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If you want to achieve financial independence on retirement, consider these steps to increase chance of .

What's on your list this week? Checking your perhaps? We often get asked about how to improve a credit score. And while there are no hard and fast rules, here are our five favourite !

You could have fallen the last week but not this week. Rise and fight! Rising when we have fallen is one of life’s simple pleasures. It’s easy to do and can always make you feel great.

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Buy to let mortgages can cost more and need a higher deposit – a mortgage advisor will help you get the best deal, the first time and can clearly explain all the options. Learn how:

Learn how LendAI is using innovative AI techniques to help borrowers navigate the complex application process, while also improving loan quality for lenders

for No.1 - 'Avoid classic mistakes' People almost always end up doing more work to a than they originally planned. And remember has to be paid out of cash, not through a .

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A Review of VA Streamline Refinance Loan : mortgagerefinance101
Refinance is a common term among loan seekers or individuals currently paying off their loans. Refinance means to pay off older loans by taking new ones with reduces interest rates. In case of people who aren’t able to pay off their loans, they can opt for a new one that stretches over a considerable time period. Although, it does lead to the final lump sum registering a significant increase.

How to Shop for a Mortgage as a First Time Home Buyer

Are you a first time home buyer who’s looking to buy your first house? We partnered with Robin Thomas of Chase Home Lending to help walk you through the basics of shopping for a mortgage and how to choose your mortgage lender.