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Must read: Don't be caught without these in your for - New post

The kingdom of strongly condemns the heinous terrorist act which is utterly inconsistent with the teachings of all religions and human values. All our solidarity, thoughts and prayers with the people of , at this terrible time.

Blue Door Cuisine – A real glimpse into Moroccan life at a cookery class in Tangier. Read all about our time at here -

Stop the repression in the Don't support the corrupt and dictatorial regime of .

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In March, two groups of MBA students traveled to and to for a pair of “Doing Business in (DBi)” courses. Learn more:

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Love in Tamazight part. 2

Adressing a dear one

(When adressing men I’ll use the color blue ♂️ and for women I’ll use pink ♀️)

tayr-iw my love

a lɛemr-iw my life

a tafat-iw my light 🕯️

a tafat n dunit-iw the light of my life 🌅

a tamurt-iw my home

a ɛzizen felli you, who’s dear to me

a tamelḥant-iw my pretty 🌸

a wul-iw / a yul-iw my heart ♥️

a tassayiw my liver (North Africans use their kidney to declare someone is precious to them)

a tatbirt innu my pigeon 🕊️

a tiwalin innu my eyes

argaz-iw my man / my husband

tameṭṭut-iw my woman / my wife

aḥbib-iw / amdakul-iw my beloved / my bf

taḥbibt-iw / tamdakult-iw my beloved / my gf

a yelli innu my dear (literal meaning : my daughter, used in Moroccan Atlas)

igider innu my eagle 🦅

a tamellalt my deer (gazelle) 🦄

a tamelḥant pretty

ay aɛziz / a taɛzizt beloved

ay afrux / a tafruxt handsome / beautiful 🐣

a tasekkurt charming 🦃 (literal meaning : partridge used by Kabyles to describe pretty and attractive women, attributing the highest degree of beauty to her)

Plus: Grammar point

Possessive pronouns

-iw my, mine (affix possessive pronoun)

inu my, mine (independent possessive pronoun)



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