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Summer tans + summer love. ♥

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We were at Christmas dinner. With the new and big family. I was quite surprised, as each of the cousins ​​and cousins, thought they were not photogenic. I was fascinated with each of them. Everyone had their own factions, and essences. I remember watching each one, and I imagined what poses favored them according to their face, and that they dressed with some time that they had left. (I will upload photos of them little by little).

Between talks, laughter and food, I stayed in a corner waiting for the essence of each one to allow himself to be photographed, without any poses or masks. Simply capture the essence of the person (at least a part). I remember when I met Ane that same day, I visualized her with 1905 clothes, sitting in the field, or in some detailed chair, writing. With a certain melancholy look.

A few hours passed, and part of the essence of Ane came out, I remember that I quickly turned on the camera, posiscioné and took the photo. To my advantage, I do not know. My mom always tells me to ask permission to take photos of someone else, however I do not like that at all. When asking someone, they are predisposed to pose, and sometimes put on a mask. So there are times when I prefer not to do it.

Even on this trip I learned to talk with strangers and take pictures of them in the street, and learn to guide them in poses. I still like to go unnoticed and take beautiful photos like this, it is simply my favorite of this trip. This is one of the photos I mentioned in later posts. That they deserve their own space. Ane leaves beautiful, I hope someday make a session with clothes of 1905.

Do you prefer, let them know when you take a picture, or distracted?

-Nerea Arts