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| Ya sabemos que protagonizará , y ahora conocemos los uniformes especiales de vs .

Created some sort of monster, going to add it to the list of weird things I've made--me and my friend came up with the nickname "Wraith." I'll try and sketch it in action another time. ?

The True Story Of The Loch Ness Monster. A charming new look at an age-old tale with an imaginative twist and delightful details, for lovers of and and readers of all ages.

The True Story Of The Loch Ness Monster. A charming new look at an age-old tale with an imaginative twist and delightful details, for lovers of and and readers of all ages.

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The True Story Of The Loch Ness Monster. A charming new look at an age-old tale with an imaginative twist and delightful details, for lovers of and and readers of all ages.

“No need to forgive, no need to forget I know your mistakes and you know mine.” Oh , I just lost my Mom and I am heartbroken for what you are going through. DJ Starlene

Sometimes Jennie and I work on our own projects, such as these ! Line art by Jennie Sörensen, colours by me and descriptions by us both. "Nothing special about this potato. Might grow up to be something cooler when it is older. The possibilities are endless."

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Loch Ness Monster? People believe what they want to believe and see what they want to see. Who knows what is out there?

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The greatest error of a man is to think that he is weak by nature, evil by nature. Every man is divine and strong in his real nature. What are weak and evil are his habits, his desires and thoughts, but not himself. - Ramana Maharshi

🎨 William-Adolphe Bouguereau


Ok so, first sorry for not be that active recently! I’m trying to take it easy bc I need somes sleep and less computer. But I’m working on the comics and also other lil projects. I’m doing my mermaids jevil for the mermaid chain from @askgemjevilandgemdarkcreatures and @hskdraws . And also, personal projects: create monsters from my nightmares! Sooooooo im sorry if you get scared or ( WTF ) but that’s my others hobby uwu

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I just wandered around the shop in a daze and felt right at home. Last night I had a very concerning dream. I was hoping to get your thoughts on it. In exchange I can offer you some claws that fell off my cat, a dead bug my boyfriend kept because he thought it looked cool, and a beach ball that looks like a pizza. Will that suffice?

Yes of course I love dream interpretation! That is a sufficient offering. You may proceed.


These are more monsters I drew last week, The one on top is an alien while the one on the bottom is a monster. It could be said that they are both monsters, but aliens are made in space, and monsters are made on Earth, to me at least.

The top one kind of reminds me of that one bug that can walk on water, I don’t remember the name and now that keep thinking about it, I’ve only ever really seen a bug do that in a Mario game. :\

He was going to be a guy with a flat face and a pointy nose, kind of like a hat. I think this is a better outcome.

The guy on the bottom is kind spooky, his first design was done on an index card that accidentally threw in the recycling at school. :(

I feel like this guy would crawl over anything to hunt something, even 90 degree walls. Also he has no thumbs. :0



Virgil as the towns local cryptid, while also helping his friends with their monster hunting YouTube channel/tv show and keeping his cryptid status under wraps. He agreed because he thought it’d be funny.

Roman as the person who came up with the monster hunting idea, and believing whole-heartedly that the supernatural is real. To this day, he believes that when he was a kid his room was haunted.

Patton as the supportive friend who’s always scared, but can and will best up anyone and anything for his friends. He agreed because when he was younger he had an… Experience with a supernatural being, though he doesn’t talk about it much. He just wants to protect people.

Logan as the sceptic friend only agreeing to make sure these idiots don’t get themselves killed. He doesn’t believe in any of the supernatural stuff the others do, but is willing to help and provide some common sense and Patton gave him the puppy eyes.

Deceit (or Dorion) as a friend of Virgil’s from highschool, joining because this was his chance to prove that demons after real! Generally gives the others ideas for where their next video should be.

Remus as Romans twin, only joining cause he wanted to check “fucking a demon” off his bucket list. Roman agreed because he felt bad for their parents. Remus is the one who likes to edge the demons on.

Thomas as the groups assigned guardian angel who’s constantly believing hoping that they can’t be all that stupid, only to find they are stupider then his expectations. He constantly worries over these idiots. If he’s visiting the human world, he tends to blend in with the background. He’s lucky the kids are so oblivious, otherwise he’d off been noticed by now.

WOW, this is longer then I meant for it to be. I have some more ideas, so let me know of this is something you’d be interested in!