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La pire «  run «  d’autobus en ville. La boîte à sardines sur St Laurent. Même pas l’heure de pointe. Fréquence qui n’a rien à voir avec la demande. On avance à pas de tortue dans un sauna.

🚲 If you have a bike that needs fixing, tomorrow is your day! 🚲 🚲 Si vous avez un vélo à réparer, demain est votre journée! 🚲

This weekend in : live music from Mick Pointer (Marillion), , , 150 electric guitars , tributes to Iron Maiden, The Ramones, Metallica, and Sublime. Plus , and more:

一昨日は急遽仕事がお休みになったので、久々にノートルダム大聖堂に行ってみた。モントリオールのノートルダムはネオ・ゴシックですが、それでも荘厳な雰囲気です。 パイプオルガンは音栓97、鍵盤4枚、7000本のパイプから成ります。

Envolez-vous à rabais pour Phoenix en Arizona à partir de seulement 357$ aller-retour de Montréal.✈️

Bio of the Day: Wesley Mills was born 1847. A versatile and innovative biological scientist, and Canada’s first professional physiologist, the importance of his career is still difficult to assess today.

INVITATION à vous joindre au Groupe LAÏCITÉ Facebook pour l’abolition des exemptions fiscales et de taxes municipales et scolaires aux Églises et lieux de cultes

Pineapple express one of the classics!! I hope you guys like my photography, as I work during the day and get to take pictures all over the dispensary.

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I’m home in #Montreal cant wait to get home to #Laval and walk #Charlie before I make love to my bed #xoxo I’m probably gonna wake up tomorrow dry humping it (at Bonaventure (Montréal Métro))

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Another coming out streak!

(And got my first job offer as Bianca!)

I think Ive told about 12 people today. Over the phone, over messenger, over skype (yeah, I have friends all over the world, thanks to my job)… some started hearing it from common friends…

I don’t know if I am lucky or simply appreciated enough for the people to overcome their prejudices instantly… maybe we really are in 2019…

Anyway… I guess people will start expecting me showing up in girl mode now! That is a big relief as I’m really getting comfortable being out as myself. I really am getting to the point where I really don’t give a shit about what random people might think while looking at me. I’m not feeling passable yet, but I have never felt so good about myself either!

The pickle with my relationship… let’s say that I don’t think me and my girlfriend can live together anymore. But I know it’s not because of the transition. Her depression is quite severe and she is becoming more and more self-centered and it’s hurting me as well. Before it ruins everything between us, we are probably better appart.

On the bright side, I got my first job offer as Bianca! A coworker on my last gig is pushing to have me on her next project: a big show, for a big client, doing what I do best!

I’m moving forward! Monday is gonna be the beginning of a new life!