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bad roads in Nigeria belong to states - FG. W/ x & On 🇳🇬 Online listening portal:

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doing great work to ⬆️ access for with Some world leading studies underway. Good to see the aspects of taking part in trials like as well

🇭🇷, parliamentary election : 🔼 : 27,9 % (+0,5) 🔼 : 24,8 % (+0,2) 🔼 : 6,2 % (+0,2) 🔼 : 5,7 % (+0,1) 🔼 : 3,4 % (+0,1) 🔼 : 2,8 % (+1) ... , 10/11/19

in 1940 launched its movie which was inspired by the classical music works. These are played by the Philadelphia Orchestra directed by Leopold Stokowski. 🎼

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Took a and went on an in this past weekend. Determined to make the out of this ! 😊 Caribbean next week! I'm totally ready for some 🌞after the haha.

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A lawyer for House Republicans said that Donald using the European Union Ambassador for his shakedown of Ukraine (which is NOT a part of the E.U.) was not “the most outlandish thing” possible.

Yeah, I will grant him that, this becoming president was.


Top 10 Extreme Weather and Natural Disaster Scenes in Movies

A dead war horse is the single most expensive corpse you’ll ever see.  As well, having a death horse is not only a nice gesture, but a nice souvenir. As you can imagine, after being injured, losing his coat, or even just being killed, someone was once a bit of a jerk.  It’s not as if he didn’t have a reputation for being like everybody.  In other words, you have to keep those things close to your chest as well.

“Wizards” predictions

- The Lady of the Lake is a classy, older woman. With a temper.

- Changeling Jim? Why not?

- Morgana proceeds to go freaking bonkers. Just batty.

- Hear me out: Alien Trolls

- Yet more aliens who’ve been screwed over by Akaridions

- Sally-Go-Back makes an appearance somehow

- Gun Robot is among the aliens screwed over by Akaridions

- Seriously, Akaridion-5 is kinda like the England of the universe. Invades everyone and colonizes everything.

- Archie is NOT douxie’s familiar, but the Pink-Haired Girl’s.

- He’s more like Douxie’s annoying, feline roommate.

- Miss Janeth is still obsessed with popcorn.

- Senor Uhl finally gets the therapy he so desperately needs.

- Jim receives an apology from the adults who owe it to him.

- The Lady of the Lake turns Merlin into a tree.

- Morgana redemption arc, but she’s still insane.

- Just please. Not softie Morgana? PLEASE

- Toby gets more characterization

- Yer a wizard, Toby

- Nana has a badass moment, probably involving a shovel

- Douxie is gay. He’s just polite to girls because THAT’S CALLED BEING NICE

- Krel’s portals cause mayhem


- We see Avalon

- The Knights of the Round Table are himbos. All of them.

- AAARRRRGH is best boy. Continues to be so.

- Blinky gets a badass moment.

- Blinky using Vendel’s staff to smack people Rafiki-style when they aren’t paying attention.

- Claire’s magical abilities cause problems that start the plot of an episode

- An episode devoted to background characters



Top 10 Extremely Short Anime Series


10 Video Games That Were Sold On Lies