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Yaşadıkça öğreniyorsun ve benim hatam, benim yolum, benim yanlışım diyebiliyorsun. Yanlışına da sâhip çıkıp ondan öğrenebildiğin zaman, büyüyorsun. Yanlış türlü türlü olsa da, doğru bir tane. Gerçek bir tane. Her zaman...

Eerste keer dat ik los vakantiegeld krijg. I'm shook.

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I want you to know that I forgive you. I forgive you for breaking my heart. I forgive you for betraying my trust. I forgive you for causing me to doubt my worth. I forgive you for the hours of sleep lost due to crying. I forgive you for the feeling of a ton of brick on my chest. I forgive you for making me question my very existence. I forgive you for choosing her over me. I forgive you for leaving me.


Thank you for all of the above. I want to thank you because if you had not done those things I never would have found Gods perfect match for me. I never would have known what it meant to be loved unconditionally. I never would have known what it felt like to truly love and be someone’s priority and reason for all they do. I never would have had the AMAZING life that I do today.

THANK YOU! (at Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii)

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Whenever I want to find fanart for a shipped couple that I’ve never searched before, I always look up both of their names first and then scroll down to find their designated ship name so I can find the actual fanart. It’s like passing through the first ship barrier.

hellstrcm  asked:

"I'm your wife." 😎

Firefly starters.

          ❝ Really? ❞    The sarcasm,  though absent from his actual tone,  is implicit;  they’d been willfully bound for what seems like a long time now ( for the last portion of his life,  of course,  but after that?   Well,  time became a little less important after that ),  and so he’s well aware that she’s his wife.   And he’s content as her husband.   More than that,  he’s HAPPY.   They’ve had more than their share of rough patches—  Bane,  in particular,  being a difficult and generally unpleasant person towards everyone when Satana had first scooped him up and put him in this place of hers—  but somehow,  they’ve ended up happy.

          Again,  time isn’t all that important anymore,  but Satana can’t be around all the time.   When she’s GONE,  that’s the time Bane notices most.   Still,  he’s learned to find fulfillment here alone too,  so it’s not so bad,  and he never truly holds it against her,  though he always MISSES her.   Now,  she’s only just returned from being gone longer than usual,  and she’s acting like HE’S the one who’s been gone for who knows how long!   Ah,  but he wasn’t really going to leave and go out without her on the day of her return.

          He’s in the threshold,  looking back at her with nothing but soft affection,  reserved only for her,  even after all this time.

          ❝ Then come with me, ❞    he offers,  his voice dropping as he returns to her,  stopping only when he’s close enough to rest his hands on her waist and close what very little gap between them was left.    ❝ Or we can stay in.  I give the choice to you…  my wife. ❞

I have no icecream, chocolate, cookies, or cake in the house, and I don’t even have the ingredients to make mug cake. I clearly did NOT think far enough ahead about this programming thing.

Souji sat there looking at his face in the glass, a heavy sigh on his lips.  He never knew how to deal with himself like this… boredom started out like this… but it always ended badly.  He was stirring his finger inside the drink, sucking it lightly off his fingers. “….oh boy…. I may just ditch this place and find a place to let go….”