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Got to check out current collection at today, and this piece titled 'Landfall' called out particularly. Some days I feel just like this bull.

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I never want to leave this bed. Who wants to join me?

Reality check time:

Hi, it’s me ardw. I rarely post personal stuff on here, just pretty pics from the internet that I steal.

I don’t know how many followers I have, my hair is dirty, my cat is happy, I’m skipping a social/healthy event to lay on the couch, I have a great job and am happy with life, and spill on myself regularly. Life is super messy and super awesome. Sometimes. So when you look at my pictures and blog please remember that this is a fantasy. Inspiration, but NOT REALITY. This is an escape because sometimes reality is really hard.

So scroll away, enjoy. But please remember my life does not look like this, ever. No one’s does. I really like my life, but sometimes I just like to engage in an a aesthetically minimal and perfect fantasy.

Roommate: good morning!

Me, looking at my watch: good morning! You know it’s almost 5:30, right…?

Roommate: I know, but I didn’t want to get up.

Me, who has just woken up from a 2 hour nap after doing stuff in the morning: honestly, same though.


Saturday Vibe💫✨🌹 Tons of new things dropping next Friday💃🏽 #maryjanegirls #vibe #inmyhouse #mood #newdrops #getready #RosaCrew (at San Diego, California)

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