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anonymous asked:

Hi Mo, I get your opinion, it's pretty much the standard argument from pro-circle people. Unsupervised mages can be dangerous. But I have a couple questions. 1. What about Tevinter? They're a mage run society and they have almost no problems with demons. Their problem is cultural (blood magic). 2. What about the Dalish? Their problems with mages and blood magic are both few and far between. Mages need to be educated and need to be checked, but they don't need to be locked up in the Circle.

Thank you, friend.

It’s the standard argument for a reason because it’s the right, obvious, easy to understand one. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t make it sound like I was putting no creative effort into my opinion. But I get you.

1. Tevinter is the REASON circles exist, so it’s really not the best argument you could have picked. 

But I think I see where you were going?

I don’t know what source you have that says Tevinter mages have almost no problems with demons. That would make NO sense to me, because blood magic involves demonic assistance by nature. In DA2 there was not ONE instance where blood magic did not lead to becoming an abomination.

If I had to make an educated guess as to why this is the case, it would be that demons find it much easier to prey on those whose wills are weak, and who are inherently good. They gain more from them. 

2. When it comes to the Dalish. This one usually trips me up. I’ll admit. The Dalish deal with magic well. But the Dalish are very few in numbers, and the mages are even more rare. All keepers and their firsts are mages.

But to be honest, anon, though the Dalish don’t have a Circle, they’re no less brutal about those with the gift.

Merrill was taken from her clan as a child to train under Keeper Marathari, much like mage children are taken from their parents to learn at the circle.

So while it’s true that the Dales have exceptional knowledge of demons and their nature, it’s also true that they treat it with caution just as the Circles do.

I feel it’s also appropriate to mention that we are VERY uneducated on the methods the Dalish use.

Also if you even READ my last post I agree they shouldn’t be locked up indefinitely. But I’m not too keen on them roaming free either. Even after being educated. Education does not ensure obedience any judicial system will tell you that.

My ideal circle is modeled after Rivain.