cool, personalization and the little surprise you receive when you open your new specs (I won’t ruin it for the rest of you) in fact ... I’m wearing em. I hit up the store on in Toronto.

çatalca Mermer granit mezar mermer mezar / istanbul /TÜRKİYE

çatalca Mermer granit mezar mermer mezar / istanbul /TÜRKİYE

Happy to report, yesterday, we passed our annual ISO20252 audit for the 21st year in succession! Well done to everyone here at Motif.

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layout and branding exploration

I’ve been keeping a dream journal for a few months, and I’ve noticed some recurring themes
  • My high school physics classroom and the same handful of students I had the most classes with
  • Field trips (every year, from elementary school to college)
  • Conventions centers or concerts (any large gathering of people)
  • Movie premiers (often at theaters located in shopping malls)
  • Elevators; lots and lots of elevators
  • Road trips through Florida
  • The McElroy Brothers (but only Justin and Griffin; sorry Travis)
  • Washington, DC (specifically the Mall and Congress)
  • The Soviet Union; sometimes I’m in the past, sometimes it has survived to the present
  • One (1) of my co-workers from a seasonal job I work summers and winters
  • The Venture Bros cartoon (I’m never in it, I just watch nonexistent episodes on TV)
  • Cinematic chase scenes, usually through parking garages or along rooftops
  • Airports and airplanes
  • Driving recklessly through the parking lot of the local grocery store
  • Dreams about dreams, or about waking up from dreams and trying to explain them to other people (very meta)

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A very different motif

What’s In a Motif? Part 8

On The Tenth Day of Fun I present… another addition in another series! Sorry for the graphics this time, but I’ll try to update it when I have a bit more time ^^


Peacocks (孔雀) - Kujaku
Rarity: Uncommon
Seasons: All

What isn’t there to love about the enigmatic bird that is the definition of luxury and showing off? Peafowl have been farmed in Asia and around the world for centuries, as they’re surprisingly easy to care for and they don’t need to be killed to harvest their luxurious feathers! The male peafowl grows an entirely new set of tail feathers each year for mating purposes and sheds them at the end in order to grow an even larger set the following year. These feathers have become synonymous with beauty and power.

Although known for their beauty, they are actually associated with Kanon, the Buddhist goddess of mercy for an entirely different reason: they eat snakes! Peafowl have long been kept for their ability to viciously kill snakes, especially poisonous ones, and protect their owners from harm. Because of this, they are symbols of protection and divinity ^^


#motif #hunt (hier: Flugplatz Marl-Loemühle)

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Motif Çıkartabilicekmisiniz.

water and shame :: a rayla centric meta

Back when Book One was the only season, Rayla’s scene by the shore in 1x05 always stuck out to me. Not only because of how much we learn about her — her fear of water, issues with vulnerability and opening up, her parents, etc. — but also because of the shot where she looks down at her reflection in the water. I’ve always been fond of those sorts of shots, mostly because I just think they’re cool and pretty and an interesting angle, and “The Lion King” if not “The Prince of Egypt” conditioned me to love them from a young age.

But then S3 repeated that sort of shot twice over, and I realized, Huh, it’s a motif. So, let’s talk about it.

(Also, thank you to everyone who liked my shitpost foreshadowing for this meta. You’re the realest ones and I love y’all.)

Water, for Rayla, operates primarily as a source of shame, both from a literal and from a metaphorical standpoint. She’s scared of it, even though Moonshadow elves are never supposed to show fear. It’s something she has to conquer a few times in S1 and S2, and her subsequent discomfort over it. I’ve talked about Rayla’s fear of water and her other fears before here, but for the purposes of this analysis, the metaphorical standpoint is far more important.

Simply put: water represents Rayla’s shame, because it forces her to look at herself, and she doesn’t like what she sees.


In some ways she’s drawn to it, stepping closer to her shore in the scene above, when she struggles to accept Callum’s compliment ( “That was brave, Rayla,” “No, I already told you, I’m afraid of water.” “I know. That’s why what you did was so heroic”) and the boys’ viewpoints: “It’s okay to be afraid of things.”

Rayla then admits one of her weaknesses, doubly so, as compared to before.

R: I guess I was just afraid of being afraid.

She’s still, to a certain degree, feeling like she failed because she was afraid. Then, Callum manages to bring her out of it, even making her laugh slightly, and having her turn away from the water to face him and Ezran of her own accord.

C: Well that’s kind of circular. But hey, worth noting: you’re not afraid of being afraid of being afraid.
R: That’s deep. But stupid.


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