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Saturday, April 20, 2019

I was ready to wake up early this time. Walking through the streets of Chefchauoen while the streets were virtually vacant, was something straight out of dreams. The walls are truly a magnificent blue. It’s so calming and I can’t believe that people actually live there and get to take these colors in every day.

We got back to the riad for breakfast at 8:30am, and went to meet our driver for 9:30. Breakfast was really good and we got ~sfenj~ so it was definitely a win. 

Once we met our driver, we started our drive to Volubilis to walk around the Roman ruins. The ruins were truly beautiful. 

However, we could see a really nasty thunderstorm in the distance. But didn’t think too much of it because we thought it looked like it was blowing in the opposite direction. Boy oh boy were we wrong.. Not only was it a good old fashion thunderstorm, but it turned into an out right hail storm, then it started to pour. We thought we would be safe behind a column, but also we were wrong about that too… 🙄 we got soaked… because guess who didn’t bring their raincoat with them and left it in the car… oh right, me. We made the executive decision to just say fuck it and run back to the car. Because at that point it just didn’t matter. It also seemed that other people who were standing behind columns next to use were not soaked…

We got to a restaurant that let us change into dry clothes, and then sat down for lunch. And then started our drive to Meknes. We just drove around the city and saw some of the big hits. We walked through the Irrigation Festival. It was insane in there. So many people. And again, it started to rain, and I once again didn’t have my raincoat because I thought we were passed this….

After seeing some highlights of the city, we started driving back to Fes. Our driver dropped us off at the blue gate of the medina… but this time actually close to our riad for the next two nights. We were able to find the riad pretty quickly, which was a relief. But we had a guy following us down the street trying to get our attention, and we were ignoring him because we didn’t want another replay of the first night n Fes… but it turns out it was our host. 

He brought us to his carpet shop to meet his wife. And then proceeded to tell us that they actually didn’t have a room for us tonight, but they would have a room for us tomorrow night. So we asked if we wouldn’t mind staying at his wife’s sister’s house, which was right next door to the riad. And this point I was just like man what the fucking fuck is happening. I will never, ever wait to book anything ever again, because it turns out literally all of fucking Fes was booked. Ultimately, we had to accent this offer because we literally had no other choice. It just absolutely sucked because, we’d 1. already paid for two nights 2. we declined our 2nd riad’s offer to stay in two different places yesterday. 3. Why the fuck is Fes playing us like this. It was definitely like of a bummer for our last two nights in Morocco after such a wonderful trip.

We checked in, drank some mint tea and then met this woman’s sister and dropped off our things in a room where bright pink and purple couches, which were the skinniest couches I have ever seen, lined the walls. Unfortunately I didn’t think any photos of the hilarious room, but there is a video of me dancing which I’ll post separately.

We dropped our bags and walked around the medina. We didn’t stay out too late because we were staying in someone’s house and didn’t want to be too rude by coming back late at night. We got some snacks and a light dinner, got comfortably lost enough that we were able to find our way home by ourselves.


Excited to perform in Mazagan Hotel and Casino in Morocco, the night of my birthday!! Greatest gift is to be on stage!! #mazagan #morocco #mazaganhotel #davidserero (à Mazagan, El Jadida, Morocco)

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Friday, April 19, 2019

Evan and I had booked an over night trip to Chefchauoen and Mekenes. We had a personal tour, which was a nice change of pace from our last tour, which was crazy big… I’m going to let the photos speak for themselves for this post.

We started our trip our drive at 8:45am. Our first stop for photos on the journey to Chefchauoen, was Barrage Sidi Chahed, a beautiful lake. On the drive, Evan got an email from the riad that we booked the night before saying that they were sorry, but they couldn’t fulfill our room request because they were fully booked. Great. Cool. Love it. So we found another riad on Expedia, and booked that immediately.

We stopped for coffee after 2 hours in the car, which was much needed. But then got back on the road. We arrived at 12:30p, our driver walked us to our riad, Dar Hannan. We dropped off our bags and then went out to explore, we got lunch and then walked up to the Spanish Mosque to get the view of the city. It was breath taking, the whole town is blue and white. 

While we were at the look out, Evan got a call from the riad that told us this morning that they couldn’t keep our booking and said they’d worked something out and they could put us in a different riad tomorrow night, and then we could stay with them the second night. He said thank you, but we had already booked another place.

We walked back down from the mosque, and continued to explore. We found a small square and sat down to relax and get some mint tea. 

We met our driver and he walked us to Riad Dar Meziana for dinner. After dinner we walked around the city at night. It was so peaceful, not having the streets congested with hoards of people.

We went back to our riad and hit the hay… we planned to getup early and take photos in the morning without a bunch of people in them. 


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Thursday, April 18, 2019

… We .. woke up.. you guessed it! EARLY. To catch a train to the country’s capital, Rabat. Once we got there, we discovered the train station didn’t have lockers or a place to put our bags like we had hoped. It immediately sunk in that we would have to have our bags with us for the whole day, which would have sucked for me, but also would have sucked 20x more for Evan, has he was carrying the large pack with all our clothes. We tried a couple of hotels to see if they would store our bags for us if we paid, however, after the 3rd hotel, we realized that no one was going to let us do that. So we had a brainstorm session and decided to hire a taxi to take us around all day and bring us to all the spots we wanted to hit. Which was 100% the right decision. There’s no way we would have survived walking around Rabat with our packs.

We grabbed a driver and settled on a fee and set out for the day. We started the day off at the royal palace. We had out passports checked and then walked toward the palace. It was really extravagant. 

Spot two was Chellah, which is a ruined city that was founded by the Muslim conquerors of North Africa. A complex that included mosque, minaret, and royal tombs. It was so interesting and quite beautiful to look at. Evan and I had a lot of fun walking around amongst the ruins. It’s wild for me for me to think that this complex was once thriving and highly decorated. We spent a little over an hour here, but definitely could have spent a longer time

Our third stop was the Annalusian Gardens and the Oudayas Kasbah. We entered through the garden and then walked into the blue narrow allies of the kasbah. The walls were painted a wonderful blue, and honestly, it got me really excited for our future trip to Chefchauoen. We walked to a look out and admired the ocean views. Walking through the ally we saw a little stall selling what looked like friend dough with sugar. They’re called sfenj. We got one to split, but devoured it and then went back for a second. It was soooooo goooooooood.

Our fourth stop was the Hassan Tower and Mausoleum of Mohammad V. The Hassan Tower was started in 1195. The tower was supposed to be the largest minaret in the world alongside a mosque. However the construction of the mosque stopped in 1199. The mosque was left incomplete, leaving hundreds of stumps that where intended to be columns. We were there during a call to prayer. Evan and I both learned that during every call to prayer, someone literally is doing it, we both had thought that it was a recording. 

And our final stop, was to be dropped off at a medina entrance, we walked through the streets. Contemplating if we were going to get food or not. We decided to not. And just walked around, it was a little overwhelming with our backpacks, so we didn’t stay too long. 

We walked to the 7th Art Cafe for a couple of virgin mojitos, yuuuum, and a couple of apps. We decided to catch an early train then we intended to Fes. Boy oh boy… Fes.  Didn’t start off like we had hoped… Rabat was really fun and I really enjoyed my time there.

We got a taxi from the train station “to our riad”. Our riad, Riad Scalia, was in the medina, and Fes has the oldest medina and the largest medina where there are only foot paths, and cars can’t get in. We got dropped off at one of the gates to the medina, which was still a mile away from where the riad was located and the taxi driver told us we only needed to walk 5 minutes into the medina, and we’d find it, but … that was not the case at all… we got really turned around, trying to follow the map on our phones. We were approached by a guy who offered to help us. At this point this had happened a couple of times and we got duped into “tipping” them for their help. We had made a rule earlier in the trip that this was no longer happening… but rules get broken when you’re really tired and need help because you’re completely lost. So this dude who’s face and outfit is permanent burned in my brain helped us find our hotel. Then he asked for a tip because he helped us find it, which we gave him. However it wasn’t enough and he wanted more, and we hadn’t asked for his help, but he was demanding it. We protested and then he spit at our feet and made some threatening comments, finally I was like dude just fucking take it, this is out of control. We gave him the money and then just walked to our riad. I was kind of on edge and wicked annoyed by the entire thing.

We got into the riad and the host was so kind, but however, had to tell us that he only had our booking for that night and not the next three nights. And we were like, how is this happening, so we went into detail to talk to us and said he’d try to help us find another place to stay because there was no way he would be able to host us. This whole day had been frustrating af. Obviously it wasn’t his fault personally but Expedia was screwing us over big time. Evan said he would book another place and we’d work on getting our money back from Expedia. Once we got into our room, Evan had booked a riad in Rabat, so we had to cancel that right away and started to look for a new riad and booked it. 



Океан зачаровывает 🌊🌊🌊

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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Evan and I .. woke up early????? (haha) to go to Jardin Majourelle. We wanted to get there right when it opened because of how busy it gets. We got a driver through our riad, and arrived to the garden before it opened. But we only had to wait in a short line. This garden was one of the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen. We were both so happy to have gotten there so early, we were able to stroll leisurely, holding hands, among the cacti, palm trees, and banana leaves.   

Jacques Majourelle, was a French orientalist painter and the son of Art Nouveau furniture designer, Louis Majourelle. Jacques Majourelle hired architect, Paul Sinior, to build his artist studio. In a remarkable blue color with yellow accents.

We walked around the garden for about an hour and a half. So we sat down in the garden cafe to drink some mint tea and juice. It was so relaxing. Also the mint tea in Morocco is to die for. The garden was so peaceful when we first arrived, but when we were leaving at 9:30a, there were so many people walking on the pathways it was unbearable. Highly recommend if you’re visiting Jardin Majourelle, get there when it first opens, you’ll be able to have a peaceful walk, with only about 15 other people. I would not have enjoyed my time there if we had decided to go later than we did. 

After we finished our tea we walked down the street to the Yves Saint Laurent Museum. The exhibit was beautiful. They had about 50 pieces on display. I really enjoyed walking through the exhibit. 

Our driver picked us up around noon and drove us back to main square near our riad. We walked around the Koutoubia Mosque and then walked to Jemaa el Fna. It was less busy during the afternoon hours during the week, a nice change of speed. We got a juice at stall No.39. 

The temperature today was going to get up to 93°F, which I would probably kill me. So after our walk through the square, we walked back to the riad, hung out on the roof top for as long as we could manage and then went back down to the room to keep cool and relax. We’ve has a busy week so far. It was nice to get off our feet and just sit on the bed in our robes, catching up on stuff. 

For our last night in Marrakech, we booked a Hammam bath and a couples massage, which quite frankly was amazing, I cannot lie. 

We went back up to our room from the spa and got dressed and headed back into the craziness of Jemaa el Fna and into the winding streets of Souk Semmarine to get dinner at Naranj. Which was a nice break from traditional Moroccan food.